World of Warships – USS Wichita good or not good?

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New tier 8 premium US cruiser is now available in premium shops, the USS Wichita.
She has good concealment and pretty much solid/okey everything but nothing super strong.
Is she fun, is she worth it, is she good?
I think she’s “okey” but you be the judge.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I came in too early.. Still 360p 🙁

  2. HD???

  3. There is far quicker way to revert back to 100% / 100%, press P, switch off AA / secondaries and switch them back on. Instant 100/100

    • Not sure if it’s due to manual AA, but it doesn’t work for my Grozovoi which I turn off AA to lure planes closer before enabling AA buffed with prioritized sector.

    • Switching them off and on doesn’t reset the priority sector. In DD’s atleast.

    • Yeah, this is false info, can confirm from at least 40 battles since the rework that turning off an on again does not reset the focus on AA

  4. Was hoping you’d cover this ship. I almost bought it yesterday, but according to Flamu, the Baltimore is the way to go.

  5. Wichita is neither amazing nor terrible. But what she _is_ cannot be said to be what she _should_ be. She has all the hallmarks of a brilliant DD-hunter, but she lacks the setup to really make this happen.

    First, the _lack_ of super-heavy shells restricts your ability to reliably damage battleships, unlike her silver counterpart Baltimore that thrives on the tears of battleships.
    Second, her handling suggests the role of a light cruiser despite her heavy main armament. However, the improved penetration angles still make up for this.
    Third, she compares very well with Prinz Eugen and Atago, featuring a faster reload than either at the cost of torpedoes, but exchanges a repair party consumable for radar that is situational at best given her intended role.

    She is a multi-purpose workhorse that can do whatever you need her to, but she doesn’t actually specialize.
    What she needs is the option to equip a repair party replacing her radar.
    She resembles a heavy cruiser version of Boise, but lacks the longevity (though has good forward armour) provided by Boise’s heal.
    Her lower than average health pool also cripples her longevity, and further suggests she was originally developed with a repair party in mind.

    • +Coşkun Akalın That’s why Wichita needed the repair party as an alternative to radar.

    • >the lack of super-heavy shells restricts your ability to reliably damage battleships
      *laughs in Arsonist*

    • +Dylan Wight Wichita would have been the ideal tech tree t8, but too late for that now.

    • +mierzhen True, but fire damage doesn’t stick. We need something more real when getting uptiered.

      Speaking of which, has anybody else noticed that Tier-VIII seems to have improved a bit lately?

    • Coşkun Akalın I know right. This doesn’t belong in T8…..if it was a T7, I’d buy it. I’m not getting hammered in this thing in T10 matches when I have a Baltimore in port.

  6. AA reinforcement is pretty half baked idea. DDs and fast turning CLs can keep the reinforced side to the enemy planes.

    • I think it’s a stupid addition as well. But WG has never used logic.

    • It works great on the Daring, with its magnificent pair of quad Vickers 12.7 mm MGs. (Note: If they were Brownings the AA rating would have to go up from 2 to at least 3.) Gives you something to do while you are in your tiny smoke cloud getting bludgeoned to death by rocket planes.
      I would say that, for 0.8.0, it was a three-quarters baked idea, since the planes could attack from one side then instantly teleport to safety. Now that they actually have to stick around for awhile and maybe even fly through to the unengaged side of the victim it is not terribly useful.

    • Just adding – the next time they use “realism” as an excuse for something we collectively have to do something. Don’t know what. With the carrier rework this game just went full arcade.

    • That is true. However, in rare instances the planes will completely survive while out-turning your ship. Also, making full turns in a cruiser can be fatal because enemy ships will blap your broadside

    • There’s a ton of half baked ideas that people will herd up and flock towards defending such ideas.

  7. Default language may impact it but the ~ to the left of 1 also opens that menu without having to move all the way over to O on a qwerty keyboard.

  8. Wichita, what does the scouter say about it’s power level?

    It’s over 37 000!!!

  9. My wallet is staying closed.. this ship does not interest me.

    • No .. because when tech tree ship is better why buy it, Ive bought most ships in the premium shop but I refuse to buy a ship that underperforms from tech tree ship.

    • +10469 depends on how you look at it. It might seem like it underperforms, but once it finds its niche, it might be the best at what it does. Isnt that a good thing? More diverse ship types? I’m not asking you to buy it, just want to know your thinking. Honestly its frustrating that most people expect premiums to be OP to be worthy of their dollars, and thats a bad way to play a game like this. Glad you’re not one of them.

    • +force ghost its just a fun ship to play. Is it OP at anything? no, not even close. But its not bad at what it does either, which is hunting DD’s.There’s just allot of other ships that do the same crap, only better. But I still enjoyed my few games in this ship i’ve had.

    • to me she looks like a little Cleveland-Balti mix with a dash of Des M … nothing OP and yet not UP ……. I do prefer BB’s tho so I am saving my pennies for the next BB …or the RN CV <3

    • I know I make make her work, it’s just brings nothing new to the table.

  10. Well i guess they are finished with CV rework cause they said they wouldn’t release any prems till the CV rework lol, i guess that’s why they were in a rush to release a broken money money….

  11. I absolutely love my Wichita. I played the Baltimore and Wichita in Randoms. The difference in Stats make the Baltimore seem stronger. BUT……The Wichita (to me) plays so much better and I hit more targets, caused more damage and shot down a larger amount of Aircraft.

  12. Hum £35 for this or Baltimore for free hard choice

    • Id’e say that you money is going to stay sleeping in your wallet . . . . .

    • +Grease Monkey yes I think it will plus the fact they are talking about changing some premium ships by moving them up a tier has put me off spending anymore on the game

  13. “who are u torping?”…….”donno” 😀

  14. Shes an uptiered Boise that was supposed to be Gud on her counterpart ships..but never intended or intentionally to be Gud..sadly,she was slapped with tier VIII Premium price that is not even worth,not just yet

  15. Yes, another radar is just what game needs now…

  16. “Wichita is finally here!” Thanks, WarGaming; we were waiting with bated breath. Now at $49.99 I would say it is for two classes of people:
    1. All those who hail from Wichita, Kansas. (Show of hands, please.) Or maybe just Kansas.
    2. Anyone who wants a solid Tier VIII U.S. heavy cruiser and does not want to suffer through the Pensacola and New Orleans to get there. Probably costs about the same to grind up to the Baltimore as it does to just buy the Wichita. Even as a strictly average experienced player, I find the Baltimore plays comfortably in the Tier X games you get two times out of three, so I would expect the same out of the Wichita.

  17. Over all, for a US cruiser, Wichita did alright.

  18. your so damn lucky that allot of em didnt target or shoot you. whenever im in this ship my target number reaches up to 7 every damn time im detected lmao

  19. Love this game hilarious commentary, Baltimore (T8) was one of my favouirte of the US cruiser line had lots of fun in her, Buffalo was a bit of a dissapointment afterwards (less agility) and even des moines doesn’t quite have the fun factor yet (I may need to experiment with my build) so she should make a nice fun premium. Sounds like you were having lots of fun playing her and doesn’t look like she performed too badly in a very tight spot!

  20. the torps comment I don’t know f’n funny as hahahahaha

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