World of Warships // USS Sims / “The original… but possibly not best”

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Now I’m imagining premium ships coming with the same amount of cosmetic DLCs that EA shoehorns into their games… oof. Please, no.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Guess the enemy Brandenberg didn’t like MM and ran to sulk at the back. Then your own team Takahasi, love team mates who deliberately block your tops to get the damage. As for the second battle, ouch! A terrible loss made worse when you consider the fail div.

    Couple rough battles.

  2. Deliberate torp block by Takahashi – happens a lot and always gets an “unsporting behaviour” report from me. Game was better when team damage and penalties applied.

  3. What can I say about the second battle – sometimes you’re the windscreen, sometimes you’re the bug!

  4. what was the USN DD that used to be good, (relatively speaking) for an AA build? Now, I have bought B ships, but those were ships I missed out on, like Tirpitz. I wouldn’t ever buy two of the exact same ship? That would be? odd? Thanks Jedi, see you tomorrow. and skip the short torps?

  5. Aloha; second match – yea, THAT happens! Mahalo

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