World of Warships: Venezia – Just Like a Battleship

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This time I play the Venezia in a more passive fashion. I try to stay at longer ranges and let my battleships tank for a bit. For a bit…

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Italian heavy cruiser Venezia.


  1. Disclaimer: No Estonian charge this time ?

  2. That’s why I prefer longer range than rld speed on this ship :/ lack of range…big ship totally focused when spotted

  3. Curently Venezia is my fav. CA in wows. Yesterday l citadelled a Brindisi with a 42k dmg broadside.?

  4. You must be an impatient player. Almost every video i see how you begin to throw away a game after 10 minutes by driving into a risky position.

  5. Venezia has overtaken Yoshino as my new favourite high tier cruiser.

    What SAP does to DD’s should be illegal under the Geneva Convention as Cruel and Unusual punishment, her Guns are really nice and accurate.

    She’s relatively Tanky if angled correctly (I’d say a bit above Zao levels) and also small caliber AP will never citadel her because she has spaced armour around her citadel (I was stuck broadening a Smolensk by an island he was firing AP and didn’t citadel me once at around 6 km, I on the other hand flat out deleted him with a 23k salvo with my AP, i only lost about 6-8k or so in the whole 20 seconds exchange).

    She dances like a ballerina, she has water mines which reload super quickly and the smoke can be used defensively as a get out of jail free card and offensively as a surprise buttsex tool.

    The only thing really is her AA which in classic Italian fashion is just passable (although I did get an AA defense expert in her).

    She may not exactly fit the competitive play style but in randoms she’s a hoot.

  6. Great video Aerroon! I used to think that the Italian CAs were simply a meh version of IJN CAs, but now I see that they have their own niche. Extremely powerful burst damage coupled with good ballistics makes this line a monster. Find a good target, push in, use your 15 guns to murder a ship, almost over-extend, then smoke to retreat.

    • I suppose you could play it the way you did in the video, but that seems somewhat boring. If you’re looking for a good match, this is the way to go, but high risk is necessary for high reward 🙂

    • Yeah, Venezia (and other Italian CAs) definitely can be played in ways that other ships can’t. This leaves a lot of room to figure out how the ships work.

  7. I rush with every ship the caps. also with cv. its so fun .

  8. At 07:53 You actually gained Confederate, your first Kill AND the 100th main battery hit, granting you ALL 3 Bonuses with that one shot 😀

  9. Love playing her. Whenever I’m in a game with French BBs or Conquers (anything covered in 32mm armor) i single them out and make them by b*tch. She can have so much alpha damage against those BBs.

  10. Would you say the T10 is the only strong ship in the line

  11. Needs hydro!!!

  12. What an amazing comeback! When i saw you lost track of Shima in the smoke, then look at the teams, they having 3 caps, 800 points and more ships i knew your team lost. Then you got the Shima, the talents aqctivated, and started to beat the shit out of Montana, while your team took care of the others. This was unbelievable, also 240 k with Venezia! The guy asking about Youtube was rightfully scared that this goes on Youtube, everyone can see such a throw of theirs..

  13. Drinking game: absolutely waste yourself when you hear “right”

  14. lol at the conqueror meat shield XD

  15. Imagine playing a ship with no hydro, no radar, no ability to start fires and a 20 second base reload at tier 10 when the Zao, Hindenburg, and des moines exist

    • stefanos perivolaris

      haha u forgot henri with the highest cruiser ap and speed

    • And then your ship still does well!

    • while i agree that pretty much all other t10 cruisers are better venezia is no slouch, its salvoes are scary as a battleship on average, acts like a semi ambusher with the smoke, manouvrebility and decent concealment.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @Sarp Kaplan nah its just a t10 italian batllecruiser she has (i think) the best armor of t10 cruisers
      with a proper angling

    • @stefanos perivolaris moskva is still better but venezia is pretty damn good in that regard, well i am no unicum but playing this hiv / bb type thing worked okay for me

  16. Yes, you can kill a ship by firing purely at a single compartment. It will however take a very long time.
    Damage is divided over the compartment and ‘full ship’ HP. So even if the compartment is damage saturated, you will still deal damage to the ‘full ship’ HP pool.
    Or atleast, that’s what I got from it the last time I tried to fully understand damage in WoWs…

  17. IL DUCE means leader or Ruler Latin word dux “leader”, and a cognate of duke The Leader. Its like saying President. You do not have to say it came from Benito Mussolini. So if you said president would every president be President Trump, why do you always find a way to turn everything into an American slang. It just means leader.

  18. stefanos perivolaris

    who the hell needs 15 guns when u can have genova with fewer trolling guns

  19. good vid as Always Aerroon 🙂

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