World of Warships: Vermont – New T10 US Battleship

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Vermont is the newest US battleship. It is the of the mega-dreadnought line following the Minnesota and Kansas. She’s decent, but…
Wargaming gave me access to play the before release.

0:00 Game
8:15 Too Slow
9:14 Game Resumes
12:56 End Screen
14:10 Vermont in Port
20:30 Vermont’s Armor Scheme
27:31 Outro

World of Warships footage of the 0 US battleship Vermont.


  1. Wow I’m early!

    It’s kind of nice to know that the t10 of this line is actually decent, but I still would rather grind the other USN BB line.

  2. Vermont is decent, but all the T10 battleships are *at least* decent.

  3. Was wondering when you were going to upload, clicked on this immediatelly!

  4. Vermont reminds me of my grandma, argues fiercely (like vermont’s big guns), but when retorted quickly shrinks back (like vermont’s questionable survivability), but no where to run due do her slow speed (like vermont’s record breaking speed, am i right?)

    P.S. that tiger example at the start, wow that was…good

  5. You talk funny.

  6. I get the feeling that some of the camo schemes for American ships, like “Stars and Stripes”, “Freedom”, “Gold Eagle” and so on have been designed by WG with no small amount of sarcasm in mind.

  7. Aeroon: Pronounces Kansas like “Kansaw”
    People from Arkansas: This does put a smile on my face

  8. Nonono, my friend, they are not “mega-dreadnoughts”.

    They are the US fattleships.

  9. From what I’ve seen from other CC’s is that this thing does get citadelled. Its citadel extends slightly above the waterline, unlike that of Montana/Ohio which sit at the waterline. At medium ranges most high tier BB’s are able to punch through the armor to reliably hit the citadel.
    I think the best way to make the ship competitive would be 1) Give it the improved Montana heal; 2) Make the speed 24.5 kts base (up from 23 kts); and 3) lower the citadel so it sits at the waterline like Montana’s instead of above the waterline like it does currently.

  10. if they would have gived them good secondaries i would have not minded any weakness but these ships have litearly the worst secondaries at t10 for a bb even thunderer has better i don’t think americans would design a floating fortress and give it less secondary than an nc

  11. I’ve not seen a single positive review about this line. Yet WGing just pressed on. WTF are they on?

    • They are on some really strong drugs; see – CV Rework, Captain Skills Rework, ARP Yamato, Submarines, Slava/Kremlin, US Fattleship line…………………………………..

    • WG logic: Are we going to make money off this ship? No. Okay make it a 100K HE xp piñata for premiums. Also make it slow in every aspect.

      Reasons why I won’t ever play a WG product.

  12. Finally, Vermont reviews start pouring

  13. Vermont is the Indianapolis after a long quarantine…🥲

  14. The reload speed alone is a dealbreaker. Total DPM may be alright, but a salve once every 40 seconds, particularly if a good shot happens to present itself, is just not okay.
    And there is plenty of other shit wrong with this ship.

  15. When Im playing DDs…I actually feel sorry for Vermont Kansas & Minnesota captains 😥
    …its just painful to watch them “try” and waddle away while you position for yet another torp strike…or just hose them with HE from the safety of smoke.

    Damn things are just HP Pinatas for most to easily feed upon…and I friggin hate feeling like the prick who’s picking on the fat kid when engaging them.
    The whole line is just a no go zone as far as competitive play is concerned…the lack of speed & sheer size is there ultimate doom!

  16. A great ‘potential damage received’ farmer…coz everyone is gonna aim at ya.
    P.s. Kansas (the ship) makes me stress… I took a break from the game…
    I had a game…a depressing one.. The enemies ignores me Kansas and focused on the others… I was alone at last… The threat level is negligible so they ignored me…

  17. I love Pika and calli

    she is really danger ous against cruisers tho
    just look at 1:15 that is 25% of zao hp gone and it wasn’t even a good salvo

  18. How about give those slow line US BB a speed boost, the 60s 30% speed (emergency speed booster)

  19. I wanted this line to have the Smaland engine boost. it would have solved the “Tiger” problem as you beautifully demonstrated

  20. I have every t10, but I’m not touching this line. I already hate my life enough, don’t need more of that.

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