World of Warships- Wargaming Actually Does Something Good!!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Commonwealth Cruiser Early Access Event, which is actually pretty decent this time around! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I’m not happy that they put the tier 9 cruiser in a container. Especially when the combat missions require you to have it to complete them. At this point they might as well sell coal if they are going to pay wall this way.

  2. @stuffandwhatnot4401

    At 6:25, when talking about the paid progression line, you say temporary camos but they’re permanent.

  3. I don’t known whether anybody has analysed the Battle Pass in this iteration, but I am mildly put off. The Format has changed, in that the daily points are not available anymore. In the two iterations before this, you could earn 195 Points per week, leading up to 780 points for the whole period. NW WE are down to 160 points per week, with the Levels again being 5, 15, 30, and 50. This means that while you can get to level 11 within the first week, you cannot get to level 20 within the first 3 weeks as you could before, you can get to level 16 at on the first day of week 3, but you have to go to day 3 of the last week to go to level 20. Add to that the fact that you needs 50 Commonwealth tokens more than you can achieve in the free Battle Pass to acquire the T6 ship and there is No Provision to get more tokens except by buying Containers and even then, there are only 40 tokens within the Container. WE wuz robbed!

    • You can earn 190 points per week, 30 of those are only available during the weekend.

    • the move to give just a little less than the next reward is used in most if not all live service game or game with prenium currency. the bonus reward are at how much point this time? 70?

    • i MAY buy 2 container to get the T6 ( and port slot) but that it, since last “pass” the paid one is just plain bad in reward

  4. We can put a man on the moon, but internet speed is rubbish? “Inconceivable”

  5. @leonpeters-malone3054

    Those speeds are positively cute.

    Makes me remember the time I had a 4 Kilobit/second down speed and a 32 kilobit/second up speed.

    Internet switches can kill your internet connection.

  6. The compensation if you already have the mysore is really poor. Only 350 commonwealth tokens.

    • I have just checked you could sell for just over 4 million credits before you unlock it as 350 tokens may not be worth it.

  7. Funny and interesting”pigeon”side note: In WW1 there was actually a carrier pigeon,that was honoured with a medal,saving pinned down troops,by flying her way through heavy artillery fire and even Germans tried to shoot it but the support troops received the message just in time.
    It was wounded but Flies “home”
    What an awesome animal,btw this is based on the true story from the movie “the lost battalion”

    The pigeon is in Smithsonian museum,as far as I know, mentioned in the outro.
    One has to have respect,for such a tough animal imoo.

  8. @mikehenthorn1778

    I’ old enough to remember when 96 baud was fast. Lol

    • Yup, me too. I remember when we had to get our group in another country send their data to our server… the best line they could get was a teletype line at a blazing 75 baud. And if you had a lot of money, you could buy a 300 baud modem for your Kaypro.

  9. My kid started playing, and helping him has got me hooked. He’s happy as I bought 10 premiums (Two containers is really nothing for adult players) Definitely enjoy bb the most, though secondary graff gives me the most laughs, too many people rolled up for a cv kill and got toasted. Matchmaking kinda sucks as half my team is dead within two minutes nearly every game. Indeed, contrary to normal advice, I do much better in t8+ as I actually have a team to play with.

    Would be nice for a new player video for 2024. Not a how2aim, but more an overview of wows and economy).Topics I’d like to see…
    -Best ship in each class (either premium or grindable)
    -mention to mods would be good, who’d have though these were allowed, better dynamic sight has greatly improved my damage.
    -Events to watch for
    -Things to prioritise (Are some missions better than others)
    -Usage of bonuses and signals (I don’t use these at all as premiums have boosters already and I don’t want to waste stuff until I git gud)
    -Ships to insta buy if they become available
    -Don’t be a cancerous sub scrub (my kid is a sub main, he’s a toddler though so this is acceptable)

    • Great idea. I’ve been playing for nearly a couple of years now and I could totally do with a refresher on this! I have had a look at (amongst other resources) the various @ClydePlays tutorials, particularly about efficient Captain management and Research Bureau optimisation, but… it’s complicated.

  10. i also have the same issue when checking armory and clan nub/naval battle, they just keep loading and turn blank, had to use a vpn for them to might load in, at least can still join battle normally

  11. I will get the second line of battle pass for the camos(permanent) to go up to the tier 7 at least. But only if I can grind the 20 lvls as not as many points available now:(

  12. 1990 dial up speeds were 56kilobytes on a good day… megabytes is very early ADSL.
    Of course when some of us are used to 900mbps or more. 3-4 seems pitiful. Amazing how tech has advanced

  13. Good info. Thanks for breaking this down.

  14. Thank you for your assessment of the battle pass and the armoury. WG is pretty good at marketing and sometimes hard to see things objectively.

  15. I am amazed that they didn’t add another OP sub or CV!

  16. @ThemightyEnterprise

    As of now, I only have the tier II just so I can at least say I got a early access commonwealth ship

  17. This man just drove a double-decker bus over his internet provider.

  18. I have just started playing the T5 Delhi and i am having a lot of fun with her. WG got these cruisers right. The ability to equip with the Sub Surveillance Mod 1 helps on cool down and subs are easier prey within the 6km range. I was shocked to see 10km range torps because the Perth only has 8km. The Perth has a spotter plane however to help on longer range shots. I liked the historical commanders but wished they would have had at least one skill booster.

    • The commonwealth cruisers in general are quite good. Mysore is OP for AP pen. Perth has much utility, etc. And the crawling smoke and hydro is a powerful combination.

  19. Get the free stuff and sail away Captain!

  20. @bulletpretzels1198

    Gonna give this game a try .Just bought my first gaming PC.

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