World of Warships – USS St. Louis C-20

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At tier 3 in the US line we meet the , which can be best described as a bunch of guns with a ship attached. It’s like going to sea with your Grandpa’s basement. If your grandpa lives in Utah and doesn’t trust the Federal Government.

World of Warships NA

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  1. Alyssin Williams

    I think you are under-estimating the number of guns a survivalist in Utah
    has, Jingles

  2. How do you have gold??
    I play on the asia server and at this stage the ability to buy or get gold
    in any way is disabled.

  3. Inb4 USS Missouri

  4. So this is the M3 Lee of WoWS

  5. thechildofthedamned

    when are we going to see some aircraft carrier gameplay?

  6. Wil this game be available on consoles? 

  7. so, the aa automatically shoots down plains, and you have to shoot you main
    guns manually, but how do the secondary guns work?
    oh and also, they need to make it so you can name your ships.

  8. More great lessons to learn from a great teacher!

  9. Go St. Louis! 🙂 Good video! Way to stay in the fight!

  10. I cant wait until this comes out!

  11. awesome

  12. GUNS

  13. pedophiles at sea!

  14. Saint Loois. Looeyville. Versales.

    We know its all pronounced wrong, and we don’t care.

  15. USS St LOU Y

  16. I just can’t wait to play this game!

  17. Why wouldn’t you Anglicize both the word “saint” and the word “Louis”?

    It would be odd to call “New Orleans” either “New Orléans” or “Nouvelle

  18. jingles if they added the RCN (royal Canadian navy) would you play them?

  19. Ahh, the crazy pirate ship. Broadsides all day erryday.

    Also, Kongos (mostly) doing what good Kongos do – eating cruisers.

  20. St. Loowis, St. looee. How do you pronounce leicester again? Or
    Gloucestershire? Lol. :)

  21. how did he get piasters?

  22. Survivalist mainly live in Wyoming and Montana not Utah. Lol. 

  23. Show some godam aircariar replays dude its the most intresting and
    complicated class by the looks

  24. FYI…Jingles for more great moments in US Navy ship handling…check out
    the Honda Point disaster of 1923…

  25. Hey Jingles, any idea if we can purchase “Dazzle” camoflauge on our ships?
    This was widely used during WW1 and also to a lesser extent in WW2…

  26. ffs Jingles! You were in the NAVY! And you call captains drivers?!?

    What are you, a lover of the army in secret?!?

  27. AwarenessEnhancement

    @ 5:12
    watch your mouth.

  28. Do more aircraft carrier games to show us how it works!

  29. In the U.S. we have some people named “Louie” which we pronounce the way
    you were pronouncing “Louis” in the U.K. and some people named “Louis”,
    which we pronounce like the city of St. Louis. Naturally we can’t pronounce
    “Louis” the same way as “Louie” 😉

    BTW you butchered the pronunciation of Des Moines, but we forgive you. :)

  30. What is the naval design reasoning for not moving the front and rear gun
    slightly further out so that they could rotate 360 degrees? That would have
    allowed them to come to bear against targets on the opposite side much more

  31. When and if they put German ships I will grind to get the Bismark.

  32. Austin schumacher

    They need this for iPad 

  33. Just got my beta invite :D

  34. Is this coming out on Xbox 360

  35. The problem with this game is that everyone is going to end up sailing
    Destroyers because they are just the most fun. :D

  36. Dr. Alisson Gomes Aguiar

    Invite me!

  37. Love the St. Louis!

  38. I so whant to play this game. WW2 navy battle is so awesome. Well, as
    fiction anyway.

  39. Jingles – a good mingles with jingles question here 🙂 what do you think
    about WG’s decision to put the soviet navy line ahead of the Royal Navy
    purely for business reasons? Saw a post on for the record where a developer
    confirmed that’s the reason. It’s not as if for much (not all) of the
    timeline that WoWs is focusing on, the Royal Navy was the biggest and most
    powerful navy in the world. It’s also not as if the Royal Navy had the
    first operational modern battleship in the world, HMS Dreadnought, or the
    worlds first operational aircraft carrier, HMS Argus. Oh wait, that did

  40. TakeTo TheShadows

    I’m a survivalist living in the hills of Utah and I find this video

  41. Jingles had an oppurtunity to play WarThunder with some Argentinian
    fellows……they were supportive and very helpful……and they knew the
    mighty Jingles………and said FUCK OFF LIMEY……there words not
    mine….I will return to the salt mine

  42. My friends

  43. What about Utah I live some were but my live in Utah

  44. Great vid and history lesson.

  45. The hills of Utah? Every significant hill there is a national park.

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    Read Dragon ,WarGame Air Land, Battlefield, Ghost Recon Future soldier! : Remeber to leave a
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  47. What about german ships ? Cmon i want to the beautiful bismarck

  48. Stratton Schippers

    why would anybody want a slower ship that has less firepower and less

  49. C’mon Jingles, we can’t be calling people “drivers” in this game, it just
    doesn’t sound right at all. Let’s call them captains or skippers, something
    more sea-worthy.

  50. I sincerely hope that they add the USS Laffey to the techtree before the
    final game is released.

  51. please do more world of warships videos! 

  52. Merica f*** yeah!!!!

  53. More World of Warships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. Fog Cruiser Atago

    It is worth mentioning that the St. Louis can reload its guns so fast that
    you can effectively use single shot non-stop (I think it’s actually better
    than a full broadside). It’s perfect for near-maximum range engagements
    where you have to continuously adjust your aim since you can just pepper an
    area with single rounds and slowly adjust until you start getting citadel

  56. New wargaming game!
    World of Soldiers… What can go wrong? (Mortars…)

    Yeah… I hope that this game won’t be ruined by arty on ship…

  57. +The Mighty Jingles, are you hoping as much as me that when the British
    line comes into play, the HMS Belfast will be featured? If so, what tier do
    you think it will be at? 

  58. Louis= Loo-is in america as its named after a city, Lou-e in europe as
    thats how King Louis pronounced it (americans say lou-e for him as well),
    loo-ees in mexico.

  59. Lots of guns… Why? ‘Merica! Thats why! lol… Ships that dispense
    democracy… Oh Jingles… It saddens me that you’re British, I wanna claim
    you for ‘Merica lol

  60. The USS Milwaukee! Yeah!

  61. I wonder if USS Iowa will be in the, and if so, which class.

  62. So a broadside skirmisher?

  63. Im i the only one that is really irritated by the fact the gun calibers are
    measured in mm and not inches?

  64. I just noticed and I find it a little strange that on the actual ships they
    use the 48-star U.S. flag that was in use from 1912 to 1959, but in the
    background of your Captain and the ship’s name they use the 50-star one
    used from 1960 and onward.

  65. Dem Wan? Des Moines?

  66. ‘Temporary Lieutenant’? is that anything like “Probationary Third

  67. Am I the only one who thinks these ships are turning incorrectly? Every
    time I see a top-down view it seems like they’re steering from the front,
    like cars. Maybe it’s just the modelling of the wakes. Anyone else?

  68. I love the history part of the videos!

  69. we are sure gonna learn a lot about naval history once Jingles starts
    playing this game in earnst

  70. How can I get to play the game?

  71. thats right murica!

  72. I hope you will be doing the British ones when they appear. Who am I
    kidding? Of course you will make the British one

  73. anyone know when WoWS is comin out?

  74. Jingles, can we get replays to watch on our own? I’m not in the beta.

  75. poodlemeister22314

    Jingles, what is the button for the info popup? It doesn’t say anywhere in
    the F1 screen, nor in the keybinds…:/

  76. The Louis should be called freedom so you can make some imperial Japanese
    navy Captains eat some freedom 

  77. Those Kongous can really fucking motor. Scary.

  78. Its not fair:( Everyone got the beta i lost all the codes that expired. You
    all are lucky, i got to wait 2 freaking months till June 6 too play The
    Dang Game WAH! :(:*****(

  79. Well we don’t say “Lewis”ville (Louisville, Kentucky), we say “Louie”ville

  80. GREAT VIDEO!! Love what you do, you should make a video of Star Citizen 1.1

  81. Жаль что на английском :с

  82. Saint Louis class- the US equivalent of the 1901 British “County” class
    “Armored” cruisers, fortunate for the crews that they never saw action or
    they would have wound up like HMS Monmouth at Coronel.

  83. When will World of Warships be released for PUBLIC?

  84. game is in beta, jangles already buying plasters 😀 Kappa

  85. Premium account? More damage? So this is a pay-to-win game?

  86. Because Louis ends in an S and not an E. So why would you say it as if it
    ended in an E and not an S?

  87. Hey Jingles!
    You should check out the ‘Murican pronunciation of Des Moines too (rhymes
    with Da Coin), or you you trolling us midwesterners?

  88. Ship looks like it’s in the mothball fleet.

  89. teodor martyniuk

    Does anyone know from what ship will lead to the American battleship line?

  90. Jake-the-Hall-Class

    Does anyone know where I can find a code for World of Warships on my World
    of Tanks account?

  91. Hi Jingles, long time fan and I love your videos (obviously),
    I was wondering, do you know if Wargaming are planning to add the Italian
    navy to WoWS?
    I have the same question for WoT for Italy.

  92. God this game can’t wait 

  93. Jangles do Aircraft Carriers

  94. Great vid Jingles! What an interesting cruiser.

  95. i will ask one question is the Bismark going to be in world of warship best
    ship ever made hands down

  96. didntt get a key, you just teasing.. i’m a sad panda

  97. In the right situation this ship is a monster. My best game were 7 kills
    and 94.500 damage.

  98. Damn i hope +The Mighty Jingles will keep doing more of these ship videos.
    Even tough they might change these radically but its good medication for me
    until i can play this game.

    Love the history at start of the video and explaining stuff about the ships
    and jingles got so damn good voice he should almost start narrating
    documentaries 😀 Very pleasant to the ear.

  99. Dern Raght its merica! Ever hea3d of Louisville?

  100. I’m from milwaukee

  101. More WOWs 😀 I love it already, though I’m still waiting for my invitation

  102. Jingles are you going to tank fest in Bovington 26-29 june this year?

  103. Wout Van den Bossche

    +coyote16able It increases accuracy, but doens’t do that much special

  104. No comments to display? :O

  105. jingles once again i noticed that you said nothing about the firing control
    system why is that?

  106. 1:18 “It’s their ship, it’s their city, it’s their rules. Who are we to
    argue.” Finally! lol, wanted to high five Jingles right then

  107. Merica

  108. I hope they will add the Kriegsmarine.

  109. if you think that’s some impressive firepower, i hope they implement the
    WWII USS St. Louis. light cruiser with 15(!!!) 6in. guns in 5 triple
    turrets. yes, the one at 0:48. 33kts speed, a nice fuck you to any and all
    destroyer captains.

  110. Joeben Pajes Engalan

    I want british ships in the game i want the Royal Navy to roar again

  111. ДАНИЛА Павлов

    jingles, the following should be Aurora

  112. the arty ship! with 3254236 guns :D

  113. I like the little history lessons at the beginning. I can’t wait for the
    Royal Navy!

  114. what editing software di u use?

  115. Jingles, when evading torpedoes, does it matter whether you turn into, or
    away from them? Somehow I have only heard the term “turning into them”.
    However, in my view, turning away gives you the same possibilties, but a
    little bit more time to adjust, as you are running away from them.

  116. This thing is quite amazing on it’s tier, if you fire in succession you can
    keep firing continuesly.

    Had a lot of fun playing this one during the alpha:)

  117. Jingles I was part of the alpha testing how do i get the Milwaukee cruiser?

  118. Dear Mr. Jingles

    I am quite glad that you are doing videos other than world of tanks, but it
    seems as though world of tanks videos are becoming less common. when was
    the last time you made a video about a tank going over its statistics then
    playing it in a game or two(or having replays). im not trying to “hate” on
    anything you are doing, i just recommend that you put up an extra video
    here and there of your ramblings commentated over a well strategized
    players replay. thankyou for reading. you can call me mrJman instead of by
    my name if im in a video. 

  119. Haha I love the utah joked

  120. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    Can someone please tell me how well this game runs graphics wise?

    WoT is famous for its problems so I was wondering if ships got any fixes or

  121. So speaking of US ships, will the USS William D. Porter be in game as a

  122. LOL when i saw this video come up i was like……hes gonna show ST.Louis
    Missouri arent ya chubby salt mine boss!!! [BTW i live near ST.Louis IM
    Special!!] o and jingles back in the old times they acculy called it
    ST.loui theres ur history lesson…. 

  123. Loves these Jingles …. KEEP EM UP MATE ! :)

  124. Robert Charleson

    ” Dispenses democracy” … love it :)

  125. great vid jingles! dez and foch both liked the st louis i think. looking at
    this cruiser i am reminded of the “cult of the machine gun” style of design
    that riddled early american tanks and can see the resemblance here :D

  126. I noted earlier that the thing is a beast, just had to come back and crow
    about how I had a three kill game in mine tonight. At this point, it is a
    keeper. Thing hits like a brick over and over, and over again!

  127. jingles what ammo type do you use. AP or HE?

  128. Cleveland is the true highlight of this line.

  129. Is the Enterprise in the game yet? if it is I need to get a download for
    this now.

  130. Fourteen 152 mm guns.(evil laughter) That is like 14 KV-2s firing at

  131. >Ship


  132. Because? Murican..

    A meme that is so easily applied to any given situation. Amaze your
    friends! Impress the ladies!

    Um, Sir.. Why did you just rob a 99cent store when everything in there is
    cheaper than your half sister at the drive-in hotel?

    Cuz.. Murica.. Herrr derr

    Jingles gets it :D

  133. the US Navy loved the St. Louis name lol. 

  134. I hope they have lots of ships of similar vintage some of them would be
    just so interesting.I would especially help when fleshing out the nations
    with fewer classes of ships. After all who wouldn’t want the 1917 version
    of HMS Furious with Aircraft carrier up front and one 18 inch gun out back.

  135. Who would the s be silent in st Louis? Giving it a sound makes it so much

  136. it’s Mizzura

  137. do carrier gameplay

  138. wait… would this ship be comparable to a super paaaarshin?

  139. Hello Jingles. If I may. 🙂

    For enthusiasts. Range finding simulator. How firing solutions were
    plotted, the equipment and how it translates to guns. Video from the
    Dreadnought Project. Based on the Dreadnought gunnery simulator.

    Many things are explained, like why both forward batteries couldn’t be
    fired when on the same bearing as the ship’s headings without having the
    shock wave rattle the lower turret crew unconscious.

    I hope they add the HMS Belfast. I love that cruiser. 

  140. RemusKingOfRome5

    great reviews

  141. Do you think they will put the u.s.s Alabama in the game

  142. seeing you do well in wow makes me so happy. i can see that u genuinely
    love playing the game

  143. package of freedom per minute. LOL

  144. Keep them coming! =D

  145. so, its like the warships version of the vickers medium lunchbox?

  146. Damn all these Louis hard to keep track of all these Louis.

    The Pacific rules! >o<

  148. JINGGGLLLLEEEE!!!!!! Space Battleship Yamato 2199, you must watch this
    thing ! ( It’s an anime )
    You can find it on Nyaatorrent for not a bad download rate, the one in
    purple with a green bar or blue are the good ones sub in english.

    But yeah.. some things seem to be a little bit cheesy ^^.

  149. The English invented the language, Jingles, the Americans *perfected* it.

    Don’t smite me, please, I’ll get right back to mining salt.

  150. More warships and more history lessons!


    please, please do a aircraft carrier video

  152. I’m look forward to when the British Royal Navy ships start to appear in
    the Tech Tree. More specifically, the Nelson-Class Battleships, HMS Nelson
    and HMS Rodney. Rodney contributed to the sinking of battleship Bismarck
    with over 40 broadside shots fired and scored from her main armament. HMS
    Nelson, Jingles. Fellow Geordie. :P

  153. Gj, i really like the historical bit at the beginning of the video, plz
    keep doing that!
    I also have a question: shouldn’t you be saying “he sails his ship
    somewhere” instead of “he drives”?
    Are you english excually driving ships?! rly?

  154. Can’t wait for the Fletcher and Essex Class. The backbone of the USN.

  155. Please make more Star Citizen videos.

  156. I love the fact that you research the history of these ships before the
    game play. It’s a joy, like I am back in military history class. Thanks.

  157. My home state gets of Vermont gets mocked in congress because it does not
    require a conceal weapons permit and only rules being stay away from
    government buildings and if pulled over at a traffic stop you are required
    to state if you have a concealed weapon and where it is located when the
    officer ask you, if you heard the term Vermont Carry that is why, before
    you say that is bad think this does not require concealed weapons permit
    but has the third lowest crime rate in the United States. People don’t go
    pulling knives out on people when the other might pull out a handgun and
    then you have brought a knife to a gun fight you can probably see how that
    would end. 


  159. Jingles you apparently haven’t been to Kentucky where people are a able to
    own guns from pistols right up to artillery if they have the $$$ and proper
    permits on some weapons and even has its own civilian artillery range and
    gun range.

  160. How US ship naming goes is destroyers are named for famous people, Cruisers
    are named after cities IE St. Louis, battles ships are named after states
    and some subs are named after cities, subs are named for cities as well,
    carriers are named after naval heros such as Nimitz or Presidents, most of
    the time.

  161. American logic : Make it have a relatively good speed, then strap butt tons
    of guns to it.

  162. MERICA!!!

  163. World of ghost ships is fairly great so far imo, been having lots of fun
    with it but one thing jingles… how the fuck did you get all those vehicle
    slots? you can not buy premium credits yet?

  164. Alexander McDonnell

    i like how its the flag of the 48 states

  165. I sense that Jingles does not like America’s foreign policy.

  166. I see this as a porcupine. It’s slowish, and an easy target to chase. “But
    it’s going to make them regret the decision to do so” because of the fire
    power. Plus the number of batteries makes it look like a porcupine. All
    sticking out ready to pepper little Chesters ^^

  167. Damn, I NEED a key for this game so bad

  168. My god this game looks so good and well polished already. I want in D:

  169. freedom per mintue! still waiting for the U.S.S Texas

  170. Yes Jingles and other English speakers, know your place. Wuhahahahah.

    Know your American and our distinct dialect.

  171. Please, keep doing these Jingles.

  172. Funny thing is I live in St. Louis……

  173. PulpAdventures 13

    I just watch these vids for the Indiana Jone’s Air ship.

  174. Hey guys, please vote this up so Jingles sees it.
    This guy:
    is stealing Jingles Videos big time. Time to remove him from Youtube.
    Community engage!

  175. The nice thing about guns on both sides is you can realistically attack two
    ships at once on opposite sides 

  176. damn straight jingles we spell it how we like

  177. SovietRusalka's 2nd Channel

    Can everyone download the game or is it still in closed beta test?

  178. I’m loving these ship preview/reviews/whatever the hell they are. Keep
    making them please.

  179. Herman der German

    The St. Louis is a keeper. Its just co much fun to play — I sank two same
    tier cruisers and blasted the crap out of a T4 battleship knocking out its
    guns and half its health before I died and bated it into leaving the cap to
    kill me helping my team to win the game. Four citadel hits in the
    results. The St. Louis DPM is awesome once you know where to shoot. Its
    3000000 rivets sailing in close formation to Davie Jones locker but having
    one hell of a party on the way

  180. Hey guys here are some cool things I´ve found:
    1. You can’t live forever
    2. You can’t count all of your hair
    3. You can’t stick your tongue out while breathing through your nose
    4. You just tried number 3
    6. You realize you can do number 3 but don’t realize you look like a dog
    doing it
    7. You skipped number 5
    8. You checked to see if you skipped it
    9. There’s no number 5………
    10. Share this trick with family and friends!

  181. that death of jingles at 17:33 must be named the titanic death XD

  182. The St. Louis is an odd ship for its time. The gun placement is more like
    something from a few decades earlier, during the transition from sail to
    steam and breech-loading guns. There’s no turrets that even predreadnaughts
    have. Very curious.

  183. If there are going to be post-WW2 ships in world of war ships, they might
    just put the 2 post-WW2 Russian Helicopter Carriers that were made in the
    1960s, even though those ships might be too modern for world of war ships.

    The Moska Class helicopter carriers.

  184. Not to be one of “those people” that you shoot, but it’s not pronounced Den
    Muah, or however you said it. It’s pronounced (Deh Moyn) the ‘oi’ is said
    like an Aussie, and the s’s are silent. (I’m from Iowa, and Des Moines is
    our state capital) Great review none the less, although I hate this
    cruiser. It’s number of guns is it’s only redeeming quality, everything
    else it fails at.

  185. The st.Louis is like the Tog… slow …average armor … but great fire
    power ;p

  186. HermSezPlayToWin

    Rear Admiral Jingles, sir…just another FYI, Des Moines is pronounced “deh
    moin” (rhymes with “coin”). Iowans are usually pretty well-mannered &
    wouldn’t call you a noob for mispronouncing their state capital, but still,
    just thought I’d let you know.

  187. To adapt an Eddie Izzard joke, we pronounce it St. Louis because there’s a
    fucking “s” in it.

  188. This so would have been my grandpa’s basement!!

  189. For the battleships, since they have such a long reload, would it be best
    to single fire your guns at a near constant rate rather than in salvos?
    constant damage output vs single shot ship killer?

  190. Ey! Our Utahn hill survivalists are great at survivin! i mean, just ask
    em…. if you can find em <..<

  191. Nice!

  192. i cant wait to see what the american battleship line will be i hope they
    put the Montana class battleship in it 

  193. Great video as usual.

    I was watching the various ships named “St. Louis” flash on the screen and
    your narration that the military ships did not appear to be of note.

    I do note that there is of course the story of the famous civilian ship “St
    Louis”. The tragic story of her passengers and the heroic actions of her

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  194. Have to agree with ay Jingle’s I love the ST. Louis gun rate 🙂 it can
    Shell them out 🙂


  195. ‘MURICA!!!

  196. I love the history

  197. war gaming y u no release this yet I WANT IT

  198. (•ิ_•ิ)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 u wot m8 I’ll nesquikscope u from across yer mum.

  199. Can you play your aircraft carrier jingles?

  200. When is the game coming out for everyone? Anyone have an estimated date?
    Please tell me if you know!

  201. When will it be out for the public

  202. Anyone knows if German Ships will also ne available in the Full Game?

  203. People don’t really carry guns in Utah. Wyoming and Montana are two of the
    biggest wide open, gun-carrying states out there. That being said, I don’t
    live in either, so I may be a tad off.

  204. actually i’m american…

  205. Jingles, it’s the middle of March and I’m still buried in snow so much that
    I can’t even go to the store to get ice cream. What kind of technology are
    you using against us rebels that is causing this less than satisfactory

  206. Aim for the citadels with AP.

  207. With that long range and reload the battleships remind me more of arty than
    the carriers ^^

  208. hmm more seamen on the poop deck 

  209. I know you probably wont see this but anyone else who does please vote it
    up because i fear this may be another one of those Jingles is mistaken
    things again. In regards to the ammo in WoWS Jingles keeps saying that AP
    can over pen. but that might no be the case. According to this video, AP damage is more based on
    hitting internal modules and those low damage hits are actually bounces not
    overpenns so the HE can’t bounce and therefore always does more consistent
    damage. Yes i have repeat posted this a bit to try to get you to see it.

  210. Toothbrush Shank

    we want kongo preview!:D

  211. Michel van Briemen

    I tend to use the minimap for general navigation when in the middle of a
    fight. It’s much quicker for me than pulling out of the gunsights.

  212. Hey Jingles, are you aloud to show us higher tier ships? 


  214. I live in Utah and that ship does not have as many guns as average

  215. jigles can you give any videos on ijn CA like aboa and mogammy class i
    think i spelled it right there tier 4 and 5 in the game

  216. Classic example of a destroyer hit by a late WWII aircraft carrier; the USS
    Frank Evans hit by the HMAS Melborne in 1969. the Evans was cut in two,
    with the forward section sinking and the stern section being towed to Subic
    Bay, P.I. where it remained for a while, until it was towed to sea and used
    as a target.

  217. Jingles, I think that you and Quickybaby need to take some American-English
    language classes. Our city names seem to be giving you some problems. The
    pronunciation of the city of Des Moines, Iowa is as “Duh?” and then “Moin”
    which rhymes with coin. Sorry, that’s what happens to place names when you
    have predominantly English and German pioneers take land away from the
    French, who took it away from the Native Americans.

  218. Stop teasing us and show us the aircraft carrier already :D

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    +TheMightyJingles Yeah, imagine when you get the U.S.S. Enterprise… there
    are 17 versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise, including, but not limited to to
    US Carriers, and about 15 other wooden sailing vessels…

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    similar size, for example, in two of my first three battles in the Myogi I
    ended up ramming an enemy Myogi and exploding. The first time we were both
    on low health so I assumed it had just dealt me a high damage roll, the
    second time, I was at almost full health (~43,000 HP) and the enemy ships
    was at less than half health and when I hit him I was killed instantly.

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    Not my best play ever, was rather indecisive, but yes, the torpedo cruisers
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    rather embarassing that I didn’t notice a certain Captain Jingles on the
    team, I watch a lot of your videos.

    For what it’s worth, the St. Louis is a LOT of fun to play – there’s so
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    Also, that is somewhat redneck territory, so that may explain it as well.

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    a french name for a city, we Americans pronounce it in english rather than
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  305. The Tier 10 American Cruiser is pronounced as the “Duh Moin” where “Moin”
    rhymes with “Coin”. I know because I live there. :)

  306. You have become my favorite youtuber I especially like your history info,
    museum visits and so on.

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    so much about them, and has an actual passion for not only the ships
    themselves, but WW2 history as a whole.
    Keep it up Jingles!

  310. Hey Jingles, great video. I have some concerns about how wargaming are
    tiering things and wondered if you have any thoughts on this? I see from
    the planned US battleship tech tree they plan to put the Michigan (aka
    South Carolina) class in at tier 3 opposite the Kawachi. This doesn’t make
    any sense to me, the Michigan class being the smallest, lightest armed and
    slowest Dreadnought ever built, clearly outclassed by the kawachi which is
    bigger, faster, has a much greater secondary armament and while only
    carrying the same main armament broadside has 2 additional non superfiring
    main turrets which can allow for faster target switching as you describe in
    this video. I figured the Michigan class would be tier 2 opposite the
    Satsuma class semi-dreadnought but apparently there won’t be tier 2
    battleships? The states have the Deleware and Florida classes which would
    be absolutely balanced opposite Kawachi at tier 3 so it seems to me the
    Michigan is only there because it is the first American Dreadnought (and
    second dreadnought ever laid down) and it will need to be unhistorically
    buffed to be competitive.

    I wonder if there are any other ships you think might be in the wrong tiers
    (i.e. over/under buffed from the reality) and if you have any insight into
    whether the projected tech trees are close to what will be there on
    launch? Are some ships actually in place holder positions and might be
    tiered differently for launch?

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  317. Remember that America is a continent, consisting of north and south

    That said, a metric butt ton is a very small unit of measure. Since the USA
    is still using imperial units, the metric ton is slightly heavier than the
    imperical ton. 1 imperical ton is 2000 pounds, while the metric ton is 2200

    I’m assuming the average USA ass weight is the average person’s weight
    because sitting, so the average ass weight is like 200 lbs. Aren’t 152 km
    shells like 80 ish pounds? 1 metric butt ton then would be like 220 pounds.
    That’s almost 8 152mm shells. I’m fairly certain you did more DMG than that
    jingles :/

    But fokk logic right? This is YouTube. Le sigh. Ima go cry in shame now.
    The for reading :’<

  318. They are making a new USS Milwaukee, a Freedom-class littoral zone ship…
    Made in Wisconsin too. Supposed to launch sometime this year.

  319. USS St. Louis C-20 to avoid any confusion

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    Could you do a video explaining how the crew and captain of a ship gain
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  328. More fun loading up the HE and watching them burn. Every full salvo is an
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    Auto-loaders in WoWs may very well be the only acceptable auto-loaders that
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    more than random debris at this point.

  331. The Kongo almost one-shotting a cruiser got me worried, so far most games I
    saw were long-range shooting and maybe 50% damage done over the course of a
    whole minute. Dropping someone from 75% HP to 0 in a single salvo from 6
    kilometers looks quite terrifying, it’s probably bloody annoying to be on
    the receiving end of that. Ones that have access to the game, does stuff
    like this happen often (especially between ships of different tiers) or was
    this just a rare lucky case?

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    It’s like American’s talking about individual counties or regions in
    European countries. I would figure outsiders would have very limited
    knowledge of actual areas within a country that are not tourist
    destinations. You should come down to Texas Jingles. There is much fun to
    be had.

  337. I wish to get into the beta just to be able to fight you, Jingles.

  338. This thing rocks.
    During the beta weekends I managed to kill a BB with it. Did it with
    nothing but HE. Set him on fire or knocked out some critical system every
    other shot. By the end of it I had knocked out all his main guns, multiple
    of his secondary battery guns and he was burning from bow to stern.

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    Course no ones listens to them.
    Because America.

  346. The only thing I thought of when you hammered that Kongo is the battles
    between the Seperatists and the Republic over Coruscant in Star Wars. Good
    job. :-)

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  348. hello mighty jingles, if you are on chat right now i would love to say that
    your videos are fantastic. one other thing i would like to say is if you
    could send me an invite code for WoW i will fight you in my Erie class
    cruiser and i will fight my best, thank you.

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  351. Nightmare Dancer

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  352. Casemate guns, the “side guns” are casemate guns.

  353. why is surface detection range twice that of air detection range, never
    heard of planes launcher spotter ships :s

  354. Comrade Catastrophe

    Jingles – thank you for understanding how to pronounce “Missouri”

  355. talking about the Iwaki Alpha, I played 1 match with this ship and did a
    combined damage of 85k and sunk 5 ships. Received a base xp of >2300 and
    >200k credits without a premium account :P

  356. There was a Langley aircraftcarrier in your port. Is there going to be a
    video of that ship?

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    watching videos from Jingles… WTF is goin’ on? :D

  360. Hey Jingles. The way the American navy named it’s ships was like this. Up
    to WW 2

    Battleships were named after States

    Aircraft Carriers were named after famous battlefields

    Cruisers (both heavy and light) were named after cities

    Destroyers were named after people

  361. Jingles whats your thoughts on the Cleveland main battery upgrade is it
    worth it?

  362. “…more guns than the average survivalist living in the hills of Utah.”

    Obviously you don’t know any. :P

  363. This ship is a must get for me as I live so near St. Louis. 

  364. Instead of saying driver you could say skipper for world of warships it
    would be pretty tight jingles 

  365. I’ve haven’t liked this ship. The tier 3’s in the game have awful range so
    when you have to fight tier 5 Kongos you have to get close and you get

  366. I love tour historical facts Jingles

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    currently I guess like you do with the garage reviews for tanks same format
    just with ships instead ???

  368. Dear Jingles, I didn’t watch the video yet, but I got a question that needs
    attention: what do you think about George Carlin?

  369. TheFlyingPineapple

    You got any info on the Iwaki cruiser Jingles? I can’t find anything about
    its real life counterpart anywhere.

  370. Jingles 2 things

    1: After firing your salvos you can press Z to follow them to the target

    2: Have you ever played a game called Hearts of iron 3? It’s a war
    simulator that takes place during WWll, it has many different starting
    points and you can literally be any country you want.(With a certain cheat
    code of course).

  371. You know what this game needs =D “Arty’s” ehm i mean “Subs” !! =D

  372. Nice video Jingles …
    But probably influenced too much by world of tanks. I was thinking that:
    You sail the ship – not drive it.
    The ship is not sailed by driver but by a captain or helmsman.
    But thx anyway for nice videos.


  373. Hey sorry to ask this question if the answer is somewhere out there on the
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  374. Video pops up – already 330 views …
    What on earth 

  375. Nathan Cote-joyal

    there are only kongos on this damm game

  376. hmm well how many vids will it take to know what ap ammo does? lol its
    useless against battleships unless u r a battleship as in ap is only good
    against your own class

  377. this why I want a battle ship

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  380. I really do enjoy the little history lesson at the start of these videos.
    😀 Looking forward to more!

  381. Nope. Average survivalist inn Utah has about 20 guns. Its just that 5 of
    them are “pen guns” or other “spy” like stuff.

  382. I would like it I think your viewers would too, but the next chance you
    get, try to review the YAMATO

  383. Edward Richtofen

    U.S.S. Minneapolis? 

  384. Yay!! Another wows video 🙂 

  385. It just proves…one big shot can be fatel if it hits, but lots and lots of
    smaller shots can bend you over just as mercilessly. Well done Admeril.

  386. Ah, the angriest of viking longships.

  387. STL represent!

  388. Wildtigger Firemane

    What if each of the guns on the St. Louis C-20 are the spirits of all the
    other St. Louis’ of past, present and future…

  389. That ship shots 105 rounds a minute!! With 14 guns

  390. NutnFancy’s children are of age to make him a grandfather now.

  391. It’s American English Jingles

  392. keep it up jingles :)

  393. ‘MURICA!

  394. More like the USS Rust Bucket, what is the crew doing? They need to clean
    that rust off.

  395. When you mentioned the tier 10 cruiser I had no idea what you were talking
    about for a moment. Because this is ‘MURICA. We don’t care how some
    frenchies pronounce our city names, even if it was named by them!

  396. STL represent!

  397. I wants me a USS Wisconsin! The Iowa Class of course :)

  398. like the history side of things jingles

  399. Of course the irony of the whole “Louis” thing is that long ago people in
    England converted a Norman name which in France would over time be “Louis”
    and they spelled it… “Lewis”. :D

  400. “It’s like going to sea with your Grandpa’s basement. If your grandpa lives
    in Utah and doesn’t trust the Federal Government.” – I’ve made over 800
    videos on youtube and this.. is the best description for a video I’ve ever
    seen. 😀 Well Done Sir. Well Done.

  401. Awesome as usual ^.^

  402. world of warships proves to me that multigun support for world of tanks is

  403. WoT Blitzkrieger

    damn jingles all them slots you lucky bastard

  404. Great video – Isn’t running your ship aground a court-martial offence?

  405. WoT Blitzkrieger

    i love the st louis. such a damn good ship really

  406. Hey! I’m from Utah! We don’t have lots of gu… errr…. I only have 7
    guns…. That’s not a lot…

  407. jingles could you do a review on the t21 and t71 on world of tanks? also
    once again one of the only videos worth watching :D

  408. Open Beta! NOW! :D

  409. Sfx320 - Patroller for idiocy.

    “This has more guns than your average survivalist in the mountains in
    Utah.” Did you make that up on the spot or was that thought out? Anyways,
    it made me giggle. Great video as always! Cheers.

  410. Nice description, lol.

  411. Its 12:00am in my country but idc hahahha been waiting for a jingles vid
    and heres my fix ^_^

  412. Jingles, do you accept WOT blitz replays?

  413. Big fan of your videos, love all of them, keep up the good job

  414. Ha! Perfect timing to check YouTube! Jingles does not let us down! :D

  415. I like this kind of videos.

  416. Love this game! Pity it’s in closed beta right now.

  417. Commander Wilcke

    Speaking of the pronunciation of St. Louis, don’t even get me started on
    the pronunciation of Missouri.

  418. 7/10 too much water. Needs more yamato

  419. Jingles try AP when you`re fighting cruisers and destroyers. It will do
    full dmg

  420. Your Average SPG Player


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    2nd like 16th view

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