World of Warships – Walking The Walk

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If you’ve ever seen the North American Kings of the Sea Tournament you’ll know that SeaRaptor can talk the talk. In todays’ video we’ll see that he can walk the walk, too. (And yes, the Copyright Gestapo claimed the video for the 10 second segment where I played The Ding Dong Song, hence the muted audio at one point)


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  1. Day #828373 in the salt mines, still havent satisfied our supreme gnome overlord. Double shifts in the salt mines next to the supreme scrub himself, Schrader.

  2. Sromotny Kobziarz

    I have just, for the first time, watched a parody by Rowan Atkinson of the famous debate between Monty Pythons and the bishop. I’m still shaking. brilliant

  3. Jasper van Houdt

    He knew what the vlad was going to do cause the teammate used all-chat the whole time…

    • Loose lips sink ships.
      Also saying publicly “my team just hugs the 1 line” is kinda giving away location and likely intent.

    • Was gonna say the same thing. They were discussing it for a few minutes and like a minute before they get in ram range already spew it out in all chat -_-

  4. The two key moments in that game were: 1) the enemy Kidd eating a (pretty obvious!) torpedo, and 2) the enemy Akatsuki inexplicably getting spotted and killed by the Minnesota. Losing two DDs effectively for nothing doomed them.

  5. Why do I hear spanish guitar?

    “Ohhhh, you touch my tralala…”

    Oh… That’s why.

  6. 19:16 CaptainGodzillaPig just be typing away all chat revealing what they were trying to do

  7. The chat was pretty mundane considering how it normally gets.

  8. “YouTube can kiss my Limey arse” – I love you Jingles !

  9. “Uh you touched my tralala” was touched on his “dingdingdong”

  10. I am not convinced that 12 seconds of Jingles singing the Ding Ding song is a good endorcement of floatplane.

    • Well depends entirely if you find 50 y.o. bearded British ex-sailor, who is way much into surprise buttseks sexy, rly…. <_< .. Not that I would like to imply anything about my British sailor preferences.... I'll, stop digging now, thx.

    • Was that really all he did? Because the song is on Youtube. And I don’t think any copyright bot could recognize it with his voice.

    • @Kal Taron nah, pretty sure he pasted the snippet of real song, which Youtube is alergic to… But I’d rather chose to believe that it was Jingles singing and Youtube bots were so seduced they flagged the video so no one else but they could hear it.

    • @Cpt. Bilsn If you like the song, may I suggest the Utena AMV of it?
      It fits perfectly.

  11. That Vladivostok was never even trying to ram the Marco Polo, if you looked closely at the map you can see he came to a stop when Jingles started saying “shoot the Cleve, ram MP” and was reversing just before he came back into view.

  12. Are we not gonna talk about how the chat went

    ‘How did a marco polo get there?’
    ‘Sailed alll the way around the map’

    Edit: for those who can’t find it its at 15:00

  13. “So we know the Cleveland is within 10 km or so…”

    All together now; The Clevelands radar has a 9 km range. Not the first time MJ gets that wrong. Never change.

  14. The Asashio is in the enemies team 😉 never change dude….

  15. i am 100% sure i was not the only one that started singing the song in the 12 seconds of silence 😀

  16. I think “Copyright GeStaPo” is my new favorite term now

  17. Thanks for sharing this one with your audience, Gnomish Overlord! Glad I was able to entertain them (and you) for a little while. Hope to see you all over on Twitch for this weekend’s King of the Sea international brackets!

  18. Fine.
    We’ll start pronouncing Worcestershire as it’s spelled.

    B’almer, or suffer, mate.

  19. Calling the Asashio the “Assholio” is now my new favorite thing!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  20. Alexander Evans

    12:42 in chat, “what the fk is an assholio supposed to do to a Kidd?” Lol. I like this chat.

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