World of Warships – USS Worcester

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There’s a new ship on horizon and for once I actually know pronounce its name!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920× resolution

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  1. eating dinner, hears notification, nutrients can wait.

  2. A ship named after my home town…even if it’s in the wrong country!!

    • And yes, I live 40 minutes away from Worcester, MA and so, yes it is named properly:-)

    • Well in a roundabout way, she did sort of named after your home town.

      I mean she is named after a US town, which named after your home town.

    • Worcester South Africa reporting in =P

    • Yoko Oh no at least we aren’t doing the same thing with countries <3

    • *america TOOK the name Worcester that was already being used IN england. a tyicaly american thing to do.*
      I know! It’s almost as though the original states were originally…English colonies or something!
      Strange coincidence, I know!

  3. How are you going to shoot down planes with that dual purpose guns though?

    • Shoki44 No, not bad programming. Bad design. Speaking as a programmer, there’s a big difference between programming and design. Allowing a ship’s main guns to add to the ship’s AA dps even while firing against enemy ships is bad design, NOT bad programming!

    • Vincent Rico Mercado

      Well, not really on arcade design though.

    • Kevadu Kevadu torps are a good argument, I forgot about them. But in honesty, you don’t use them that often. The ship is built of citadels (I’ve been citadelled by 203 mm cruiser shells at ANY angle) so the only viable tactic is like the Worcester – sit behind HARD cover (smoke is useless at Tier 10, half the enemy team have radar or long range hydro) and snipe. Torps fired at long range never hit anybody (by tier 10 people have usually learned to change course regularly, or run hydro) so they are usually only a last-chance weapon against somebody who you ambush/who ambushed you.

      The Minotaur is more manoeuvreable but it’s not that important cos you get citadelled from any angle so manoeuvreing doesn’t really matter as much as in other ships.

      So basically both ships promote a passive, camping playstyle. And in this kind of playstyle the Worcester seems significantly stronger thanks to its HE and the consumables.

    • Vincent Rico Mercado it’s very clear why they get compared: similar dual-purpose, quick fitting guns; similar arcs of fire; fragility that requires a similar playstyle – camping behind islands; being susceptible to being caught out in the open; very strong AA.

      In my opinion, this IS the Minotaur but with HE and better choice of consumables. Smoke doesn’t matter. The only real advantage of the Minotaur are the torps. Everything else is better or significantly better on the Worcester. The Minotaur is more manoeuvreable but it’s not that important cos you get citadelled from any angle so manoeuvreing doesn’t really matter.

    • Vincent Rico Mercado

      yea they had shitty armor so BB guns can lolpen them.

  4. Thank you Jingles for pronouncing Worcester correctly. From a Massachusetts native.

  5. lol, I saw the title and immediatly thought USS Lea & Perrins

  6. Drop the E on Ronaoke

  7. Matthew Mayberry

    3:29 Error 404 torpedobeats not found.


  9. It does look good, but going by wargaming logic the ships before it will be utter dog turds.

  10. Year of the CV … yeah right. Still, Should i go for the Hakuryu? I am at the Shokaku right now.

  11. Der Dampfhammer

    Pronounced Ro-an-oak. LOL Just saying

  12. 19:06 oh really Jingles? Drop down to tier 4 and 5, and see if you still have that same opinion after a couple games. Still, that is why I love taking out my AA speced Hiei. Only at 12 points right now, but once i get 14 … *evil laughter*

    • Stewart Maclean

      rly nis did you actually just call him a faggot for statistical how he specs his Ship?…..

    • Thing is, i got all of the ARP ships, so I might as well make them specialize in different roles to give me a reason to play all of them.

    • just another youtube account

      Try an AA spec Izumo if you want a really good laugh, tested it out against 3 midway’s in training room an scrapped about 80 planes before I got overwhelmed

    • this is why i never went after the Tier 10 CV’s wast of credits and grind time.

    • Well, when you have 4 ships of the same class, might as well make them specialized in different roles to give a reason to play all of them.

  13. Any one else thinking of “Jeeves and Wooster”?

    And I will hate to play these ships.

  14. >Still no USS Alaska

    come on wargaming, we all want it, and would probably be willing to part with substantial amounts of cash for it

    • Explain how it’d be balanced, if you cant’ do that in two sentences you have no valid complaint

    • I would probably be a tier 10 Clan Wars reward like the Stalingrad.

    • Eric Lee said that it was only commissioned for less than three years. It was mothballed for 13 years then scrapped.

    • There were multiple plans for the Alaska, some of which MIGHT DO WELL at Tier X. One plan for the Alaska is already in the game- an early version of the ship is a Tier VII Light Cruiser, the USS Atlanta. The process of developing the Alaska actually created enough different blueprints and plans, ranging from the Atlanta to the final Alaska, that you could probably create an entire cruiser line out of Alaskas.

    • do you mean atlanta he spammer?

  15. For real fun, get them to pronounce Magdalene…

    • MAUD-lin?

    • mynameiswritinwater

      simply have a trans-atlantican try a proper pronounciation of “Kurfürst” or if she vermakes it ingame the “seydlitz” I usually am happy if I can start my inner giggling after one minute

  16. Norbert Blackrain

    i think the rapid rise in performance and availability of surface to air missiles as well as the performance of jet aircraft in the 50ths contributed to the short service life of this class.

  17. thank for uploaded my replay 😀 ขอบคุณมากครับ
    i run maximum DE as much as possible (maximum fire chance is 15%)
    and this ship can build many things you can do such as IFHE+AA , full DE, full AA+MAA, AA+DE, AA+ability, range DE, she depends on your playstyles what you want to play Worcester
    i wish i have 4 different US commanders for Worcester :joy:

  18. Why do WG hate carrier players so much?

    • What I wonder is why they chose to create a wierd kind of artificial balance between the ship classes in the first place.

      Seems better to me to either have the ship classes in a battle set, so people trying to get in to matches fill up the slot for the class they want (Say 100 people wanting to pilot a battleship, 2 battleships per match, those people have to wait. But there is say 5 cruisers and 8 destroyers and people waiting for those ship classes dont wait as long, solving the “everyone will choose battleship” problem). And then in this atmosphere you can make the ships as effective as they actually were in reality.

      Or alternately make it so people playing weaker ship classes have some kind of advantage beyond that. For example a cruiser player has 2 cruisers that he brings into the game, which he can switch between control of and leave the other under AI control (that he can give orders to, such as “move here” or “attack that”) and destroyers have 3. Completely remove the damage control and healing consumables in this situation.

    • That’s too much of a change to the game, I dont like it.

      It would be much better to actually balance the classes. For example make BB’s less maneuverable and make their turrets turn for ages and make them more consistent and buff secondaries. That way BBs would suck at close range and would have to use secondaries for self defence. On the other hand, they could lower the range of BB main guns or make them inaccurate af at longer ranges and make them accurate at short ranges and make them only good at brawling.

      Also, one of the biggest problems in this game is lack of team play. Thats simply because of map desing and arena battles. There are usually 2 or 3 lanes where ships go and players just randomly go wherever they feel like going. If you made maps 10x bigger teams would actually have to stick together if they want to win or else they would be left behind and killed.

    • Because all the stupids who get killed by carriers wine that they are op when they just left their team.
      Kinda like wot players who don’t seek cover from arty get killed and then complain that arty is op.

    • You cant balance the classes though. The only time there is balance is when everything is identical at which point there’s no classes. And attempts to balance always end up in wierd quirks and half the playerbase being upset.

      For instance your two suggestions, the first will make Kais even more upset. The second will make bizzaro-kais upset as well as upsetting cruiser drivers due to making a ship that does thier job better. There really is no way to balance something when there are innate differences.

    • +Alex The thing is, people like you whine and bitch about everything. If a game was free of things you “hate” it would just be you alone in an empty void. Except you’d almost certainly hate that too so…

  19. Ro Uh Noke
    Long o, short u sound, long o
    Not Ro Uh No Key
    Roanoke, Virginia

  20. SiegeSquirrel 42

    JIngles, you are, in fact, mispronouncing Roanoke. The E is silent.

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