World of Warships – Venezia

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Venezia, new tier X Italian ship that's coming soon to WoWS. What can I say…the whole idea sounded good on paper but in reality it's not nearly as good.

SAP (semi-armor piercing) shells are now great and the reload WG decided to give these cruisers is not helping either. They reload for far too long and they don't have any DoT (damage over time).

There are some crazy things you can pull off with them but for the most part these cruisers are just meh. If they stay like this, I don't see myself playing them very often.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. they need 4 sec reload buff, and drop smoke detection a bit

  2. scrap the line and start over

  3. Meatballs for life

    WoWs playerbase: “there are too many high explosive spammers in the game it’s not fun”
    Wargaming: *brings out AP only ship with long reload*
    WoWs playerbase: “wow this thing is terrible AP does nothing”

    • WoWs playerbase: “there are too many high explosive spammers in the game it’s not fun”
      Wargaming: *Smolensk available to any shitter with coal*
      Meatballs for life: check out my irrelevant meme guys

    • Yeah, because AP is underpowered. The solution is to buff AP, or nerf HE. Or both.

  4. One of the WG higher ups must have had an Italian ex wife who kept his balls in her handbag.

  5. I’m sure someone must’ve already mentioned the substitution of the apostrophes with “'” in the description…? XD

    • It’s an issue with how YT renders apostrophes in the description (with the HTML number instead of the actual symbol). It’s a YT thing

  6. have gotten citadels on cv’s with SAP.

  7. Anyone else dissapointed that the Venezia doens’t have a singing Italian with a stick as propulsion?

  8. SAP aim for superstructure only, that’s where you get the big damage numbers

  9. Tbh that would be terrifying to have coming at u like he did at the beginning lmao. A full on heavy cruiser with torps charging u and u can’t see shit ?? oof

  10. Meanwhile you could’ve decimated those camping BB in one of a few DDs or brilliantly balanced CLs.
    You’d think WG could afford some decent drugs instead of the clearly bad trips their balance team members frequently take.

    • Everyone complains about HE spamming cruisers forcing BB’s to camp at long range. Then moan when the new line of cruisers cannot spam HE at camping BB’s. That said, I am not really enjoying the Genova or the Montecuccolo and Trento yet. I much prefer the IJN cruisers at the same tier. The slow spaghetti torpedoes are however more useful (amazingly) than the excellent IJN torps due to the firing angles and the unexpected stealthiness of the slow moving sea mines that the Italian torps are.

  11. guess the bug on the testserver would help the line in generel (aka let ifhe influence sap rounds)

  12. The italian ships were awesome before WG overreacted and nerfed the SAP into the ground. The first preview of the SAP slinging Italian ships was good.

  13. Grinding the Italian cruisers will be low priority for me.

  14. WG need to buff SAP the nerf was to Hard the line is the whorst out ther. The ships Look great But thes it

  15. That guy looking at a menacing advancing smoke screen: “Oh no, it’s Blackbeard!!”

  16. Gotta say this, Did the Italians never hear of Airplanes and dive-bombers? Candy stripes on the decks, really?

  17. This thing is going to be over buffed. Its definitely coming.

  18. just got get the Kremlin and the Smolensk
    forget about anything that isnt those two

  19. Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Aghdam

    give her back the test pen angles of SAP

  20. This line is dead on arrival.

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