World of Warships – Vladivostok

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Here is a tier 8 tech RU BB that’s actually and accurate in its advertising.
Lenin is an okey ship but it’s not what it’s advertised for, those guns are not as as Vlads are.
They are both incredibly tanky but when it comes to efficiency I would rather take Vlad any time.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass, play pobeda…

    Wanna see ur reaction about that ship…

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Every time i see this ship is like is saying: My bow is bigger than yours

  3. The torpedo that missed the stern at 7:15. Must have passed between the propeller shafts. Wow

  4. wait smoke firing penalty is 2km? on this ship how?

    • The Vladi’s conning tower is still behind the island after Flambass fired. I know, that mechanic is dumb…

    • it’s not? why would u think that?

    • +Jad oh i didnt seen that thanks for telling man ?

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      If it were, it would be because it’s Russian. But really, it’s just that the midpoint of the ship was hidden behind the island, so according to the game engine no one detected it even though the Baltimore was well within even a DD’s smoke firing penalty of 2.5km and had line of sight to the nose and guns.

  5. That russian ‘luck’,da comrade 😀

  6. watched on stream and it’s still ” But Clenching ” at the end .. even when you know the outcome . well played Flambass .
    and watching you play both the Vlad and lenin ..yeah I don’t think I will get the lenin .. I’ll save my pennies for HMS Indomitable. Flambahugs

  7. sebastian iraola

    You should look at the ship XD. Nice game btw

  8. Brilliant fairly new to game but enjoying and picking up,some useful tips..

  9. So many moments.. can’t name them all.. tick, tick , tick .. lol

  10. such players like this Alaska-player make me ill – this are the worst idiots ever in this game – they dont care about anything but pay 60 Euros for a t9 premium ship

    • Probably wanted to say hey look at me, that was me in a Flambass You Tube Video!

    • Sorry but Flambass was the one that ran into him and was not paying attention. He was just not moving afterward’s and Flam could have slowed down and he would have ran into the island like a good bot .

    • +Mamo Barker if you play bb you know that slowing down or turning this close would have no point…
      And flam wasent at fault here
      the cruiser was he has mutch better control over speed and mobility and to add the fact that the cruiser was going in front of him and not the other way around

    • +jibril He had 20 sec to stop but did nothing to he hit the Alaska. Kiss his ass more

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      horror11 Regarding the rank 1, yes you can easily get to rank 1 if you grind enough. I think the last season there was a player on NA that got to rank 1 with more than 1k battles and a WR barely in the 40s. Some players can get to rank 1 with just skill, most just grind it out and eventually make it all the way up. It’s the reason so many people burn out that would have the skill to make it to r1 but don’t have the dedication to spend hundreds of games bouncing between the same two stars before making any progress.

  11. At 8:32 I think you should have aimed just a bit higher

  12. that was amazing bro. i was cheering for you at the final second XD

  13. Prisoner of the Highway

    We should all thank the whale in the Alaska for paying for all the quality content we get from Wargaming lol.

  14. that bit at the start… about having 100 points to spare to finish off some more stuff….

    *I think I have heard that before*

    EDIT: yup and alaska incident…. either this was already on YT or this is somehowprecisely the match I tuned up into stream last time I did xD

  15. That Baltimore at 3km range catching dd in the smoke ?
    I would have loved to see his face when u fired… ??
    GG ?

  16. Brother one hell of a game, that’s the kind I like. GG Flambass

  17. Where’s the game before this where flambass claims to be god?
    Got 10 Russian containers and got the tier 6 then 7. They seem kinda squishy even when not broadside
    Then broadside I triple citadeled the Vlad while in sinop

  18. I farted immediately before Flambass said “jesus christ, what was that sound?” so I responded with “I farted”. good talk El Flambino

  19. Martin Johansen

    I love that the CV’s have setup fighters around them selfs instead of helping out in the battle they are in…

  20. I’m guessing that Alaska was using autopilot and tunnel visioning big-time.

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