World of Warships: Venezia – T10 Italian Cruiser First Look [WIP]

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First look at the upcoming T10 Italian cruiser. I find her fun and fairly strong.
She’s still a WIP and subject to change though! This is a ship provided to me for testing by WG.
Port at 12:15

World of Warships footage of the T10 Italian cruiser Venezia.


  1. Those torps are drifting mines like the ones the Khaba has … you can get enormous range out of them if you kite away. They will at the very least make the enemy manouver and well open sides you can then punish heavily with 15 SAP shells. I get the feeling she will be a bit like Zao, forget you got AP for about 90% of the time.

    • I guess that’s true.

    • @Aerroon People who forget that Zao has AP can’t play her correctly. Zao has the best AP penetration of all 203mm guns, higher alpha than Des Moines, and is literally the most accurate of all T10 CAs, making her an excellent broadside cruiser hunter. In fact, thanks to Zao’s AP alpha she has almost as high total AP salvo alpha as Venezia despite fewer guns.

  2. Interesting creeping smoke I guess.

  3. Basically Minotaur and Zao got funky in bed and this is the end result

  4. Elitemole1825 Royale163

    I think tha the Venecia is a very good ship but the thing that i don’t are the SAP. And the torpedous aren’t bad.And finally the smoke is incredible.

  5. I still think HE is better.

  6. SAP has me conflicted it seems good, but there were several time where just plain AP wold have sufficed. I think that Expert Loader is going to be a viable option on these kinds of ships.

    • I don’t know about Expert Loader. You need to have all of your guns loaded, which just doesn’t happen too often. But AP is pretty good too yeah.

  7. the sacred potato

    1:13 autobahn’s angle ^^

  8. Gareth Fairclough

    Giuseppe? No no, porco dio! No, my friend!

    • I love how you know our colloquial way to dissipate anger!
      Just a tip: if you put a double “d” (porcoDDIO), that gets more powerful and intimidating… But you are in the right road, my padawan!

    • Gareth Fairclough

      I lived with an Italian, a Greek and a Turk for a year when I was in university. The ‘language’ lessons were as amazing as the cooking!

  9. 3:03 Aerroon is becoming Jingles

  10. those fwd firing angles look pretty damn nice.

  11. I would ignore the CV debacle and the (eventual) submarine debacle and download this game again if WG would just focus on creating some new maps. It’s just ship after ship after ship.

    • New maps would be nice. The main thing is that balancing maps is hard. Maybe if we had a game mode where we played the match and then switched sides we could get more maps, because they wouldn’t have to be as balanced.

  12. The AP is not great, not terrible

  13. I murdered one of those in my Zao. Spotted him and loaded AP. Right when he spotted me, i was broadside completing my turn. Then i launched my AP salvo and devastated him .

  14. Maybe Mogami needs a smoke screen too 😛

  15. And how is this related to Venezia? ^_^;;

  16. You disgusting man!

  17. You have to show us the Venezia with the default camo please.

    • It’s a tech tree ship, meaning that it doesn’t have a default camo (unless you mean the greyness). Or rather, it has a permacamo but I’d have to buy that for doubloons, and I wouldn’t be able to keep the camo either, because when testing’s done the camo is removed too.

    • @Aerroon Oh yeah, sorry, I meant all grey. Cheers.

  18. Honestly this looks really, fun, and is hyping me up for the Italian Battleships.

    • It is a lot of fun! I do wonder what the Italian battleships are going to be like after this. I imagine that they’re not going to have SAP though.

  19. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    A lot of people misjudge Italian torps I have a great record using them slow and deadly; )

    • They are literally mines, you just drop them and let them drift in the tide, and like a minute and a half later you’ve hit two on someone that never expected them.

      I love Italian torps for that reason.

  20. aerroon forgot to mention in the video, the broadside of Venezia is actually spaced-armor despite being high above the waterline, much like Henri IV but it actually have even more armor.

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