World of Warships- Vittorio Veneto First Impressions

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Hey guys, today we have the first impressions review for the new Tier VIII Italian battleship, Vittorio Veneto, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Let me save you 17mins
    Roma with sap and smoke

    • So a strictly better Roma in this meta then?

    • @Dylan Wight Basically. But Roma will still be a great credit earner and captain trainer

    • Lolol
      I have always liked Roma.

    • @Dylan Wight No, Roma is the better ship.
      – Roma has better dispersion (1.8 sigma vs 1.5)
      – Roma has better concealment by 1km
      – Roma can use her better concealment in a better synergy with Deadeye, meaning she gains even more on accuracy
      – One big problem with smoke on BBs is that, as the way smoke works on them, when you fire the detection range grow even beyond the base detection range. At the end of the day, having better concealment is arguably better than smoke.
      – Roma is less powerful against cruisers because she hasn’t SAP, but against all other classes she’s almost identical to VV, and, also, it’s not like she can’t deal with cruisers at all (the trick is to wait when they are angled, then the AP has enough time to detonate)

    • @Alberto Repetto plus roma prints credits with koba camo. Lepanto is very very good though. I picked up roma last week and she’s been awesome for the missions where u have to earn credits or use a tier 8 Italian BB.

  2. Vittorio Veneto Big sister the Paolo Emlio?¿

    Pizza Time moment…

  3. Battle of warship Anas

    3:28 AP and HE?

  4. And of course, its main weakness is the fact it is tier 8.

  5. I’m not quite sure why you’re harping on about it being like the Roma, they’re sister ships, in the same class, they would be identical in almost every way with the only differences being what light AA guns they’ve got and where. Its like looking at the Iowa’s and going “Well they all look the same” yes, because they’re a class, each ships not an individual :p

    • Vittorio Veneto had a lot of differences between her and Roma tho, different bow height, 3 anchors instead of 2, no FCS between the funnels, different side FCS and almost completely different bridge.

      WG just used the same model as ROMA and uncovered some railings thats it.

    • @dariomasi9 to be fair I don’t think the bridge is something enough People look at for it to be worth their time making a whole new model

  6. The Italians did make some good looking ships..

  7. I challange you to play Viribus Unitis tonight during stream!

  8. Roma is good, this seems to be almost as good, with slight nerfs to dpm and concealment, but smoke alliwing to disengage from push to kite

  9. Ah SAP.
    The ammo specifically made to combat low armor completely made pointless by WG.

  10. Kinda curious why you select fighter over spotter when the range isn’t great but at the same time you don’t launch the fighters

  11. you shouldve go for sap if u kiting like that imo

  12. Yeah i stopped playing this event and stopped playing at all, have the roma but the team have been horrible so far

  13. Does anyone have any idea why there is no tier 3-battleship for the Italians? Every other nation with battleships has one…

  14. 7:07, 3.6 roentgens “not great not terrible “

  15. I think that the real v. Veneto bow design was different than the Roma one

  16. I thank you for the impression’s man it give’s me some insight towards what the new ship’s are, and what I should do with them… and, one interesting thing about the Vittorio-Veneto, is that bedside’s it having accurate secondary’s for brawling you can actually make a viable secondary build with accurate fire starter’s for secondary’s that reload fast, and can shoot from 10.0 klm away… and combine that with the crawling smoke, it becomes a real “MEME”.

  17. I’m sick of rank with all those FDR the FDR is beyond broken

  18. 15:59 afaik SAP with a caliber of 280mm or more did 10% max damage since the cruiser SAP got buffed way back when the IT cruisers were in testing in mid 2019

  19. Was def. disappointed tonight after just the first two matches in the new Tier IV Italian early access BB. Granted, so far I’ve only experienced the Tier IV as that’s all that I’ve unlocked so far, so I can only hope that this BB line improves in the higher tiers in regards to their ability to deal decent damage against DDs specifically. I was expecting to slap the very first enemy DD I shot at with my SAP just like you can in Italian cruisers currently, buuuuuut no, my jaw hit the floor when I landed multiple full pens on the DD at close range but literally only dealt 750 damage per shell…. Figured ahhhh, that must have been a fluke but no when I followed those up with the next salvo, it was the same result with each full penetration only netting me 750 damage per shell maximum…. We’re talking about 13″-14″ diameter heavy a** battleship shells tearing through a small little DD, but only scratching it for 750 damage each max? I realize this is not a historically accurate real life naval warfare ship simulator and therefore not everything will be 100% realistic by any means. However, something is simply not right if I can hop into a petty Tier III Katori, which is a whole tier lower with small little 5.5″ guns, and deal upwards of 2-3k damage to that same DD with a single HE salvo of only 4 shells while 2 or 3 full pens with BB sized shells which are well over twice the size and weight of Katori’s 5.5″ shells only nets you 1,500-2,250 damage max…. It’s just one or two steps too far beyond the line of believability when 5.5″ HE shells are basically dealing nearly twice the damage against DDs than a friggin 14″ battleship shell.

  20. damn they didnt bother to change the model did they? there are some major diffrences between the littorio sisters

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