World of Warships: USS Salem WIP T10 Cruiser. DM with some tricks

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The USS is a new WIP cruiser that reminds you of the Des Moines but has a trick up its sleeve with massive heals! Here’s a quick preview and some game play with this new ship!


  1. Do we know how its earned? I hope its an ongoing thing cuz if the event is over the summer im boned

  2. It’s been confirmed on both the website and forums that this ship will be purchasable by ether steel or coal. They have not said witch nor how much. I want this ship.

  3. maybe make it a campaign where the first mission is to play its t10 counterpart

  4. Oh wow. I thought they scrapped that ship, I haven’t heard about it in a while, to the point that hype died.

  5. why not just make the Salem a reward for after you receive the DM? DM+750kxp = Salem

  6. I like ships that offer the chance of having a different playstyle in a line. I like the U.S. ships but hate the island hugging playstyle. There’s a bit too much “national flavor” in the U.S. line as it is. Nice video thank you.

  7. cant wait for zao with super heal/super He/super firechance… when its now popular to release all this nonsense

  8. mejash, can you please do a “How to” video for US-Cruisers T8-10? I sometimes struggle to find a good position with Cleveland/Baltimore and could use some help with this.

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