World of Warships- Wargaming Actually Buffs A Dockyard Ship, But Is It Enough?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at some changes coming to the upcoming Dockyard Ship Atlantico, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I wish WG would knock It off with 21 to 25 speed and …But I hear the secondaries are really good..18.6 is nothing trash really

  2. A lot of stuff need to be rebalanced because now we have submarine Wg should give fighting chance for battleship to detect it this game no longer about rock paper scissor anymore time to give ship their proper consumable at least a sonar to fend themselves off.

    Fire damage need to be reduced and damage control party cool down need to be reduced its insane now with submarine you get ping all the time in combination with carrier it just too much.

    • Or do what is on sms moltke in game, she has torpedo nets, if you look at her model they are strapped to the side of the ship but are usable in game.

    • @dodgedaytona uhh.. is a bit reaching. IRL torpededo nets only really work stationary or very slow speeds. And already in WW1 torpedo warheads became so powerfull / fast / large that fusing them on a torpedo-net just outside the hull was not that effective compared to the amount of weight it added to a ship.

      I do not understand this fear for torps if I am honest. Subs are annoying pesks, and very difficult to handle when driven responsibly, but the same goes for a good DD drivers. Sure it is difficult to avoid not eating one, but it generally requires BB mistakes and DD good play to really land devastating torpedo volleys. They usually happen when you got yourself over-committed in a difficult to escape situation in the first place. If the DDs wouldn’t get you, the focus fire on the team would eventually.

    • wouldnt neccessarily reduce dcp cooldown that much. a better aproach would be a seperate cd to get rid of the pings, and give that a fast cd but not a long active time. so that the sub has to time the pings with the torps

  3. What wargaming needs to do is make the derpy ships I want my t10 graf spee, Nordic coastal defense ships, monitors as a class, and finally I want a t10 version of the USS St. Louis protected cruiser. Or a modern USS Olympia.

  4. Can it defend itself in any meaningful way against aircraft and submarines? If not, then it’s completely useless.

  5. The ship will be spotted almost at its secondary range, so it shouldn’t have a problem getting in close. You can probably use the brisk talent o it to go faster while not spotted.

  6. totally getting atlantico , because i love dreadnoughts

  7. The fact is that the ship alrd have brawling capability. I mean seriously turtle back with 10 380 is quite good. Now it has secondaries, it basically a floating fortress

  8. You said the ship was based on Pan-American Super-Dreadnaughts designed between world war 1 and 2 due to the collapse of the South American economies just prior to WW1 and the Naval treaties specifically banning a nation building capital ships for another nation during this period there were exactly ZERO battleship design projects in South America after 1913 with the last battleship produced being Admiralante Latorre class one of which was converted into the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle and the other served in WW1 as HMS Canada before being returned to Chile in 1920. These ships were a variant of the tier 5 RN Battleship Iron Duke although using the Elswick variant of the Vickers 14 inch guns as used on Kongo and Fuso. This vessel isn’t even a paper ship like so many of the Russian ships as no design process or requirements were ever even started WG made all of this up.

  9. Now if they could just touch up the sigma/dispersion of Odin, vastly improve the accuracy of Hizen, make Puerto Rico not a shotgun??

  10. Majestic Hotwings

    I actually really like the Marlborough, the DPM is awesome and 16 relatively accurate BB guns will always hurt no matter the caliber. Spews HE like crazy and if a cruiser shows you broadside you better believe that you can slap them right back into port. 12.1km concealment, good enough maneuverability, like it’s not bad and the reviews trashing it were WAY overblown.

    • You got that right , starts fires real easy and then you slap them with ap. Trick Is use he first most reviews don’t know how to play the ship.

    • Only downside I have with that ship was the turret angles, but that can be learned. Cant wait for this ship tbh

    • Relatively accurate guns? Are you on drugs my dude? The accuracy on poor Marlborough is the worst I’ve seen in the game, even with aiming system. Not including the fact that it’s really squishy, a t10 ship can just delete you from existance, and it happens often cuz you have poor firing angles, so you have to show a lot of broadside. It’s not the worst ship, but I regret that I bought it (there were cases when I couldn’t hit enemies at 5 km range because of dispersion)

    • STFU ^^ do not tell people it good, i love this boat… Let it be buffed ^^

  11. I believe this ship dosen’t have HE but improved angles on the ap

  12. Every time I’ve played against this ship it gets pinned behind an island and farmed to death without doing anything. Its sooooo slow and cant run away, just tries to get close and dies

  13. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Just a note here Batton, during your little mention of IFHE, you said the ship’s main battery would need it, the ship’s main battery can only fire AP. And even if you take IFHE for the secondaries, the 234s have a 21% fire chance, so take IFHE, that’s down to about 10%, and sure, they have long reloads for secondaries, but Adrenalin Rush will take care of that, and the range of those secondaries can get out to 11.3km, and you can get your concealment down to 11.5km, that’s a two km difference, so by the time something spots you, it’s close enough for your secondaries to open up on it the instant it’s detected (and if it’s detected before you are, even better)

  14. I wonder if I feel like a t8 version of a Colorado With good rudder shift time and take dd head on

  15. Szymon Majerowicz

    I don’t think I’d spend money for another made up ship which is gonna be borderline-meh. I mean there are still some ship blueprints to add for dockyard, but wg prefers adding them to premium shop or tech tree for whatever reason, while forgetting about real steel ships.

  16. 8:02 for the love of… please USE those bombers. I see hundreds of people spamming those bombers on all the wrong moments and targets (on Dd’s on BB’s on CA’s and all the while screaming they don’t know what to do against subs), please show them what they should be used for.

  17. If I remember correctly this ship had only ap for her main battery with improved ricochet angles and firing threshold

  18. I think the Odin was a decent/good ship, for what it is.

  19. It’s slow AF. You’ll need Brisk and the speed signal. Don’t over extend, you’ll have no ability to recover.

  20. 25 knots is “fine”. Just remember there are ships that can barely move of their own free will. I’m more concerned with the durability of these 234mm secondary guns because they are damn huge and WG has a bad record with secondary durability. And overall the performance of these guns. If it’s the selling point they better function amazingly for all the drawbacks.

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