World of Warships- Wargaming Actually Does Something Great

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the news of the upcoming Snowflake event, and the changes coming with it, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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  1. I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic until we know what ships we can get out of the containers and the drop rates.

    • the ships will be EVERY premium ship in game if its like the santa containers have been for every year

    • @woody4077 not every ship. There was a shortlist.. don’t u remember the Makarov PR disaster?

    • @Sebastian Vilois you still had access to every ship, you just had to pass the hidden shortlist requirement.

      This year will be the same, but assuming they disclose the drop rates like promised it won’t be hidden this year, which was the main issue last year – the undisclosed and denied short list rather than the short list existing.

  2. Over all, I’d say this is a significant upgrade. I’ll wait until we get some more info before I become optimistic, however.

  3. I am very exited this time around i looks like they really took feedback to heart and im pretty hyped for this!

  4. Marc Van Artevelde

    Don’t underestimate corporate ability to snatch dumpster fires from the jaws of greatness.

    • An important lesson to keep in mind, this is WG afterall.

    • Well it probably won’t be any better than last years Satan crate shit storm but assuming they fully follow thier promises we will at least know ahead of time how bad our ship rewards will be.

      That said, my makarov from last year absolutely slaps in t6 ranked.

    • @straswa Yea you got that right

    • @Jock1092 Jock WG will never have as good as drop rates like two or three years ago where they were really good ,never going happen at the most three ships on average, I have seen people buy 25 Christmas crates and only get one ship..but on the average It was 2.5 ships. Three years ago It was 5 to 7 ships for 20 or 25 crates those days are over..people became whales over night like my brother hes at 485 ships now..I blew my chance.My brother said It would costs four or five times as much money to get what he has now..Stay away from Christmas crates that’s all I can say..last year all the videos with Christmas crates being opened on U tupe were horrible.

    • @davis long I’ll take the free ones like I managed last year.

      Honestly with subs I’m uncertain if I’ll spend anything outside of super coupons like the 100-200 doubloon refund ones now.

      But yeah I see what you mean about drop rates, I’m just giving them the benefit of the doubt that they will publish them and give a solid answer like they said they will.

      I mean sure it’s wg they could eaisky lie but time will tell, really they can only push so far before people quit and realistically they want to sit close to that line without actually crossing it.

  5. The time frame is a big improvement. The option to choose isn’t bad either. Some extra bits of coal are welcome. All good as far as I can see.

  6. mm i’m skeptical, the best container might not even have decent ships on offer anyway. maybe low tier ships?? i wouldn’t trust WG as far as i could throw them TBH

  7. Overall, I see this as an improvement. My only criticism is that I think they should offer some sort of reward for tier II – IV premium ships.

    • Maybe like a 100 coal or something? Would be dope

    • I am have a vague memory they did in the earliest snowflake event.

    • Maybe just a small bonus to all premium or special ships minus event ships.

      Say 10%, not a huge amount to the extent of being overly p2w style but something extra that’s a nice gift.

    • @Capt Bumbler The very first year they did this you got coal for tier 2 to 4 premium ships. In addition, you got 50 steel for tier 8, 75 steel for tier 9 and 200 steel for tier 10.

  8. damn wargaming slowly redeeming yourself, well done. Most things since the apology have been great 🙂

    • Oh sweet summer child… They just throw some cookies at us before they crush credit gain on silver ships. And im wondering how they ll further kill our ingame eco.
      Remember: Elite captain XP gain got annihilated. Flaggs for achievements are gone. And you dont get nearly as many camos from events like halloween like in the past.

    • @Gothia Truth hurts WG last few years have been horrible and still are. There expecting big money this holiday season ,we will see how good they really are ,anyone want tier 5s In there Christmas crates.Talk Is cheap WG. I want to see true Random,does WG even know what that means I don’t think so…

  9. Now wargaming is starting to slowly redeem my trust, let’s hope they keep it up

  10. Meh…WG has taken advantage of the player base for years now. The game is still going down hill fast.

  11. I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday I got the harugumo and played the first battle in it to get the super container from that I got the steel I needed to buy the austin the chances of dropping steel is very low so you can imagine how happy I was mixed with blessed marches ending the day with a kraken couple strike Confederate high caliber and first blood it was one hell of a day and now this comes out the next day as well so I guess this week my luck stats are maxed for some reason xd

  12. It kinda sounds like Wargaming is mocking its playerbase with the whole “snowflakes” thing. 😂😂

  13. Disclosing ‘container drop rate’ – instantly WeeGee is clean & the dumb players are the gamblers.

  14. 7:54 I was an alpha tester and was in beta, I *would* Have the majority of the ships, but I had a *very* souring experience with WoWs during beta that put me off of playing it till late 2017.
    On the last day of beta, I had been getting behind on the battles for getting the Arkansas B (because job and other stuff that adults do).
    The weather was questionable that day, and was making good headway, got to battle 48-49, then the power goes out. down for 3 or 4 hours and in that time WG had closed the server. I sent in a support ticket and everything, but I was told in no uncertain terms that I was SOL.
    When I finally started playing again I was greeted by a Giulio Cesare, and a Kamikaze R. But no AB…..

  15. I agree! Getting the tier X snowflake off was a huge buzzkill last year, because those santa crates were just.. Meeeeh… It was more fun getting all that steel and coal out of the lower tiers

  16. Severn_Jove's crazy gaming!

    we did get a super container for each tier 10 last year. Is this better for Tier 10? Not a complaint just an honest question.

  17. It’s nice to see things improve like this. Most years things get tighter and tighter in terms of rewards.

  18. Question, do Steel ships count as “Premium Ships” or no? I will grind the shit out of tier VIII ships to get enough steel for a steel ship, but if I also have a chance at a steel ships through one of the containers you get by grinding tier X, I’ll do that as well.

  19. 1st of April came early next year, I see.
    I mean; C’mon! There has to be a hitch with this one right? No way that the player base rebellion, where we shut our wallets close, had a impact right?

    *looks at the devblog

    My God… They listen. It’s a new one for them, I had to admit.

    Only good improvements and the option to choose isn’t too shabby either.

    GG, WG, Keep it up!

  20. Having hundreds of ships in this game sounds fun and exciting but the truth of the matter is that you really only end up playing a very small percentage of them and you can only play one ship at a time.😅

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