World of Warships – Wait for it

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5 destroyers per team. World of Torpedoes. Well, as a Benson it is my job to make sure that doesn’t happen!

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  1. How did you go through the entire US destroyers line so quickly…. Teach
    me your way :D

  2. Great Replay! Love US Gunboats! A few tips as always: I see you got 20%
    more firing range as ur 4th skill. Do you really need that range? US
    Destroyers got horrible shell velocity. Better swap it for 400hp per tier =
    3200hp at tier 8. Can’t tell you how many times i stayed alive on Mahan on
    sliver of Hp (300-1000) and made a couple more kills.
    AP shells – Cruisers only at 90 angle 4-6km (Citadels heaven), don’t bother
    otherwise. For HE vs Battleships aim at Superstructure (or slightly above
    the deck), most of your shells here hitting Armor = No Dmg.
    God Speed :)

  3. Hey stealth, i love your vids. Would you like to make an updated russian
    general deck for use in 1vs1 or 2vs2. Im new to the game and almost
    everyone wants to be bluefor so i figured id be able to enjoy the game more
    when i play redfor. Anyway keep making vids thanks you!

  4. 1:55 Column, dude, those are bloody columns:D

  5. Russian words usually stressed at second syllable. So it’s (k)habArovsk,
    not kAbarovsk.

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