World of Warships Wakatake the Battleship Hunter

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My name is Vechs, author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer.

Music providers:
Big Giant Circles
Derek R. Audette
Kevin McLeod


  1. More

  2. i like warahips, and i like vechs.. i would like more of this ?

  3. Yussss! the wargames series is back!

  4. I´m not only writing this for Vechs, but in general:
    If you like this game and you want really fun matches, I recomment the
    Omaha, the t5 US cruiser.
    Don´t install the last hull modification and you have a fast and nimble
    ship with A LOT of artillery firepower. Use the torps only as a matter of
    defence against destroyers for example. My best games and most fun games
    are on this ship.

  5. Yes, this is good, I want more WoW.

  6. I would rather see a let’s play even if nothing really happens in the

  7. I am suitably Intrigued to A) Watch more . B) Go download.

  8. Captain, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention!

  9. Ships are my favorite type of war vehicle because of an old anime (not
    Yamato, but that was badass too)

    it’s sad that you haven’t grinded to a Carrier yet. i would like to request
    some gameplay of one of them, maybe?

  10. more more more!!!

  11. I kinda want to get into this game, but I just saw your tier tree and the
    ship I want to use, the Shimakaze is a tier X, guess I won’t be able to
    start with her :(

  12. vechs, have you tried Armored Warfare? if you have would you consider dong
    a short something comparing the newer tank game with the older more well
    known World of Tanks?

  13. So now I’m curious if you would like the ground forces in War Thunder. The
    spotting mechanics aren’t complete BS (Though there is a way to cheat
    sadly, though it shouldn’t matter much in arcade), and although you are
    still going to bounce occasionally against more heavily armored vehicles.
    But the game definitely values positioning far more than WoT does, and is
    aimed at being a bit more realistic (Though WT arcade is still arcade-y, it
    just isn’t as arcade-y as WoT).

  14. love it. please do keep them coming :)

  15. please make a series of this

  16. Im bad at this game lol

  17. you should try war thunder it has tank and air battles and you can kill big
    tanks aith small ones like the half track your videos would be awesome o ya
    no invisible tanks

  18. you should play dead realm it seems like your type of game

  19. Do you drive your car like that as well? D:
    That poor island…

  20. IceBlue Dragon58 (IceBlueDragon58)

    awesome idea to start playing this game, vechs! i’m watching other people
    stream it on twitch.
    i’d appreciate seeing the actual match before the end result… seeing the
    outcome is not as exciting to watch if you know that you get into 3 heated
    confrontations before getting rekt by a salvo of torps…
    anyway, keep these vids coming. excited to see you continue.

  21. Vechs, please play both World of Tanks and World of Warships and upload
    videos on your channel

  22. I would definitely like to watch more World of Warships with Vetchez! :)

  23. Mathieu de Vlieger

    Love to see a serie on this !

  24. Do want moar! :D

  25. Im not big into war games like this and world of tanks but i enjoy anything
    you put out so keep em commin vechs!

  26. I like this video! Is that how you wanted it Vechs? jk I enjoyed hearing
    about your experience with this game and would love to see more. :)

  27. I was off the video when you introduced the name and swore to God you said
    “walkie talkie”.

  28. Speaking of tanks, I remember the Devs saying that each tank was modeled
    after its real life counter part because they wanted as much realism as
    possible. They even said at one point they were going to add breakdowns but
    decided against it because having a new player start a match and be unable
    to move at very start seemed way to punishing. Since you know alot about
    guns and military vehicles, was Wargaming successful with the realism in
    not only World of Tanks but World of Warships?

  29. like it! im gonna play this game!

  30. Thx for video

  31. Color me intrigued.

  32. please do MOARE!

  33. vechs you have to play american cruisers, they are amazing, especially
    st.louis and the tier 6 one, I just can’t remember the name of it, the one
    before pensacola

  34. ☆★Mystic★☆

    Pan paka paaaan~~

  35. ☆★Mystic★☆


  36. What happened to the homeless sims series?

  37. I did enjoy watching you play this game. In fact I think this is way more
    interesting than WoT.

  38. I like it. Keep it up.

  39. Vechs PLAY MORE WOTs

  40. vechs do more world of warships I love this kind of stuff

  41. I love this game and I’m so glad your playing it

  42. I would love to see this become a full-blown series. Make it happen Vechs.

  43. Live commentary would be great to see on this as well. I imagine tougher to
    get good gameplay though.

  44. Super hostile with Zisteau?

  45. there is going to be a russian destroyer that has 10 torps and they have 30
    sec reload

  46. I really enjoyed the world of tanks series, and like this one too from the
    sounds of it.

  47. I would love to see this series go on for a long time. Looking forward to

  48. I don’t like it

  49. the endless mineshaft

    This is awesome

  50. This is an interesting game… that I would never play, and don’t really
    want to watch.

  51. I said go for it for World of Tanks, I’ll say it for this, play anything
    you like, Vechs. I watch for you, not the game.

  52. Ok so I just started playing this after watching your video. I love this

  53. yes I love this game do more

  54. Excited for more of this game

  55. you should start a CS:GO series, vechs :D

  56. I’d love to see you play an FPS

  57. kewl game! do more!


  59. Was not really interested in World Of Warships but….Now I must give it a

  60. Looking forward to the series; however I have a feeling that this might be
    a tankless game. 😀 I would love to see the Iowa class in action (however I
    am a bias, the Missouri is my favorite warship)

    There are real life examples of small ships taking on much larger ones,
    such as the Battle off Samar. Which had Taffy 3 going up against the
    Japanese Central Force. (The Yamato alone displaced as much as all of Taffy

  61. I ship all the ships!

  62. You could play with Anderzel!

  63. While I think the game looks fun and would happily watch a series about
    it… if its the same developers as World of Tanks I’d keep clear since you
    had those issues with them

  64. The game seems really interesting, very interested in the game… but
    maaaan I had NO idea what was going on in that match! xD
    What/Where I was supposed to look, what everything on all the HUD meant,
    how your supposed to play and so on xD Hope you explain more in the next

  65. You got me into WoT vechs. Dont like WoW that much :(

  66. Graluvack EnderSlayer

    What’s there not to like about firing high explosive rounds at giant
    floating hunks of metal

  67. Marcos Halberstadt

    Veches. Stop hitting the beaches. That’s wrong.

  68. plz continue this series

  69. This looks like a great series, do continue

  70. Can’t wait to see more from you Vechs, just don’t go setting your butt on
    fire like in World Of Tanks :P

  71. now, if you can team up with anderps…
    that would be awesome

  72. I love this game play it all the time

  73. and here would be a third thing. i should watch the whole video before
    commenting, but meh. So, you got some prem tier 7 and 8 ships, but did not
    get too much in the upper tiers for standard ships. Do not base your
    decisions on what you see on stats or first impresions. And this goes very
    well with carriers and destroyers. The tier 4 Langley overmatches the Hosho
    in terms of air to air firepower, but the later one, the Bogue, I find it
    harder to play against Zuiho that knows what he is doing. The thing goes
    like this, US CVs have nice planes and a fair number of them in hangars.
    The IJN have more more sqadrons, but less planes per squadron., which
    translates as you are dead if you send fighters 1on1 against an US
    squadron(it would be 4 of your planes against 6). And a small tip for those
    who have not played a CV yet: Learn manual aim, especially for torpedo
    bombers, causes a lot of pain for the enemy. Now for DDs. Yes, from what
    you have seen now IJN DDs have a better torp range than the USN, but this
    is not that important. The trick behind destroyers is the low detectibility
    combined with torp range rather than just the range itself. If you can fire
    torps without being detected, it is all good. That is why IJN are popular
    in low tiers, but in higher ones, the US are the best. Above tier 8, US
    gets a range longer than the one it can be spotted. And this comes in
    addition to the main characteristic of US DDs, GUNS RAINING HELL, the
    turning speed and rate of fire of those is insane and can give a batleship
    nightmears. Also, gives a nice advantage in close combat against the jap
    ones. Anyway, gold luck on the sea

  74. Looks like a really cool game, are videos gonna be more like this or more
    battle oriented?

  75. More Worlds of Warships, this is great. Maybe alternate it daily with
    Return to Minecraft

  76. Remember to use Japanese pronunciation for the Japanese ships vechs.
    I=ee (like s”ee”)
    U= oo (like c”oo”kie)
    Get learned m8.

  77. more

  78. love it!

  79. yes please more world of warships. :)

  80. He Vechs if you have a problem with these two things in word of tanks, then
    give armored warefare, it is not such a big deal there.

  81. Im surprised you didn’t mention the spotting range of destroyers

  82. More pls

  83. Looks fun! I always like your series and the game looks good enough that
    I’m going to start playing it. I’m all for this being a series

  84. First off, I liked the video; will watch more. The only thing I didn’t like
    was that you gave away the result before showing the match. I’m not sure if
    it’s better to have live commentary or post commentary on matches, but
    explaining the mechanics of the game usually works better on post. Depends
    on what you’re comfortable with, since that usually works better regardless
    of anything else (and also goes for which game to play, so it’s nice to
    hear you’re enjoying this game). Explaining the game is naturally also
    great, since while I’m a little familiar with it, many people aren’t, and I
    find it’s typically your style to explain things of that nature, so
    continue with that.

  85. yes moar please and WoT also!

  86. Brent Armstrong (JamiroFan2000)

    YES! YES! Thanks for this Vechs! This is a tremendous game!

  87. YES YES YES more Vechs more.

  88. I hope I don’t turn into ‘that guy,’ but just saying, it’s pronounced
    ‘ah-tah-go’ not ‘ah-tay-go’

  89. please do more of this.

  90. Historically, by the middle of the war, Japanese ships and aircraft were
    better than Allied craft. They lacked numbers and resources, however, and
    some had a few fatal design flaws. If I’m remembering my history right,
    they had some Dreadnoughts and Super Dreadnoughts designs that were
    monsters, like the Yamato-class. The problem was that the Pacific Theatre,
    specifically, and WW2, generally, was the battle for air supremacy. By the
    end of the war, our Aircraft Carriers and Air Force just proved to be not
    only superior but just more numerous.

  91. Wait you mean that was you in those matches? Can I add you in game?

  92. Looks interesting.

  93. The teir 7/8+ repair/refuel bill are actually quite high. Playing a premium
    ship does not represent those repair bills. They can be 80,000k+ credits,
    even when you don’t take damage because that is the refuel/rearm cost, and
    if you die, I’ve seen it reach 200k+

  94. oh, yes. Finally vechs starts WoWs

  95. Not my kinda game, but an interesting video nonetheless.

  96. This is going is to be great guys!

  97. As long as it’s you playing, I’ll watch it ;)

  98. I’m SO excited for this!

  99. Yes i like it :D

  100. This not the WoW I was expecting haha

  101. Kirt “TheDefiantPirate” Gartner

    Please do more World of Warships I play and i hope to see you in a battle
    sometime Vechs “TheDefiantPirate21” is my in game name The thing with
    American Torps is that you want to do kinda what you were doing hanging
    around a corner and dumping torps off when enemies pop around the corner :P

  102. Boo, bad inertia physics!

  103. thanks for a great video Vechs

  104. Was wondering if you’d play this. Guess I was right :P

  105. Vakz you weeaboo race traitor using japanese!1!

  106. christian walraven


  107. Vechs, AA fire gives your location away.

  108. When you’re playing a destroyer, you might want to turn your AA guns off at
    match start, since they can give away your position, and they kind of suck.
    Unless its one of the new Russian destroyers coming that have very good AA
    for destroyers.

  109. Thought this was one of KSI’s videos because of the thumbnail font.

  110. Wanna hear something?

    Like this comment and subscribe or yo momma gonna get cancer.

  111. Sort of off topicish of this video but also on topic, but have you heard of
    armored warfare? It is like world of tanks but it is modern tanks and is
    made by a different company than the world of games. It is really fun and I
    think you should give it a try if you liked the gameplay side of world of

  112. Definitely do more of this!

  113. I’ve missed WoT but this game is just as fun

  114. 6th :D, and yay vetcheses

  115. Getsuga Tsunentaiga

    I can’t wait to see Vechs’ matches, this game has so much potential for

  116. Keep uploading this game

  117. Lol I’ve started looking you world if tanks series and been loving it. And
    now world of warships?! I approve of this video.

  118. LOL please continue these videos

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