World of Warships: Venezia – Still Very Good

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Venezia seems pretty good with the new captain skills! My skill build isn’t very good though.

0:00 Game
17:13 End Screen
18:27 Captain Skills & Upgrades
21:27 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Italian heavy cruiser Venezia.


  1. I’m just glad you’re back, based Baltic boat boi

  2. I don’t understand what’s wrong with my voice. It just sounds wrong.

    • @Ambystoma Y6 you could say that.

    • It sounds like your heart is no longer in the game my friend. I’ve stopped playing for over a year now and am enjoying my life much more for it.

    • Glad to see a video from you again 🙂
      I agree, sadly for me WoWs has become a “not good game”, just causing me endless frustrations because of the lack of team-play/support and a awful meta with BBs hanging faaaar back in an utter fear of being targeted and quickly destroyed. Which is sad, because the game used to be good… :'(

    • Oh no, he’s turning Italian.

    • I’m afraid the outnumbered skill is to situational to be any good. Very well played still!🤗

  3. Venezia has always been one of my favorite ships. Sap can be killer.

  4. You sound the same to me as always. And I agree the game has got more passive.

  5. You’re alive

  6. Ayyy, I’m currently grinding my way up the Venezia line!

  7. I dont know why but you sound as if you were in great internal pain

  8. Its Deadeye lets stop dancing around the problem.

    • and the low IQ playerbase

    • It’s like it was not like this before 10.0 . The pros of staying dark outweighs the pros of staying lit. Look at anti concealment cruiser build. You don’t see anti concealment battleship build. Players being a meta slave is the main problem here. “Oh it’s this, oh it’s that, oh it’s the devs, we players are totally innocent”. Stop getting gas lighted by flamu & you might probably start to see the bigger picture.

    • Dead eye isn’t the problem. The problem is the player bases’ inability to determine when dead eye is useful and when it is not.

      I was playing in a tier 7 bb the other day and was fighting two enemy bbs for control of cap c… they were so obsessed with getting dead eye that they were constantly running! My flank basically walked through cap c, assisted with gaining cap b, and then even though we were down on ships, we had two caps. The enemy team had to push into us and we killed them one by one.

      In this situation, the two enemy bbs should have pushed towards me.

    • Piotr Mikołajski

      @Zachary Jones Deadeye is problem because it amplified border hugging by the BB players. Even captain skills for brawler config cost much more than for wannabe 25 km snipers. Players will not be calculating all the time if skill works, they will try to position to enable that skill, so they will hug the border. WG failed again.

    • @Piotr Mikołajski I agree but thats due to way players will play and not down to the skill. I have dead eye on Montana, but if I can see a push will work, I won’t hesitate.

      The fact is, players like Aerroon were good in the previous meta because they identified patterns and winning techniques that would put them at a different level to the rest of the player base. The same is no different for this meta.

      Ultimately, players like Aeroon… etc will realise that the key to this meta is choosing when to push and knowing that just because you have dead eye doesn’t mean your BB will be the most effective at max range. Players who realise this will start to have fun as their advantage gets bigger, whilst players who just sit at the back and don’t develop their technique will just become the plain old average.

  9. Recent changes have killed the game for me. It’s incredibly passive. Far fewer skilled players. Games are mostly won or lost in the first 3 mins.

  10. It is sooo nice to have you back. Love your humour and commentary. All the best in real life

  11. Alfredosauce Larsen

    Yay, you’re back! I wish I could play as the Venezia, but watching you playing it makes up for it!

  12. Can you do a shimma vid tomorrow? I’m about to get it and I wanna see another replay of you dominating in one

  13. Glad to hear your voice again Aerroon. Please, don’t stop making vids for us.

  14. HEY! Honest was worried about you. Hope alls alright with you.

  15. +1 for the pronunciation of Venezia, you even got the northern italian accent right 👍

  16. I feel the game is just passive and boring at T10 but at T6-8, the game is still tonned of fun. Maybe try the lower tiers more ?
    Honestly for T10 has always been somewhat passive but the dead eye has just increased that.

  17. Implications Unpleasant

    The new spotter plane skill is a pretty good one on hindy and I”m assuming its also pretty nice on venezia.
    Welcome back to the shitshow tho,

  18. Aerroooooon you’re back! Youve been missed bubs! <3

  19. Imagine having 2 DDs in division in standard battle mode, they went into enemy base immediately and…. they capped them out. 5 min game, I got only 40k dmg on Kremlin and 720 exp even on a win … such win that you had here at least it was “something”…. ofc I reported them as well as other teammates did.

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