World of Warships USS Puerto Rico for FREE???

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Several CC’s have uploaded videos this morning regarding the “FREE” USS Puerto Rico. If you watch those videos, they will go into more depth than I will regarding how to obtain her.

This is a rough video I recorded while considering that information. When you look deeper into the directives, as they do, one thing is abundantly clear. You will waste all your free time over the holidays to grind these directives like no grind has ever been set before.

Having a pile of doubloon resources left from previous years Christmas events, I decided cringe and press “build”. I would have preferred not to spend 24,000 and then another 35,000 doubloons, but I see it as piece of mind. Do I really want to spend my entire vacation as iChase called it “as slave to WG”? No. I do not. Would YOU be willing to shell out the doubloons to just acquire her? Or do you have them just sitting around in the bank as I did? That choice is up to you.

The bottom line is, WG really pulled a crappy one on us all with this one. Combined with several of the “downgrades” in this years rewards versus last years. The loss of the ability to get duplicate ships that pay out as doubloons (it’s not like those doubloons were free WG). When they do award ships, they seem to be the lowest of the tiers available and the least desirable ships.

But the most egregious offense of it all is the directive grind for USS Puerto Rico through impossibly high directive requirements.


  1. Thanks for the video I was thinking it is best to just spend the money and avoid the stress. WOWS is my stress reliever and I am not going to pressed into dealing with challenges that are unachievable. So you will not be alone in the near future because I will be getting Puerto Rico as well and people can say what they want. You have a blessed holiday and hope to see you in a battle soon Puerto Rico and all.

  2. 5:52 lol, this ship is impossible for non-bot to get her. Farming several millions exp in a extremely short period of time is impossible.

  3. WG killed the idea of happy community shipmas… so sad

    • Upon further review of more of this years changes, many mentioned in the video, they certainly did.

    • @TF-62 Gaming Like you, I spent a lot of money last year on crates, obtaining all the “banned” ships, and stockpiling doubloons when a duplicate ship showed up. And just like you said, because I can’t get duplicate ships (read: doubloons) this year, WG is going to receive only a small fraction of the money I spent last year. Well played WG, you really shot yourselves in the foot!

  4. Its so insane that it becomes hilarious to just read those requirements

  5. Watching the sht storm of negative comments ffrom other CC about this “free” PR, I can’t say I blame you. I am also “1 button click” away from getting it. It was my mistake for not looking at the mission directives first before buying the boosters. I may just bite the bullet and get the “free” PR. But my 2020 resolution is don’t ever trust Wee Gee and their bullsht money grabs again. Long term, this PR fiasco should take a few players away from playing WoWS from each server……So in the end I think Wee Gee shot themselves in the foot if they are going to increase their playerbase.

  6. FREE??? you paid a hefty price for it m8….it doesn’t matter if you gave money a year ago or today-you paid for it

  7. Sub Octavian actually admitted that they set this all up to “encourage” people to spend money. He said they designed this event for the “One Percenters”, the whales with enough money to drop over $200 on it without batting an eye, and the hardcore grinders that will be spending 12 hours a day for the next month grinding it out with no life – and that the rest of us were just SOL if we didn’t want to pony up the cash.

    • Gotta a link to that? Wouldn’t surprise me though. The research center is basically the same. Clearly for those that have the resources piled up with nothing else to do with it. For those that truly want to regrind… well… they have that option.

    • @TF-62 Gaming I was watching Kingpin’s stream earlier, and someone else in chat provided a link to Sub Octavian’s comments on one of the forums – not sure if it was NA or EU. The tone of his post was “Well, duh, of course we set this up to make money….”.

    • @Mitchell Oates I wouldn´t even blame them for that too much. It´s the way they make it look. That´s shady. and even the die hard fan has to admit that 590000 is a bit steep.
      i might be able to get one or two directives done. Could be even 3. And with additional 80€ out of my pocket i still wouldn´t be able to finish her in time.

  8. you are a sucker , I have a bridge I would like to sell you

    • No. A sucker has no idea that they have been had. I know exactly what I am doing. You can keep your bridge.

    • He said he has all the premiums so whats he going to spend all that doubloons on anyways might as well just buy the ship, the money is in wargamings pocket already.

    • @Elder Lich Thank you. You are correct. And it has been sitting in the Bank of WG for years.

    • @TF-62 Gaming rich man buys a big boat poor man buys a rowboat it what he can afore but he wishs he can buy abig boat you was not conned good video tells how thay can get it thanks

  9. I’ll make sure to leave the game turned off the rest of the year.

  10. The Dockyard is just a way for wargaming to get around their statement that they will never sell T10 premiums. They give us an impossible grind and a payment option. Now you too can (and did) buy into a system that will introduce new op ships for huge money to compete in clan battles. T10 is now up for sale and the new meta is your $$$. Congrats on the new ship though. You ground it out just as intended.

  11. What you did is exactly what WG wants. “Rescue” your early investement by buying yourself out of the grind. Sad that so many will still fall for it.

  12. Infinity Gayness #Cecock

    This grind scares my brain. Wtf are this numbers.

  13. The event, as designed, has turned into a self made unmitigated PR disaster of the first magnitude. They will have to take some corrective action as this is a server crashing, pitchfork and torches event now. I would say you will see some form of refund as they ease obtainability requirements.

  14. I’ll attempt the grind, but if I dont get it, I’m not gonna lose sleep over it…

  15. You have only about 28 days to complete the ship.

  16. I just bought the ship with my left out DBs from months ago lol just like u. The ship isn’t all that good.. but lucky that i got Missouri with it in the given loot box hehe

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