World of Warships – Valley of Death

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Fun push into the enemy with the mighty Tirpitz, love her secondary build and love dominating the enemy. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII German Tirpitz Replay – Discord Server


  1. Hello notser! Please notice me, its my birthday!

  2. Kameel Hutcherson

    Was that an Omaha in a t 8 game

    • Just a T6 brought him to hell,no worries,the worst thing is when a T8 brought two T7s into T10 game

    • Yeah, those South American clans are the most pitiful in the game.

      And Jochen Heiden, i’m not in the clan for competitive play, just friendly play. So why don’t you take that high opinion and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine…

    • Eclipse Yeah i got in a division with that La Galissonniere(i’m sure i’m mistyping that XD) in the match before and then, exactly, i was brought to hell. Funny thing though, that “La Gallissonniére”(?) said in our division chat that he killed Notser once before… even mid-match, watching how he played, and now watching here, i find that hard to believe lol

    • He might have actually killed notser, but just like a killsteal or something when Notser was at low hp

  3. Secondaries without manual is useless. I say this as someone who tested it in the training room.

    • yup, and it’s really frustrating that they dont fire at all. i mean sure you select 1 ship on your right and you fire at it, but at the same time you have an another enemy on the left and you secondaries that are not firing at the guy on the right will just drink tea and afk on your ship. noice~ not really for me

    • Stormy the Stormtrooper it’s doesn’t fire unless you have someone selected. Manual secondaries are great for up close combat to target whatever is close to you at the time to put the pressure on them. My tirpiz usually gets 200 to 300 secondary hits depending on how long I stay alive.

    • if you have enemies on both sides, you are out of position my friend 😀

    • haha, tell that to nelson before he fought the spanish-french navy at Trafalgar.

      real talk now tho, going nose in into 2-3 enemy ships like Notser did in this vid can SOMETIMES be a good strategy(sure, you need some support and all that) but having your secondaries shoot at only 1 target out of 2-3 is kinda meh in that situation, like he said: they cause panic. Hell i’d personally like to have individual control for any main gun turret on bbs. And if not individual at least to be separated into front guns and rear guns.

  4. LMAO don’t text and drive…yep! Been there done that in my ship!

  5. Notser have you considered videos describing the difference in gameplay strategy as someone advances thru the tiers? I.E. the difference between tier 4 or 5 gameplay in a DD compared to 6 or 7 and beyond? Dealing with different levels of Technology introduced into the game as one progresses up the lines? Salute!

    • Sounds like a good idea

    • its pritty simple in dds, if u see radar just pay attention to where it is in play and stay outside of the radar circle at all times unless you know it is down then abuse the down time as much as possible, thats all easy as cale.

    • i would like to see some kind of jamming to be used, chafe or just noise, but i know then peeps would want counter measures, but hey i even like wake torpedoes to be used

    • As a noob who has been playing about 4-5 months it would be appreciated. BTW as a recording musician I give you a big thumbs up on your gear. I can tell you put a lot of effort into your audio editing and videos. I use Universal Audio gear myself. I appreciate your investment, you voice really sounds great compared to others videos. It makes a difference and sets you apart.

  6. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.”

  7. Hmm, I wonder if I can replicate this German BB playstyle with the upcoming Massachusetts, since WG just plan to buff her secondarie’s range to about 7km base iirc. 😉

  8. Thank you for showing how-to-German-BB, Notser. Yesterday we had 3 Bismarcks on the team – all 3 humping border. I was about to eat my keyboard :I

  9. Are these BB’s typical NA players? Holy crap. Today i saw derpitz trying to play like u notser. He was dead like in 3 min or so. Without torps. And he was angled to everyone. This is the reason why people saying torpedos and sesondaries on BB is a waste.

    • It hardly matters how you build a BB (or any other ship for that matter) if you’re largely clueless about how to play effectively. Sure, pushing can get you killed quickly, but the skill is in recognising when it’s available and when not. Being top tier makes a big difference, too, as tier 9-10 CAs are a far different proposition in terms of DPM and ability to start fires and take damage than tier 6-8 CAs. They’re rather like medium tanks in WoT, a big step up in power from tier 8 to tiers 9-10.
      AFAIK the argument about secondary build on German BBs is largely because of that difference. So many things can deal out serious hurt at long ranges at tiers 9-10 that your secondary build is arguably much less usable. For tiers 7-8, however, I don’t think many would say secondary builds on a German BBs aren’t viable; they’re the first BB line where it’s entirely valid, and partly why they had such an impact on the game when introduced. Remember, too, that was back when BBs had citadels and sailing broadside to everything like a muppet got you obliterated; such a shame WG changed that.

    • Situational builds are situational.

  10. Does anyone think that German cruisers would be overpowered if they had long range secondary batteries just like their fellow battleships? I would love it if that silly turret on Roon would do something once in a while.

    • OP? Not really since they’re still cruisers so will melt under scrutiny, but now will melt faster since they will need to close the distance. But hey, at least it’s something. I’m tired of kite/island hugging being the only viable strats for high tier cruiser play as it stands now for most cruiser lines especially the recent ones like the French with their paper armor, good speed and decent guns made for kiting.

    • I like the idea.

    • Hindenburg is already OP.. doesn’t need more.

  11. Good video and use of the German ship

  12. Now THAT was a great illustration of using a BB aggressively. Especially a German which, if you’re not prepared to do, you’d be better served with a different nation’s BB.

    • Actually, because of their armor profiles, turret traverse, and strong secondaries (and the Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, and Tirpitz also have torpedoes), they’re the best BBs at brawling close range. The T9 and T10 are not as maneuverable and do better at medium range, but the T7 and T8 german BBs perform their best close-up-and-personal, especially against other nations’ BBs.

  13. there are very few ships where secondary builds really work and thats the Tirpitz/Bismarck and the FdG to an extent although it’s mostly for scaring away DD in the FdG and the Alsace if it wasn’t already the best french BB in my book. all other ships the secondaries simply don’t have the range and the sheer amound of guns. On the Germans they are just so much more effective since you can tank like a mad man at close range if you can maintain your angles and even if not a lot of players still shoot your armor belt instead of going for superstructure AP shots

  14. I just love the common ranting about Bismarck/tirpitz main guns being terrible and inaccurate.
    First of. Shell speed of those guns are insane, even at long range. Hence, less distance when leading the targets.

    Second. You have a fair amount of range.

    Third. They reload faster so you will be sending salvos down range at most visible targets more often.

    Fourth. They do actually have the same Sigma as Amagi (yeah I know the amagi has two extra barrels…)

    So, you have guns that are super fast and hit hard as hell (they actually have quite the kick), with good range and reload. I wouldn’t call that bad guns. And combined with the secondaries Bismarck/tirpitz is easily one of the best ships in the game.

    • Jc Serquiña
      Lol! World of German battleships.
      Well, except for Grose Kurfurst that can chip away 17-25k dmg every Salvo from another Grose kurfurst due a wall of 420 mm whether it’s angeled or not 😛

    • yeah, that one exception. XD

    • Jc Serquiña
      All jokes aside, the German bb main guns actually are a lot more terrifying than given credit for. I once took about 27k dmg away from an angeled Iowa. In a gneisenau! ?

    • u said it ..ONCE. Usually what happens is that you score FUCK NO DAMAGE or like 1000 in such a situation , while any NC can 10k your superstructure firing only his BOW guns while reversing.

    • The Infidel
      I have honestly not been able to do that with any of the other bb:s up to tier 8 and if that happen just once with 6 shells on a tier 9 bb that’s made for bowtanking i take that as a sign of great potential ;-).
      Also, its a matter of personal preference. I tend to favour the Bismarck guns over both NC and amagi just due to trajectory and shell speed.

  15. A refreshing act of agression. So wird’s gemacht !!

    There they wait in fear with swords in feeble hands
    With dreams to be a king first one should be a man
    I call them out and charge them all with a life that is a lie
    And in their final hour they shall confess before they die

    Brothers everywhere
    Raise your hands into the air
    We’re warriors
    Warriors of the world
    Like thunder from the sky
    Sworn to fight and die
    We’re warriors
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    If I should fall in battle my brothers who fight by my side
    Gather my horse and weapons tell my family how I died
    Until then I will be strong I will fight for all that is real
    All who stand in my way will die by steel

  16. Try to get WWS to buff up the German Cruiser line. It is still very poor. Use your magic.

  17. So did you pull a Notser on a warship 🙂

  18. You do realise you played that completely wrong you should have been sat at the back sniping in your German BB’s 😉

  19. as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i take a look of my life … LUL

  20. Videos like these are why I come here! I tell you every time, you’re scary in BB’s Notser.

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