World of Warships USS Montana Gameplay

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Had a decent round of gameplay in the USS Montana so I decided to use it as the background for a video announcing the 20,000 sub giveaway winners. In addition, I have a talk about a variety of different things. We’ll call it the comings and goings of Zoup. Just whats going on with me right now I suppose. Take care.


  1. Hold in there Zoup! We appreciate your content and honest opinions!

  2. IVF is an emotional roller coaster, my wife is going into her 3rd round. hang in there.

  3. Congratulations to the winners. Thank you for having this contest and for the content you provide. I wish you and your wife goodluck with the IVF.

  4. Speaking to a bunch of virgins: “you know, if you’re in the same situation as this (IFV)…”

  5. My issues are fighting against state actor and self-motivated terrorists to earn my spiritual freedom, and also breaking through human quarantine to call upon the alien reinforcements in order to save me from the hands of humanity.

  6. I wish you and your family the best. Living means to stand up again, after you fall.

  7. I disagree with you often. But then again, you also have grown-up opinions I don’t see anywhere else. (Which is also why you’re one of the few creators I ever bother to comment on).

  8. Hey I watch all your videos and enjoy every one. best of luck to you and your wife

  9. Hang in there Zoup, things always work out in the end.

  10. Great match. Also good luck with the IVF, being a dad is awesome

  11. GG to all the winners and thank you Zoup, sometimes people come across negative but not necessarily dislike the person being talked to. GG for family

  12. Oh, Good Luck on the Papoose.

  13. New sub here. Been loving and bingeing your videos. Thanks for continuing to post in these tough times. Stay golden

  14. I had the pleasure of getting sunk by Zoup when he was playing the Montana

  15. Hang in there man. Things always find a way of working out.

  16. I know I can give you a hard time and disagree and be critical, Zoup., but real life is another thing alltogether. I wish you the best of luck with the IVF, it took balls to talk about that in your vid. And the stuff with the kitty sucks royally. And experience has shown me that if you grind it out and do your best at the crummy job, something better will come along sooner rather than later. Be well, be good, sir.

  17. Try not to stress, it’s worth it. All we can do is not give up. Keep playing and relax when possible.

  18. Andrew Hampshire

    Holy smokes, Zoup. That is a lot, I’m sorry for all that rough stuff that’s going on. I hope you’re doing alright and everything works out for you in the end (as much as it can…).

    Take care and hang in there. It won’t always be like this.

  19. Congratulations on the IVF. May you be blessed with TWINS.

  20. My two kids – from IVF. Two runs. Two kids. One girl one boy. Luckily our insurance paid. Good luck man!

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