World of Warships – USS Puerto Rico – A tier 10 Alaska we deserve

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Puerto Rico is a tier 10 Alaska, ship that has been buffed and now has 2,2 sigma. Which means that these guns are actually not bad. They’re not great but they’re not bad. Ship is tanky and has enough utilities to make it worth.

Ship is growing on me fast but I will continue to play it more ofc and leave my final verdict, but for now I like it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. It’s like flowers… need to learn to speak to them properly ?
    GG mate

  2. You in this state of mind are my spirit animal, I gotta tell you that

  3. 8:27 WG knew his bad playstyle and instantly punished that guy
    And he missed at .3 km

  4. Yes its a very pretty ship but can it go mid on 2 brothers?

  5. The Mini Iowa strikes! You dominated this match. 14 citidels, taking on BBs one on one. Awesome

  6. 1:53 me when I play the Fuso

  7. What am I dealing with here? Someone who doesn’t want to get blapped by you and knows how to avoid it.

    OK never mind … a moron.

    • He was slowing down because he was in the process of smoking up to dakka when he got radar’d, and he panicked and went full ahead.

  8. 3:30 and 3:52 so hard outplayed^^

  9. plugging in Bismark 1944-2018 shows several obituaries for Bismark ND…

  10. Sefa Semih Sönmez

    4:08 if it works it’s not stupid 🙂

  11. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    Flamboo, can you play the Aigle 1 time for YT? I really wanna see ur opinion about the only french DD with smonk.

  12. About the Bismark nickname. It is a nice puzzle to crack and I think I went through the wormhole of his mind.
    So, usually, people use the birth and death of something/someone as date identity. Ex.: David Bowie 1947-2016.
    This guy went above and beyond. He entitled himself as the reincarnation of Tirpitz, a Bismark-class Battleship. Tirpitz was seriously damaged and decommissioned on 12 November 1944. This guy opened his account on 12 January 2018. So, he uses the date of DEATH of the Bismark-class battleship and the ‘REBORN’ date of this ship through his account.

    *insert here the mind-blowing meme*.

  13. 17:00 otherwise known as WG logic to the uninformed.

  14. doesnt really look like a cruiser to me. More like a battleship

  15. Jordan Sizgoric Winter

    This whole match I thought that Puerto Rico is an battleship

  16. Just looking at the size of this thing, made me think this was a BB with the wrong avatars.

  17. Ah, I love watching smols and horrorgumo die.

  18. That Harugumo at the beginning was a lowkey genius, until he wasn’t.

  19. 3:36
    flam: srly who does that?!
    me: a cheeky smart person knowing they about to get shot and slam all engines into reverse.

  20. “Forget Missouri, check Stalingrad and Kremlin.” Yeah, but they’re russian. They’re balansed. That doesn’t count.

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