World of Warships- Wargaming Breaks Their Silence On Ukraine

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Hey guys, today we have some news about WG with regards to Ukraine. After posting a Pro-Russia statement on his Facebook page, WG creative director Sergey Burkatovsky either resigned or was fired from WG. This is the topic of Today’s video.



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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. WG knows where their biggest spending customers are. Despite being a Russian (or Belarusian if you think Belarus isn’t a Russian stooge) company and having a large Russian player base, their income is from Western countries.

  2. Whoa!! SerB got fired?! NICE.

    He’s the guy who basically said WGs players are stupid, regarding game suggestions.

  3. The Russian head of delegation at a major UN climate conference apologised for his country’s invasion of Ukraine on Sunday, which he said lacked justification, according to several sources who heard him speak at the virtual meeting.
    The surprise intervention from Russia’s Oleg Anisimov at the closed-door meeting followed an electrifying live statement from his Ukranian counterpart, Svitlana Krakovska, who spoke passionately about her country’s plight.

    “Let me present an apology on behalf of all Russians not able to prevent this conflict,” Anisimov said at the closing plenary of the virtual, 195-nation forum, according to three sources who heard him speak.

    seems there a several Russians who are not ok with the war in Ukraine.

    • I bet there is a lot more than several, Russia and Ukraine are not that different, Basically cousins fighting and killing their own cousins, It’s stupid and needs to stop.

    • …Except Russian hockey players in the US that say “peace please” But still Openly support Putin!!!

  4. I think the most important information here is that WG is trying to help their ukrainian employees. Let’s focus on the good stuff, there’s not much left.

  5. Glad they had done something right. Regretably, Russia and ordinary Russians will stil have to pay the price for this disaster. No Wargaming, Russian isolation is the only way.
    If Ukranians can bleed on the streets, not playing a few video games and supporting companies of the oppressor is the least I can do.

  6. That Wargaming is legally based in Cyprus matters less than where it’s prime decision makers sit. That being said, what the Russian and Belorussian based parts of the company are in a more difficult position since publicly disagreeing with government policy can have significant legal consequences, even worse than in Canada.

  7. Working close with the PR/ marketing department for a European company at the moment with the Ukraine situation going on, it’s really hard to imagine about what else WG could do here. Everything can easily backfire, especially for a company that is mostly based in Russia.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten No, the point of their being in Cyprus, is to pay low/no taxes *so they can make profit.* Their feelings toward the gov’ts of Russia/Belarus are secondary or less. Let’s not get carried away with starry-eyed idealism here, eh?

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Sorry, your reply to @Tubeserious sounded like you agreed more with his idea of leaving Russia to avoid Dictators than to avoid Taxes(LOL!)

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten I thought the entire point of their HQ being in Cypress, was specifically to take advantage of lax financial laws and oversight loopholes, specially to more effectively launder Russian mob money.

  8. It’s not the Russian people that have gone to war, or in fact, want a war it’s Putin simple as that, as regards WG it is a free to play game, and would imagine, already know their income will suffer in the near future, Mingles with Jingles has uploaded today with an explanation about WG and other Russian free to play games, and delves into the reasons and politics of the war and monies involved…

  9. I really admire you sealord, that you keep your opinion calm and rational. Many russians are getting hardcore harrasment online, even those who are openly against any kind of war, and telling them that they suck will make them more likely to support Putin. Remember everybody, you don’t have to like the actions of the russain goverment, but please do not harass avreage people online, since this is a great way to make enemies.

    • Why should they be any different? Americans get the same harassment when their government does something the “world” does not like.

    • Let’s keep this in check a “little”, his income is tied to the game so he’s not going to want to badmouth it. The things he says however ARE true. But don’t give him “props’ for being truthful, he’s just looking out for himself like everyone else. If he had massive income elsewhere he’d likely have a different take.

    • @George May imho his point of view is utterly rational and logical. Spot on imho.

    • @Edward Ravenbear Twice are much, really. We are an “easy” target for disaffection.

  10. I gotta say, I’m really surprised Wargaming came out against Serb. That’s actually a really dangerous statement to make in Russia right now. Gotta give them respect for that.

  11. SLM Thanks for the update. The fact that WG has 550 employees in the Ukraine/Kiev must be a very big concern for them. But you did miss a small detail. 550 employees must also include their families, loved ones, relatives and friends. This is not a criticism, but a shout out for all of them to be safe under extremely trying and dangerous circumstances. We may play at war on war gaming. But they are in it for real. Thank you JB for incompetence. BTW I do not live in the USA. But I do see and comprehend all the BS going on everywhere.

  12. Good work raising the russian war issue! It’s separating the men from the weasels…. seeing what different WOWS CCs and commentators are doing on youtube and twitch.

  13. One flaw in your assessment, although russia may experience difficulties in the short term collecting their taxes from companies like wargaming eventually those bills will become due and will be paid. They are simply delayed not vanished. You can bet your last dollar that WG still pay into the russian tax system.

    So any boycott now still deprives the russian gov of funds to be collected later. Tax from even a billion dollar company like wargaming is just a trickle to the Gdp of russia, but boycotting any and all companies paying taxes or fees to the russian gov means that trickle becomes a flood of taxes taken away from Putin. Thats how sanctions work. There is also the possibility that Wargaming could still be caught up in future waves of tightening sanctions and may even disappear from western platforms. Just on that basis alone I currently would not recommend anyone puts more money into WG right now.

  14. I am very pro-Ukrainian, but people need to remember that Wargaming is in a tough spot. If they openly condemn the war, as seems to be their inclination, they could be declared a “foreign agent” in Russia…which could open their employees up to arrest and prosecution.

    It is a sad situation when people who make a video game must tread so carefully. It highlights the reckless and repressive nature of Vladimir Putins regime. It also highlights that Russians are also victims of his government. Slava Ukrayini.

    If you want to help Ukraine, the best way is to donate money to the official Ukrainian government fund. It can be found on their foreign ministry’s Facebook.

    • I feel for the poor Russian oligarch who owns this global company.

    • @bodasactra you realize they havw 100s of employees living in Russia that could be in danger if they speak up? Get a life there’s more people in the world than a couple billionairs

    • @Zach DeBuhr They? One oligarch owns the company. I am sure the employees feel the way you say but if you play the game you support Russia and Putin. Can’t be a Russian oligarch without being in with Putin. If your wrong is it worth it? Its a video game to you and cash to Russia, pay or not.

  15. What an odd time for WG to do the right thing. I am pleasantly surprised and good for them. Much respect for WG standing up for their employee in Ukraine.

  16. I have supported quite a few companies that have hired people whose politics I disagree with or am even diametrically opposed to, and as long as the politics of those individuals don’t spill into materials released by the companies, I am perfectly happy to leave the companies doing their things.

  17. Gabriel Bienzobas Mauraza

    Thank you for making videos about this difficult topic, it is appreciated.

  18. Honestly at this point it amazes me Wargaming hasn’t simply moved out of Russia completely. The fact that they haven’t “does” say something…
    That being said the company is absolutely going to suffer. A large percentage of their income does come from Russia and Belarus but not from olegarchs and their ilk. Thing is the people in Russia and Belarus that play and pay are absolutely not 100% on board with the current actions. So like I said, it’s difficult.

  19. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Update: WG has donated $1million to the Ukrainian Red Cross

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten I believe like you that most of the world believes that the Russian people are against the war and the actions of their Dictator Putin! However like T Wilson said, the Kislyis are Russian Oligarchs who’ve supported Putin’s actions in the past and present!

    • I joyfully eat this crow, thank you for the update its good to see.

    • Wow, a full 0.15% of their annual income of over $660 MILLION. A pretty sweet deal if it helps avert a PR disaster and potential player boycott. They probably took it out of their marketing budget.

    • hes ranked 15th most important businessman in Belarus.. the 15h most important business man in Belarus has nothing to do with his corrupt money talks government who inturn is a puppet of putin, and who also allowed the incursion and could actually be sending troops and its own tanks in…?

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