World of Warships USS West Virginia Preview – Best Tier 6 Battleship?

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Playing the World of Warships Tier 6 USS West Virginia has been an absolute pleasure. Almost heaven, even. I am also starting to think that it might be the best tier 6 and will give the USS Arizona a run for its money.


  1. Why are you PINK?:))))

  2. War Gaming has always been superb when it comes to the visual representation on their models, however they have botched this one. West Virginia was in peace time buff in her camouflage in 1941. She is shown here with her hull in the 1944 iconic camouflage and on the superstructure she what is known as measure 1 which was just an overall grey. She wore neither in 1941.

    • people complained said it was boring…who knows

    • Glorfindel of Gondolin

      Joke Franic You know what they need to do? They need to make the “Neutral Gray” the basic paint job for the USN ships and not that shitty light blue with rust everywhere.

    • edit the camoflauge file (its a 3 min job)

    • Aint WeeVee in 41 supposed to have the same camo as Arizona except the turret tops which where black because she was part of BatDiv 4? Thats what I gathered

    • Glorfindel of Gondolin

      Fernando Marques Yes, the camouflage pattern is called Measure 1. However, the Arizona in game is in a modified Measure 1 where all vertical surfaces from the water line to the top of the funnel are painted in Ocean Blue rather than the Sea Gray commonly found on Measure 1. The reason being is there are recent theories that the Arizona had a repaint in late October to early November of 1941. If you look in images from Pear Harbor, the Arizona seems to be lighter than the nearby Nevada, which is confirmed as having Measure 1-5 standard. The West Virginia at Pearl was painted in Measure 1 at the time of the attack. The paint scheme would be identical in lay out to the Arizona only instead of the blue it would be a dark gray up to the funnel top and navy gray above that.

      Also, while I do like certain visual mods for ships, like the Measure 21 mod for the USS Texas, however I don’t like that no one else can see it. That’s why I want these legitimate paint schemes in the game.

  3. Copper League Gaming

    I just want a bright orange/pink USS Nevada at t5…I feel like it could give a october a run for it’s money at t5.

  4. West Virginia ’41 16″ guns at T6 with better dispersion than the T6 Mutsu’s 16″ guns.
    Neither will do well when bottom tier in T8 battles. But the time you get to be top tier will be fun.

  5. Hi Zoup. How does this ship compare to the Warspite? That is my go to lower tier battleship….

    • Mike Light WV’s slower. The guns have the same ability to overmatch armor at tier, and WV’s probably got worse AA. What’s not to love? Edit: Warspite also still has better secondaries and that god-tier turning ability to dodge torps, which Zoup is either bad at or WV can’t do.

    • Yeah I’m not sure if it just turns like a slug or he was just kinda hap hazardly seeing what kind of punishment it can take. I hope it’s rudder shift isn’t too atrocious because that’s always annoying to deal with especially with a top speed that low.

    • to add to other comments… warspite has sigma of 2.0… and warspite has better heal

    • How bout my Fuso

  6. Just a question, where did Prinz Eitel Friedrich go?

  7. I see no need for you to walk back one iota of what you said about this ship when it was first introduced. No matter how good it is at T6 it doesn’t change the fact that the community has been asking for WV44 for years and instead of giving us that ship they’ve given us an A hull Colorado at T6. She could be totally OP at T6 and it wouldn’t change the fact that the community wants ships like WV, California, and Tennessee 44 in game. Not more down tiered A hulls.

    • I found the booklet of general plans for the WV dated 6/21/35 and the Tennessee dated 4/29/43 and it further confirmed that in all major details these ships were identical minus the main gun armament. Their are of course differences between the two but the major hard points are all identical.

    • It seems to me that WV44 and TN would both fit at T7. WV44 (Maryland would work here too) could come as a long overdue buff to Colorado, while TN could be part of a US battleship line split. (There’s enough out there to make it to at least T8.) CA and MD could both be T7 premiums with the MA secondary treatment.

    • I agree WV44’s natural home is at T7. However when you consider Lert’s proposal for a T8 WV 44 she becomes a very very intriguing ship. She will need substantial buffs to work as a T8 Premium but the end result done right would be something potentially very different and very fun to play. Just imagine a ship with the best concealment, maneuverability, acceleration, deceleration and TDS of any BB in the game. Give her Maime secondary performance, super accurate guns and a British super heal. The final result would be a ship you really really do not want to let get close.

    • It’s an interesting what-if, but it’s extremely unlikely to happen, and I would be insanely surprised if it did.
      Here’s a link to iChase’s proposal in case your interested:

    • Yep I’ve seen that one as well. The major problem with it I think is that the ship ends up being such a minimal upgrade that she isn’t what people wat her to be. At T8 properly buffed she becomes what people have thought she can and should be. It’s worth noting I think that at the end of WWII the USN (according to Friedman) considered the fully modernized members of the Big 5 equivalent to modern BB’s in every respect except speed.

  8. So compared to Vanguard, this ship is *ALMOST HEAVEN?*

    Edit: God dammit you already said it in the vid. Oh well just take me home.

  9. I know you described this as “almost heaven” but against higher tier ships it’s going to be burned down or torped to death. Sure, against lower tier ships it will dominate but how often will we get to be top tier in a tier 6 ship? Really not sold on this yet. Still, great video and a +1.

    • Hughe Jass I mean, would a 1944 configuration change this in any way? It would perhabs be even worse, because the 1944 configuration would be placed at either T7 or T8, and face even stronger opponents while still going 21kn.

    • Will you inbred fucks drop the 21 kt bullshit because that’s actually the best thing for her, why? BECAUSE SHE CAN BE BUFFED TO COMPENSATE. 21 kts but amazing soft stats. You disgusting freaks need to get this through yoru skulls.

  10. That conealment of 12 km ish is completely broken and has already been nerffed according to some dev-blog communication.

    • On the minimap it looks like his spot range is 13.7 km, that sounds to me like the nerfed version with the captain skill applied to bring it down from 15-16 km? I think the replay is not of the older 12.2 or 11.7 km version.

    • +Joe Danker might be, I could not see the minimap’s info.

  11. ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ

    Bayern place will get taken by the WEST VIRGINIA, MONTAIN MOMMA, TAKE ME HOME

  12. Ill wait for the 44 version

  13. Nothing says “the demographics of this game aren’t like those of Call of Duty” like John Denver references. Life aint’ nothin’ but a funny funny riddle.

  14. Vanguards current state is scandalous, imo far worse than this whole West Virginia 41/44 debate.

  15. Just the idea off putting a date on a boat’s name alone is a affront. 16 in guns at tier 6? Yeah, the Mutsu has those and still isnt a good ship, and at least has speed. Down-tiering tech tree ship is lazy and tired. Sorry, but no. Hard pass

  16. I will not buy a Tier 6 West Virginia. I will buy a 1944 or 1945 West Virginia at Tier 8 despite its 21 knot top speed. Furthermore, another Premium Tier 6 U.S. Battleship is not something we need or asked for. We asked for the most powerful and modernized version of the West Virginia, not a pre-war version of it.

    • Why would you want a Colorado to be in tier 8? That would be awful.

    • That would be bad idea. At 21knots you will be piñata to everyone when you are in a low tier and a mid tier game.

    • Oh look a pair of inbred cunts who don’t understand that 21 kts means that everything else can be significantly buffed to compensate. How about you get your inbred retarded heads out of your asses and THINK FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE>

  17. I have come to a point in my WoWs career after three years, not really willing to spend money on new premiums anymore. The reason being as with all supposed premiums they are supposed to be weaker versions of stock ships, in the tech tree. Saying that it’s the problem of up tier by 2, so little tired of paying to be up tiered. Yes I now excuse of they can handle themselves when up tiered, it’s just tiring to be up tiered the majority of the time. An before anyone mentions it’s the server population even when there are 10k or 8k on the server it’s still the same.

    • @ed french very true and we’re mostly uptired by design to put pressure on players to grind the next tier in the hope that they won’t be uptired so much, that only works when you hit tier 9 and 10 but even there the games aren’t any more enjoyable and you have to do a lot more damage or you will lose credits in a game even on a win. I imagine it’s even worse for those who don’t run a premium account…….

  18. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    I truly love how zoup conducts himself, ignore controversy, focus on the gameplay.

  19. Why does everyone forget Mutsu is a T6 BB with 16.1 inch guns? Sure the shells aren’t great but she’s arguably fast and can do better damage. And another thing Zoup, I’m not trying to sound like the outraging Proletariat, but Tier 6 is not low tier, it’s 6/10, just my ocd I have to point it out

  20. What does it matter? Anything fun that you mentioned in your video about the ship will get nerfed just like every other premium ship that people review as wip. Then it will just be a t6 ship that no one wanted. Why would I pay for that? Why would anyone other than people that just want the ship because they buy all the garbage wargaming puts out?

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