World of Warships | USS Worcester | The Grey Ghost

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In which we take a look at the tier 10 Worcester class light cruiser, and talk about the effect of its roaming around raining down high explosive shells from low Earth orbit.

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  1. Thanks Koala! Keep up the great content, love your work!

  2. How the mighty have fallen. The poor Worcester certainly got hit hard by the IFHE nerf. The fact that he/she made it work is a further testament of your skill and prowess. Nicely done! Hats off to the player.

  3. Pete_ Hine_Of_PA

    I think WOW’s is a joke anymore….

  4. I saw this and immediately thought “oo yay more wows.” this is really good, keep up the good work Koala!

  5. General Jem/ [SSM]Jem

    i only came here to see the Worcester in action, cause a similar WoWs youtuber Yuro, uses the super Yamato and fired at a Worcester, and its conning tower bounced 510mm shell, i would call that impressive for the largest light cruiser in history, to bounce a shell that big

  6. USS Enterprise: I though I was the gery ghost

  7. Yay Wooster gameplay!

  8. Wooster – is great 😀

  9. Currently most t10 cruisers in world of warships dont have radar. There are currenly 14 t10 cruisers (including the 2 new russian t10 cruisers) of which only 6 have radar.

    (Until recently it was only 4 out of 12 but wargaming seems to really hate destroyers)

  10. “Take a high stance”

    Me an Asian who’s 5ft 5in taking a high stance. idk Koala I’d rather live then see myself in a hospital.

  11. I love the Scottish accent

  12. Wait us navy have two grey ghost at ww2?

  13. Thomas Playford

    Sickkk warship vid!!

  14. Gabriel Martín alvar

    the Enterprise was the true grey ghost

  15. Uh isn’t USS Enterprise Grey Ghost

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