World of Warships: Venezia – 33k Free XP – 200% First Win of the Day

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I love this 200% first win XP bonus. I can get so much Free XP by just playing.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Italian Venezia on the map Haven.


  1. Isnt that the Azur Lane Prinz Eugen Cpt. Voice? Why am i hearing it on a Italian Ship?

  2. ЛентяйЁпта

    I love Venezia

  3. I see Aerroon likes Venezia very much, probably just as much as me or more! I wish it had a slower reload or better AP((.

  4. scout plane might be more useful if it buffed dispersion as well as range, considering it has a ridiculous reload and short time it would not have to worry about balance too much.

    • I agree with you, but I think the scout plane is already kind of good enough. The main thing is just the difficulty it causes for me when aiming.

  5. Lazo is your friend if you want to practice spotter plane aim.

  6. Which modules are you using in slots 4-6?

  7. 24k was my most Free XP. Yesterday i get my first Million of Free XP after 6 month since i play the game.

    • i got more than 30k fxp PER WIN in CW, when i used maxed xp and fxp boosts (including spring sky camo and premium account).
      its all great and all…but fxp is totally useless today. i got all fxp ships AND 6.5M fxp…with nothing to spend it on. i STILL have tons of flags and camos that give loads of fxp but they r all pretty useless now

    • @cobrazax but u play the game much longer than me. i have the same in wot, all competetive tanks, lots of gold and free xp, played in several top clans, goals anymore. that’s why i started to play wows and have to build it 😛
      /and btw i spent so far int his 6 month 20€ in prem Time and have all the 6 month through prem Time, have Smolesnk and Aigle for coal, can now buy a FreeXP ship and have around 10 premium ships also. All for 20€ in 6 month, not bad i guess 😀

    • @fra leb
      Well i spent 1$…got almost all coal and steel ships as well as many gold ships.
      I have less than 12k battles.
      I wish they added more fxp ships as now fxp is useless for me.
      Maybe they should turn all premiums into fxp ships so i actually have to decide which ones to buy!

    • @cobrazax this 1€ goal i can never reach anymore ^^ but yes, pretty legit @all

    • @fra leb
      Well 1$ for cossack was pretty…cheap. i can avoid overspending on a game that, especially now, is showing bad signs from WG actions of taking advantage of their players

  8. its all great and all…but fxp is totally useless today. i got all fxp ships AND 6.5M fxp…with nothing to spend it on. i STILL have tons of flags and camos that give loads of fxp but they r all pretty useless now

    • Good for u, i think not so many people have that much free xp. It will come in handy to grind a new line, or do multiple regrinds for research bureau stuff

    • @Jozsef Toth
      Well i got all ships unlocked anyway…i even did one regrind.
      I just wish they added mire fxp ships or made all premiums into fxp ships.
      I want to have to choose what to spend fxp on!

  9. u can practice with lazo , the scoutplane is almost the whhole game up

  10. WG must to give us an option to change the peephole when we launch the spotter plane in action

  11. Static 7, aka the flustercuck, is the crosshair I like for spotter plane, but im realizing it’s pretty terrible for shallow angles. Time to get gud without it. I wish we could have separate crosshairs in this mode.

  12. 12:00 – work on your aim or I swear I’ll unsub. WTF you coulda saved your Monty. 12:22 again, WTF with your aim. You been only playing for years bruhhhh. OK your sick, well maybe I guess.

  13. Hello Aerroon
    I was the captain of that DesMoines, really wanted to upload that video to Youtube and was surprised to know that we were together in that match
    Actually I didn’t recognize that at the time
    Thanks for the compliment ?

  14. maybe you were allergic to good aiming. i suffer from the same issue.

  15. Lazo is great for spotting aircraft

  16. Try Lazo for scout plane practice. 6 planes with 10 second downtime.

  17. You weren’t using the unique commander Luigi Sansonetti so that’s why the skill didn’t trigger after 100 shell hits. We’ll let you off though, cos you were ill

  18. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    3k every salvo…… mmmmmmmmmmm yummy!

  19. so the Lazo

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