World of Warships – Vampire Review

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Shipmas comes with the Vampire being a reward ship from a mission, I discuss the ship have some fun in it. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier III Destroyer Vampire Replay


  1. I have actually been aboard HMAS Vampire (the newer class) up in sydney. Damn is it an experience and a half.

    • She’s not normally open to the public (as she’s maintained in operational condition), but you might get lucky and be able to be aboard for a quick run around the harbour. Let’s just say she’s a far sight more interesting than the ferries 🙂

    • Dylan Wight When I went in Feb-Mar 2017 _Advance_ was open to the public to the extent that we could go below decks with a guide and see a bit of stuff, though we didn’t go round the harbour. As important to me was that when I was a kid I used to watch the ABC Channel 2 TV series _Patrol Boat_ and the guy who showed us around confirmed that she was the actual ship used for the filming. A childhood dream come true, and I got to share her with _my_ kids. Awesome.

    • I’m a Bundaberg lad, so I was there for HMAS Bundaberg II’s commissioning back in ’07. The the spiritual successor of _Patrol Boat_ in _Sea Patrol_ Bundaberg had been used for filming some distant shots of (fictional) HMAS Hammersley for the show. Unfortunately, HMAS Bundaberg II burned out a few years ago due to an electrical fire during refit. The Armidale-Class are incredibly more capable than the Attack-Class were… but the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Attack-Class and the Armidale-Class share so much design ethic between them. It’s uplifting to know we have preserved ships of each generation of patrol vessels, from our corvettes to modern patrol boats.

    • And I have been aboard hmcs haida wich will be added sooner or later

    • Schrödinger's cat

      HMAS Advance back in the late70’s or early 80’s there was a show where her and a few sister ships stared in called “Patrol boat”loved that ship.

  2. Lol trying to predict noobs is difficult

  3. AP at the aft section of the Langley will produce citadels -Tavman

  4. John Angelo Tenorio

    I remember one game were I was on a Minekaze. I spotted a damaged carrier an went in to take her down. Fired HE on her broadside and got a Citadel hit.

  5. Looking forward to obtaining this sexy sheila. Hopefully she becomes available on the SEA server quickly because I _need_ an RAN ship that isn’t HMAS Perth, and HMAS Vampire fits that role perfectly. Okay, really all I want is the excuse to torpedo beat while playing Home Among The Gum Trees.

  6. USN 127s have 792 Feet/sec velocity. But I dunno about the lower tier, 102mm guns, I will just say Clemson FEELS higher velocity than 792 feet/sec – but that could be due to very short range.

  7. wtf was that CV doing? he just sat there the whole time while they chased him down.

  8. Notice how the HMAS Vampire event ends before the 25th, I wonder what else is in store for us for the holidays…

  9. A fun thing is that you can unlock it by only playing in Co-Op if you want. I mostly only play at night so I took an all nighter and unlocked it. I got some random battles but so few people play when I do so a Co-Op option was nice.

  10. I Just want to jump out from behind Islands, all sparkling and stuff, 5 K from unsuspecting Battleships and shout “Bleh bleh bleh!” Torpedoes away! #TeamEdward

  11. Notser nobody runs a 19 point commander on a tier 3 premium ship of a non-main-line nation…

  12. Seal clubbin

  13. “We have a single launch torpedo system so we need to play to that strength as our torpedos have a long reload”

    *Proceeds to dump a full rack at a single angle for every salvo in the entire game*

  14. HMCS Haida is the next commonwealth premium to be released hopefully… Fucking better be… ?

  15. Dunkirk movie

  16. Not bad ,time is till 20 December to finish mission to get this ship(half way there).well not fully free but wth i take it )

  17. +Notsr Thank you for using the Royal Australian Navy flag as well in the intro and not the game Commonwealth flag 🙂

  18. 13:20 you could have just sailed into their cap and won the cap safe and sound.

  19. boi this stat presentation is perfect

  20. Oddly enough, Notser misses his opportunity: “The HMAS Vampire doesn’t suck.”

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