World of Warships // USS Oklahoma / “This is not OK”

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Or, as an alternate title, “Giulio Cesare UP, please buff”.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. You dont have to worry thou cause you cant buy the Oklahoma, I would if I could but I cant. I only want it for the historical aspect thou not because its good.

    • I am not sure how I got my Oklahoma, but I think it was a reward for a mission chain somewhere last year. PHJ is right, though. It really is a frustrating experience to play. Its only redeeming feature, the secondaries, are useless most of the time.

    • @LudensP It was a reward for one of the Dockyard events, I think it was complete 8 stages to get it. Hence why it’s so fucking awful. all the ‘easy reward’ premium ships are awful, Gorizia was terrible (also a middle of the dockyard event reward ship), the Shinonome is bad. A lot of these ships exist, especially the dockyward ones, to spend dubs on speeding through the early stages because those ships had specific goals tied to them that were easier than the others, thus meaning you earnt steel easier.

    • 1. No it came from a mission chain similar to the Novosibirsk originally

      2. If all premiums you get for free are bad why is the repulse so good

  2. Well there’s one reason why she’s so fucking awful. Remember she was a ‘free’ premium ship when she came out, if you completed, I think 5 or maybe 8 stages of a Dockyard event you got her for free. We all know those ships are always universally terrible, from the Italian Cruiser that was given away to the…I think there was a German DD that got given away at some point which was fucking awful. The Shinonome from completing the campaign is pretty bad.

    Basically if WG ever gives you a ship for free, 9/10 it’s bloody useless and worst in its tier. The ONE time this doesn’t happen is when they give you the Warspite for free if you’ve been inactive for long enough on the NA server.

  3. Great gameplay, thanks for sharing PHJ.

  4. Been looking forward to this after you posted the screenshot on Twitch

  5. Oh, nice, I love seeing those T5’s in general, and the less seen and loved in particular.

  6. Don’t know why, but I love it when you swear.

  7. Happy new year 🙂 have a great 2022.

  8. Both Ship/Tank game Dev companies are the same – they don’t care when they are still making huge money as people move through the game!

  9. The 3rd year of the Plague
    hits home when you say it like that

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