World of Warships – Venezia WiP – Consistent Performer

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A look at the WiP Italian T10 Heavy Cruiser Venezia, a surprisingly balanced, consistent performer with her SAP shells.


  1. i kinda like that camo you use for that battle. almost matches the red white bow deck stripes

  2. She’s good a deleting smolensks and Colberts, that’s awesome

  3. ichase vs Yuro what could be better?

  4. Eurobeat played kreml.. shame!

  5. Best part of the video is Yuro’s chat banter.

  6. 9:24 as if those torps had a chance

  7. Audio is much better. Some minor echo and audio distortion still there but worlds better than your previous video. Oh yeah and great video. Cheers from SW Manitoba!

  8. Sounds fairly good, but set up some acoustic foam. I can hear an echo

  9. Gareth Fairclough

    Aerroon actually got a really weird citadel hit in his Paolo vid, from 11km, engaging a Kremlin with SAP!

  10. That’s actually the first ship I’ve seen added in a good while that I’m definitely going to grind for. Not OP, but looks just fun to play.

    Also, after one-too-many Mass Effect playthroughs, I keep hearing and reading “Venezia” as “Benezia” and it’s confusing.

    • And this smoke. Every smoke in the game should be like this.

    • In Spanish, “V” is spoken as”B” and “J” is spoken as “CH”. And “?”, normally at the end of a sentence, is athe beginning and “¿ ”
      Maybe that what you´ve heard?

  11. Added Yuro bonus? Hot fire!

    Since you asked about the recording quality, it sounds like you are recording in an empty room that has wood floors.

  12. Audio is good for me. Clear and good bitrate, background noise is negligible.

  13. **Keypoint**

    Euro : Fxxxing pasta.

  14. Seems like a fair ship. Punishes light armor badly positioning. Not op.

  15. finally a ship that is well balance by WG.
    not OP, not very strong, not poisonous like literally most other ship they just released

  16. I hope they buff the Roma with SAP to offset the ridiculous constant overpen on the AP for anything but BB’s and mediocre HE for everything else.

  17. I am highly anticipating this line being released! My free xp is burning a hole in my pocket! ????

  18. From play testing the Venezia myself, i love the ship.
    I would only change her secondaries, not that i am doing secondary build ofc, but it would be interesting to have their range increased and have the ammo changed to SAP

  19. My first encounter with this while in Gearing with 70%Hp got Blap’d with single salvo lol

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