World of Warships – Viribus Unitis Review – CV Food

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*CV sees Viribus Unitis* FREEEEEEEEEEEE DAMAGE!!!

[FTC DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENT] This ship was provided by WG at no cost to me for review purposes. The opinions of the ship are entirely my own and do not represent the views or opinions of Wargaming and the World of Warships staff.


  1. Wouldn’t even want her for free…I mean, if they introduced t5 operations…maybe.
    ps: Gangut comrade

  2. my grandfather was stationed on the Austrian-Hungarian pre dreadnought Zrinyi.
    he was USN, basically a prize crew of about 150 sailors who manned the ship in the port of Spalato,Italy(now Croatia)
    he spent a year after the war on her. then given to the Italians and scrapped.
    In 1919 he sent a post card home with a photo of the ship. he explained the armament. still have the card. 100 years ago.

  3. I bought her and played 20+ games already on her. She will be a good ship if she is buffed with 5000 – 8000 extra HP. But this way, she dies too quickly when hit.

  4. WG did the same with the tier 4 premium Ishizuchi for unused secondary guns. There are a lot of 3″ guns that are modeled in but do not contribute to the stats of the ship.

    • One other ship that has been screwed out of guns showed on the model, is the Russian cruiser Diana. They only give credit for half of the 76mm guns (just those shown on the top deck) modeled on the ship. You can see the gun barrels for the others sticking out from various places in the hull.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      Not just ones on the turrets, but on the decks too.

    • @Gareth Fairclough The guns on top of the turrets of Viribus Unitis (in the game) are the AA for the ship. I agree that the other guns on the deck should be accredited for what they may be, of course we don’t know. If Wikipedia is correct she had 3 (66mm) AA guns and 12 7cm tertiary guns. So IRL the guns on top of the turrets, and the guns scattered about on deck, were probably 7cm guns which they have modeled but ignored for game purposes (just like the 4 torpedo tubes). Of course I’d like them to do a WW2 update version with better AA and increased HP. Unfortunately, there are many candidates for the tech tree at Tier 4 & 5 so I don’t expect that will happen.

    • I see that, in a move worthy of Stalin, the offending 7cm deck guns have been purged. If you look at the model they have been disappeared.

    • @richard cutts They were sent to a concentration camp in Siberia.

  5. the other 70mm mounts are anti-torpedo boat weapons, not AA, the difference is in the actual gun mounting, the other 70mm guns are not high angle mounts, the two on the B and X turrets are and were meant to shoot at aircraft.

  6. this thing’s 1 tier too high

  7. Be careful criticizing this ship in WGs hearing…I’ve been given a month long forum ban merely for stating I would not buy her.

    WG has been really touchy about their decision to uptier her to tier 5, despite the fact that she doesnt have a post-war refit…like all the other tier 5s.

    • What else did you write in that post that earned you a month long ban. Please post the full text, so we can determine what actually caused you a month long ban.

    • @lunsmann, see below:

      So its finally available…
      A pre-ww1 battleship being marketed as a tier 5 battleship.
      Welp, no reason to buy this travesty.

    • @dclark142002 – really? Which community server are you on?

      I am on the ASIA server, the forums there are full of salt, and I mean SALTY all the time and nobody gets banned there.

    • @lunsmann, North America.

      There has been plenty of salt on ours too.

      I’m still not sure what the ban is for. It certainly looks like pettiness for dissing a ship.

    • @dclark142002 Earlier in the year WG was streaming from Russian myself and plenty of others got banned from their Twitch channel merely for saying that there was a problem with the stream cutting out, so to see someone else get banned for something like this doesn’t surprise me at all

  8. Nice T4 ship. T5? No way in hell.

  9. Im loving this ship and im being uptiered most games and have cvs in each game. Keep talking about how weak it is i would love a buff to make her even stronger. Yes with low hp and next to no AA you cant play it like other BBs you need to play a more support role and stay with your team but im enjoying it.

  10. Aapeli Kähkönen

    Yeah good luck against the Scharnie or Sinop with that HP. ?

  11. i dont understand how she end up at T5. she was perfectly ok at T4 and definitely belong there, shes same generation as other T4 BBs, and she doesnt even have a refit like most T4

  12. So basically they took the tier 4 version, moved it to tier 5, and was like “yeah good enough send it cyka blyat”

  13. 35.7k isn’t even tier 4 hitpoints, it’s tier 3.

  14. Why the *bleep* would WG release a battleship with almost zero AA in between tier IV and VI cvs?

    • I sailed in Dreadnought the other day for fun, ended up against 2 tier 4 carriers. I did not have fun.

    • Om real life at that time period AA guns were minimal , even up to 1939 , Battleships only had a small AA gunnery eg – British Destroyers were lucky to have a single 40mm AA gun or 2 ( Quad ) mounts with useless  0.5 inch Vickers AA guns – but I agree , Wargaming don’t think things through in the game

  15. SizzleChest McMurphy

    Already have the Cesare, so this is a pretty easy pass.

  16. * italian frogmen intensifies *

  17. Another “Collector’s only” ship.

  18. This ship should honestly be T4 with the amount of weakness it has.

    • JayBree Weikel after testing this thing and the speed, I have to say that it needs to be down tiered due to of how slow it is and the AA armament is WWI technology. I am still trying to figure out of why the hell is it at 5 instead of 3 or 4.

  19. This really should be a Tier 4. It was too strong in initial testing at that tier because the concealment was too good. But concealment is a stat that WG can just make up. Should’ve just nerfed the concealment and left it at that.

  20. Given that the Veribis has 305s for armament, perhaps a comparison to rhe October Revolution would be a better comparison than the most OP BB at it’s tier: Giulio.

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