World of Warships: Vermont – How To Disrupt a Push

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The red team’s push gets disrupted miserably by just a few lucky salvos. Keep this in mind when judging whether you or the red team can continue pushing.

0:00 Vermont Match
13:15 End Screen
13:55 Captain Skills & Upgrades
16:09 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US battleship Vermont.


  1. tl;dw get lucky on a few salvos and knock out some of their ships early

  2. I think the Benham played a bigger role, getting spammed by those many torps breaks people’s will to fight.

  3. Cheers Aeroon.

  4. Good old rendering bugs. I remember the days when WoWS used to not have rendering bugs, and actually had better netcode than WoT. Now of course the game is so bloated it can’t hit 60fps at ultralow settings on my 1050Ti, when I used to stay locked at 60 on medium – high settings earlier…

    • my 760 gtx got horrible fps drops

    • Im assuming this is due to an issue with VRAM increases over the years. I have 1060 6gb, and get 200 fps at high settings, with several flashy mods. I will agree though, for low end systems, it is too difficult to run for what it is designed for

  5. I know that rendering late issue affected world of tanks for a long time. It was fixed a few years back though!

  6. Wojciech Dubrownik

    It looks like enemy Kitakaze got blapped *hard*. At 0:20 she’s at full HP – then the next time she’s spotted at 1:57 she’s at ~1500 HP. She was under Kleber MBRB fire, but even Kleber can’t deal 15k damage in 5 seconds.

    She probably ate a Benham torpedo at 1:39 or 1:43 (maybe even two of them). It looks like one of these torps disappeared ~3 seconds before others (1:39), and at 1:44 (when zooming in) you can kinda see a splash in the water.
    Maerker couldn’t do much against Klebby and Benham yet she still tried. And threw the ship away in the process.

    That said, the cruisers being absent really cemented the win on your flank and let your DDs roam freely.

  7. Thank you for the upload.

  8. the invisible Shima goes along with how often your shells leave an opponent on “6 hp ” or some other such BS. WG mm and rng bias in action

  9. Fun Fact: The fast forward section at the beginning of the video showing Vermont moving fast took 3 weeks to film. :-p

  10. Arman Sagmanligil

    How to stop a push:
    Step 1: have the single strongest broadside in the game of 12 18 inch guns

  11. I was on fire last night, in 8 games I had 0 losses, 4 4k+ xp games, 2 quakins, and a solo warrior. This is on console but it’s basically the same game.

  12. I built my Vermont for AA, for shits and giggles… and omg… it disintegrates planes… even FDR squadrons.. I mean I was trying to prepare some captains for the coming new sky cancer, but still..

    • I was actually thinking of this after the match. Vermont has DFAA and some pretty hefty base AA. The problem is whether it’s worth it because you don’t get a CV in every match.

    • @Aerroon definetly not for every match, but I am still trying new things.. probably best when running with a clan member or friend while they are getting come CV play in.. I have that luck every time I have a mission to shoot planes down, and I run an AA beast non stop and get 1 cv for every 10 matches… I switch to somthing with horible aa and get 8 CV’s per 10 matches.. rng at its finest.

  13. Yakovlev_Norris

    About the render delay with the Shima at the end, I’ve experienced it myself as well. Most noticeably when playing as a CV, I will often have enemy ships open their AA guns at me and I’m unable to visually see them (CAN see them on the minimap) for up to 2 seconds.
    Definitely still there in surface ships too, but I think it’s slightly less noticeable there because of the much slower closing speeds
    EDIT: Some formatting

  14. Sardauker Legion

    That ship is so slow that even babies swim faster.

  15. its not a rendering bug, its wargamings spotting cycle, it only runs now and then. like every 2 seconds or so. in this case the dd was lucky AF to exit cover between two cycles.

  16. the phantom ship getting detected super late and the score screen bug are two of the long list of bugs that wg insists on ignoring while focusing on wasting resources developing the next game breaking atrocity that’s going to be submarines.

  17. Vermont does have a better accuracy. I hate my kansas so much and im 1/2 way to the tier 9 🙁

  18. Vermont plays well as a huge defensive back

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