World of Warships- Vanguard Review and Commentary

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TheSneakySnake takes a look at the Tier VIII British Premium BB, the Vanguard. As usual, I go over the statistics of the ship before we take her out to battle in Tier X MM. This is NOT a Tier VIII Warspite, for three reasons that will be explained.

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  1. Awesome review GG thanks for the share

  2. Great game, good explanation of the British battle ship. If you could at your leisure, please explain the medal’s and how to get them! 🙂

    • BIA World of Warships

      Thanks Terry! As for medals? Well, to get a Confederate, you need to damage half of the enemy team (with each ship taking 20% damage from you)

  3. I do lovr fast fire guns on a bb. The Scharn is most fun I have in BB in part becasue the guns are 25 sec or so reload.
    My first game in Kron was against a Vanguard and got 2 cits and she blew up. The cits did come at under 12km maybe that made the difference but still that was amazing.

  4. Vanguard has normal fuse AP – it doesn’t have that disadvantage the main line British BBs do in getting citadels, hence the effectiveness in the vid against BBs!

    • BIA World of Warships

      Hmmm, my apologies. I swear that it did. Guess I need to get better sources

    • +BIA World of Warships Last time I checked, the stats on WoWsFT were out of date. It initially had normal fuse, then briefly had short fuse, but on the final stat changes for buffs in ST was given the normal fuse back so its 15″ guns could more reliably penetrate BB and also high tier spaced/turtleback cruiser citadels. Which was a great relief, as the accurate but low calibre guns really need those citadels at Tier VIII to make it rewarding!

    • BIA World of Warships

      +Theta_Sigma Ah I see! Thank you very much for that; I hate giving misinformation in my videos. Indeed, those shells do need them! Hope you still enjoyed the video.

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