World of Warships – Vittoria!

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Because it’s Italian for “Victory”. You’ll understand when you watch it.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Oh yeah first comment

  2. BamDoesGaming 4life

    Nice job keeping me up at night i live on west coast and wait for these vids to come out

  3. *Italian hand gesture intensifies!*


  5. Saw video name, was hoping for Roma replay saw Yamato, was disappoint.

  6. Last time I was this early for a Jingles video it was my 21st Birthday. Oh wait… This is the first time I’ve​ ever been early!!

  7. When did I get switched to 3rd shift in the salt mines?

  8. Aww I thought Italian BBs were coming out.

  9. Jingles good sir are you going to release more epic fails?
    Oh and I’m starting the cruiser line I would love your input on which tier 10 is the best ?

  10. Can someone explain to me why even on tier X nobody uses right mouse button to look around and preemptively turn turrets while looking at situation? Its the most useful feature/button outside pressing W and left click… All those years and i only saw Flambass use it. I can bet majority of players don’t even know about it. Jingles if you could bring this matter to attention it would be great.

    • TheDragonfly256 yeah I use it on any ship I sail because it’s a useful skill I never see in videos. Despite being really useful especially on battleships with slow turning turrets

    • I am also annoyed by the habit of using the mouse wheel instead of the SHIFT key to zoom in and out?. Many players do that.

    • Lot’s of people do it, the amount of replays featured by Jingles are just not enough sample to conclude that nobody does that. Take a look at his Great Naval Battles video and you’ll see me doing it in a destroyer with some 4s reload between prety much every salvo fired. And the guy on the replay just after that doing it at tier 8 in a Tirpitz.

    • Replays are bugged, in that they do not always accurately reflect which enemy ship is being targeted nor even where the “hero” ship’s guns are pointing. That’s been like that since day one.

      Of course, the right click free look function is bugged as well, as it’ll sometimes snap you back to goodness knows where. So there’s that as well.

    • I think there is a replay artifact that makes it look like people just zoom out and look around without the right mouse button, with their turrets moving, when in fact they *are* right-clicking. That is when turret-shot desyncs occur in the replay, making it look like the turrets are not pointing towards the point of aim, and shots go towards the target despite the turrets facing elsewhere. It’s rather annoying, but the only way not to have that is live-recording… If you take control of the camera while viewing a replay, you will get the same artifact by the way.

  11. Libeccio is the name of a wind that blows from SW. So yeah, big chance that he’s Italian. And btw Jingles, you should really work on your Italian pronounce ?

  12. What’s going on Jingles no Yamato introduction anymore.

  13. 14:00 Jingles i believe Libeccio did have his guns pointing the right way the enemy yamato didnt

  14. “Has all of his guns pointing in the wrong direction, but the enemy Yamato doesn’t.” OK Jingles, we get it. Too much work in the salt mines for one night…

  15. Libeccio is a W/SW wind blowing on the west coast of Italy and around Corsica. It frequently gives westerly squalls and high seas, especially in summer

  16. All these italian experts mentioning that Libeccio is the south-western wind, but nobody realizes that the guy’s nickname is DD_libeccio, so he’s referencing the homonymous italian maestrale class destroyer.

  17. Guys, lets make Jingles play XCOM 2 Tactical Legacy Pack!

  18. I thought Libeccio, the destroyer from kancolle, was gonna be on the thumbnail

  19. Skandranon Banefire

    im eating a pizza and saying libeccio with a super thick italian accent and waiving my hand.

  20. This isn’t assassins creed oddesy jingles, how dear you tease us with oddesy, put up and hour long video that draws us into the story and then make a world of warships video! Goddammit billy!

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