World of Warships USS Salem Review – Tier 10 Premium USN Cruiser

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Today we take a look at the World of Warships Tier 10 Premium Salem, sister ship of the . While she plays very similar, there are some big trade offs you need to know about before you decide to research her.


  1. John Asbjørn Innvær

    Thank u for the effort you do for us all

  2. Tomcorp The Manatee

    I am going to make a secondary build for her.

  3. Zoup.. regardless of her stats she will be sitting in my port .

  4. At least make the DM premium camo compatible with the Salem if you sell the DM. A premium ship without premium benefits seems… odd.

    • I want USN Space Force camo, with Tidal Wave Gun  effects (thus avoiding copyright infringement) and “Make The Galaxy Great Again” in Yuuuge letters on both sides of the ship. I’d be the first customer in line.

  5. This sucks. I really wanted it because I lived next to her for years but the money sucks. Its a t10 it should be MO levels. And not to go all Russia bias but I bet Stalangrad will have amazing economy

  6. Heavy cruiser with british heal, i like it 🙂

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  8. I’m interested but that is weird that the economy is crap.

  9. oh sure you get a cit AFTER the cleveland turns away… #warshipsproblems

  10. I think because I have the Des Moines already, there’s no way I would spend any effort getting this. At first I was excited, but didn’t know about the economy of it. Why would they do this?

  11. *I really want the Salem, but the fact that she doesn’t get Premium Economy makes me rethink about her. I’ll have to grind hard to get the Coal to buy her, but to only learn that I’ll earn less money with her than the DM. Wargaiming, Please give her Premium Economy, so she will be worth the hard Grind. I’m not asking for Missouri Economy, just standard Premium Economy.*

  12. Jaroslaw Krassowizkij

    Zoup just some food for thoughts. EU (HAMI) DataDemon speaking. DM Main for clanwars/hurricane
    In randoms I play DM with reload module, island hugging is my main skill, the most important one for ranked and clanbattles. Since you focus more on beeing good in hiding, you can for the same reason get really close, so your radar (and AA) counts, so you have impact on the game. And you hide most of the times because your ship is farely squishy.
    BUT, as for a Salem, you have ‘no’ radar. You don’t fail the team simply not beeing close to the cap. Also, the feature of Salem is that it can tank light/chunk damage. So if I would play it the same way, hiding behind islands close range I would not need the heal at all (until very lategame), and the impact of DM radar would be superior. And if a BB pushes you, you will die in DM and Salem equally fast. Instead I suggest to play/adapt more of a kiting playstyle. You have 30mm deck armor and you can trade efficiently with orther cruisers shooting HE, while you can angle against AP. DM is not bad at kiting, it is just it cannot tank that well. And that would be my understanding how to play it, I would use rather range on it and shoot all the time; even if the arcs are bad, your DMP is twice of a zao still. And for that gameplay (not just islandhugging, but a mix depending on the situation, and staying furtehr behind) would require hydro more than the short radar, just to come back at your statement 😉

  13. I love the USN cruiser line! I already have the ATL, I’ll have the Indi soon. The Des Moines is a great ship. But I’m not likely to pay out for another one, especially for something so similar. I’ve playing Des Moines with a spotter plane instead of that frustratingly short-lived radar and I think I prefer what the spotter plane gives me. It extends the range, finds those bad boys lurking behind the islands and lasts longer than radar. DDs have begun to opt out of smoke and charging a DD in smoke is risky even with radar, so I’m using it less.

  14. Colonel David Davenport

    NoZoup – Thanks for the short video – I appreciate the non-biased info – not a big fan of the DM – I will pass on the Salem! Again, Many thanks!

  15. Standard income, no bonuses on XP, (marginally) less AA and a weaker radar. I was excited to get the ship but now i dunno what for.

  16. holy hell that double citadel followed by another citadel at the end just deleting that cruiser. g effin g

  17. Alfred Conqueror

    But how are we supposed to get 240,000 coal? Right now there’s only a mission which gives 4000 and that’s it. The grind is going to be 4 times longer than using the god aweful monarch

  18. Hey subscriber.

    Is there any word on the Roma? Wtf is up with us STILL not having her?

    • Kyle Simon we do have the Roma

    • No, some people in NA were able to buy the Roma at some point.

      But she’s up for sale right now on eu/ru/chn. I didn’t get the chance to purchase her, so I’m wondering when she’ll be ACTUALLY available NA

  19. Majestic Hotwings

    The fact that it is very hard to make profit in a t-10 is the very reason I don’t play the Des Moines as much as I wish I could (it’s just too expensive) so why should I bother with the Salem if I won’t be able to use it either?

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