World of Warships – Veni, Vidi, Vici

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Pulled out the Italian Battleship and remembered why I loved the ship, so excited to play more with exhaust smoke. Thanks for watching and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier 10 Italian Battleship Cristoforo Colombo Replay


  1. Oh yeah, that was a GG Notser!

  2. yea that immalman carrier did ok! love the max immalman

  3. I like this skin but putting it on an Italian Battleship is ironic

    Roman ain’t know for being the best Navy, their ships are mainly for troop transport and ain’t fair too well against the weather most of the time

    I just wish this skin is for the CA instead, agile little thing

  4. I might be wrong but respectfully I think if you loaded SAP for the CV, it would have been sank around 5 times faster

  5. Sad this line was made around dead eye and now its a crap line

  6. Didn’t crash into an island. Rate this video 2/10….lol

  7. That Preussen with less than 500 hp !! Oh man, he must have been so surprised to have actually survived !!!

  8. Well that is a good game but you had great accuracy during this game. I am not that lucky with my Colombo

  9. I haven’t checked out Brisk, I have also heard some enjoy the skill but still don’t know

  10. lol definitely should have checked it on the carrier there, took way too long

  11. Love to see it

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