World of Warships USS Monaghan Tier 6 Premium Destroyer Preview

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Monaghan is a quirky ship which by all rights I shouldn’t like. It’s average in every way, if you can even call it that. Still, I managed to have some fun in her, I think you can too so long as you check your expectations at door. It will be a free ship after all, as of now.


  1. Well, if we can earn her than I’ll take it.

  2. can certainly test ones DD skills

  3. Finally, thank you for the review of this ship zoup, this was an unknown ship to me, and I absolutely hate fighting unknowns.

  4. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    i can see some fun with this ship. thanks sir

  5. B hull actually uses Benson (55kt) torps, not the 49kt Sims version.

  6. 2 guns? lul

  7. want a good read? “Halsey’s Typhoon” talks in detail about this ship and the other USN sailors lost in this terrible typhoon.

  8. It has the Mikasa factor: So crap that doing well in her is extra rewarding.

    • Mikasa is special in that it’s so bad its actually hilarious. You just look at the dispersion and can’t help but laugh your ass off every time you fire at a gunboat at 2km and every shot misses

  9. I’d love to use this ship to train commanders in scenario battles.

  10. I feel the same way about the Duca, The torps have super long range but are slow. Those slow torpedoes tend to catch people off guard, “OMG where did those come from” factor.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Jingles will screw it up

  12. None Ofyourbusiness

    WOO HOO! A tier 6 port slot holder!!

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      Actually, I would like to give it a try. I enjoy those missions that end in a boat, even if the boat is junk.

  13. Wow, such a quirky and odd ship. I have a thing for such quirky things, so I think I’ll like her if I can get my hands on her. x3

  14. mynameiswritinwater

    thanks for actually showing us the ship in action and commenting on it (instead of the “MEHHHHHH but no show” by so many CCs ) =)

  15. So what you’re says is the Monaghan is a Midget Killer.

  16. Hey, don’t go dissing the Krispy Kreme!

  17. High-Low Trick Shots

    They are not Simms torps. They are benson. Simms torps go less tha 50 kts

  18. I got nervous when I saw you uploaded this video today. I played a game with you last night with you in this ship and I had a very terrible game. You finished the game with 250 health and the final cap. I just knew you were going to showcase that match. The first time I have gotten to play with a CC (my favorite as well) and I was the first death in my 2nd game with the Graf Spee. My heart was broken lol. Crisis adverted though because you did not show any of that match. Whew. Thanks for the great content Zoup!

  19. It just Krasny Krym, why you hef to be mad?

  20. T6 is my favorite Tier, the Farragut is one of my favorite DDs in game, and I don’t like to spend money, I’m going to try to get this ship ;-).

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