World of Warships: Venezia Feels Great

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Venezia is a cruiser that just feels amazing. The handling of the ship is just great. The accuracy and shell flight time is amazing too.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Italian cruiser Venezia on the map Greece.


  1. Hello from italy great video🇮🇹😂🇮🇹😂

  2. Overnerfed because WG suddenly found her “op”

    • And they nerf the AA on the kremlin. Lol

    • @glhmedic and the guns. And the heal. Should they nerf the rudder shift, too? Btw, Venezia probably nerfed because of DD players screaming “OP”

    • Jozsef Toth wow I guess the kremlin is just to weak and doesn’t match how it was in real life. Oh wait …

    • @glhmedic i am not sure, but what i am sure about that Venezia is now overnerfed compared how she was in real life

    • My understanding is that the Venezia is made up. Didn’t exist in real life. And with almost 20 second reload I wouldn’t say she is OP. Kremlin is made up but is OP like most of Russia’s bbs and super cruisers. If they were real point me to the designs.

  3. Excelente contenido, me quedo!

  4. can you play Henri IV?

  5. Sơn Trương Đình

    How u can get 18,5km main guns range?? my base range only 17.1km

  6. You play Venezia with Propulsion Mod? The engine is strong enough for me, so I use Ruddershift Mod.

  7. Love this cruiser , one shot 17k dmg to a yami

  8. 12:33 in fact a lot of Thunderer players do that… idk why they buy such a good ship and play it like a “special” Yamato player

  9. Good game!

  10. Idk what to do in my georgia when I face this thing, except to hide behind an island. One salvo equals one repair consumable.

  11. This ship is so hard to deal with

  12. Well played! But that 20km crossfire from Slava at the beginning is just ridiculous. Come on, WG.

    • That was my misplay. If there is any cruiser that should be able to avoid salvos from Slava it’s Venezia. I just wasn’t paying attention.

  13. Even slava is not the counter to slava

  14. From watching alot of wows youtubers I pretty much just stick to your vids now Aerroon. Booth fun and educational. Thx dude ! See you on the seas.

  15. aerroon, recently your videos have been losing quality.
    i mean in the near past, your intro had a high quality ” hello aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome” but i havent seen any of that recently,
    why ???

  16. 6:40 your venezia is like an ferrari you cant park it in thight corners 🙂

  17. how do you get these red tracers for your venezia ?

  18. I’ve never used RPF captain skill. Odd that the first time I use it will be on a cruiser. About to put it on my Brindisi.

  19. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    1:38 nifty

  20. I want a version with 3×3 305mm and hydro (and possibly 2 more AA guns) instead of torps

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