World of Warships: Viribus Unitis, First Impressions

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This ship is a work in progress, all stats are subject to change. I have not played the Viribus Unitis a lot but so far I like her.


  1. I am back! Happy New Year everyone! I will probably stream tomorrow evening.

  2. Austro Hungarian Captain?
    What about Wilhelm v. Tegetthoff with an extra ramming perk.

  3. When is comming project wrecked ?^^

  4. I heard rumors of a possible Austro-Hungarian battleship line in the future.
    So I wonder how Wargaming will pull off T9 and T10.
    The biggest thing Austro-Hungary put on paper was Battleship Project 5 in 1917.
    37,200 tons, 8 x 420 mm guns, 24 knots.
    A modernized and faster version would put it at T8.

    • I kind of doubt that they will find enough ships to fill the high tiers. So the chance of an Austro-Hungarian line is pretty small. I think they will just stick with a few premiums.

  5. Welcome back Aetam and happy new year 2019! Keep the great work in WOWS up!

  6. Happy New Year to all! Good start Aetam: another Kraken, ho hum.

  7. Where you from in Austria man

  8. WB Aet! Was just wondering the other day when we’d finally start seeing vids. Also you might want to throw something up on those walls, sounds like your recording in a large hall 😉

  9. I’m very curious to this ship. Happy new year Aetam. It could be me but your new appartment seem to sound a bit “hollow” Perhaps nothing on the walls yet?

  10. Plz NERF concealment- it outspots all cruisers at its’ tier with CE unless they have CE. Which you simply cannot ask from new players.

  11. She seems very strong indeed!

  12. Looks like a pretty strong tier 4, maybe as good as the Arkansas Beta? Good to see you back 🙂

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