World of Warships- Wargaming Censors YouTuber & More Zao Buffs

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Hey guys! Some interesting news today, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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0:00 New Channel Intro (This Is The Full Version, The Shortened Version Is 5s)
0:25 News Intro
1:37 Ship Changes
12:53 WG Censors YouTuber


  1. Checks dev blog. Yup the Zuo got SLIGHTLY more hp again, over 44k hp now. Forest Shermen got its engine boost swapped with Hydro which is interesting, if i recall it now has Hydro, Def AA and smoke? Not gonna lie that is a pretty nice combo of consumables.

    • Well, Zao has now ~10% more HP than before, which starts to be somewhat significant. Don’t look at the buffs as individual slight changes, look at the sum of them. I guess Zao might get one more similar HP buff, which would make her significantly more survivable than before.

    • @Wombat Nice. Zao players now survive 2 more overpens. Massively broken now I bet

    • You mean the consumable set that Elbing was supposed to have but WG thought was too strong and changed it?

    • Ok now Ibuki could use a buff as well, that thing has less HP than Mogami which is quite hilarious

    • @Wombat i hope for Zao to get at least 3 more buffs (the closer to 50k, the better).

  2. Zao needs half decent torpedo angles, thats the real bummer with this ship. Looking at how the new BB’s as well as everybody and their
    mother gets amazing angles these days, theres no reason to gimp Zao in that way anymore in 2021.
    I mean, just look at the angles on the Ruprecht in this very video and compare it to any IJN ship really, its pathetic.

    • Kii. That being said, you have to remember, if you’re close enough to get hit by torpedoes and they just so happen to be made in japan, you’re NOT going to like the outcome. IJN torps for EVERY tier (outside of PanEuro) hit far harder, have much more flooding chance, higher detonation chance and are (now) the second fastest torps in the game. IJN torps are high risk, high reward for folks who dont use japans superior cruiser concealment and are OP in the hands of people who know how to stealth torp. So I have to agree with you on how pathetic the torp angles are, but you must remembr that the balancing facter in most cases for IJN ships is having to show unconfortable amounts of broadside, or kite the hell out of whatever is following you.

    • I’d rather see Zao get better guns. Her 36s turret traverse is BB slow, hell there are BB’s that have faster traverse. Her reload at 13.7s is stupid, Henri4 with it’s 240mm guns reload in 13 flat and Hindy which has the same gun calibre and count gets a sub 10s reload (9.8). And lastly her guns need an extra 1km of range in this meta, especially with so…. many 18 inch BB’s.

  3. HP buff to Zao… the issue is… it hardly addresses any issue this ship has. I mean… yeah, HP is an issue… but increase this small is literally on a border of being statistically insignificant.

    It is still a heavy cruiser with a hitpoint pool of a light cruiser. It still has hilariously unreliable armour and due to power creep, its specialty is no longer special – because there are ships that can do everything it does, but equally well or better, while having other stuff too.

    Zao could be good… with no real changes to stats, by the way – just improved torpedo angles – because they are horrible in comparison to previous ships in the line – Japanese cruisers were designed to fire a volley and dump torps on fighting retreat (for night operations, but that is besides the point) – Zao can’t do that, because launchers can’t point towards the back far enough – and it would really fit the style of the ship…

  4. Just to clarify Foch didn’t get a copyright strike a community manager threatened to copyright strike him, on behalf of wg, if he doesn’t remove his review of the chrysler gf.
    Not trying to defend weegee as the mentioned community manager got promoted to lead community manager couple months after foch gate.

  5. Tidbit: Fubuki was formerly the original IJN DD’s Tier 8 tech line ship. I was there when IJN torping was beautiful(OP). Moved her down to Tier 6. I still play her from time to time and that concealment buff might sound small but, it’s actually quite massive based on my experience after losing out on Concealment module. Would love to see how she will fare with that buff.

  6. Lol, tried to resolve things with “meditation”. That’s incredible that they tried to resolve it in such a way!

  7. Great vid, I always appreciate your insight on various issues. Your take on the WOWs vs YouTuber I believe was bang on. Keep up the good content!

  8. On the Nomen thing: I will give WG stick all day long if I think they deserve it, I will even criticise the decisions of individuals, but to say the kind of things he’s apparently saying regularly means I lean towards WG on this one. Companies do (And should) have a duty of care towards it’s employees (Something WG isn’t actually good at upholding, they love throwing individuals to the wolves!) and I would suspect there is more to this story than we currently know, the WG statement seems to imply they have tried to stop this before.
    And to me, for him not to bother even contesting it suggests he knows he has no defence.
    Whether the route WG took is the right one or not is another question, I gather that, outside of Copyright, the YouTube complaints machine is very hard to get turning properly.

  9. I try to avoid getting Brer Rabbited by the drama. When World of Tanks got too batshit for me, I left. I now play ships. I play for FUN. It’s a game. I will not follow any youtuber who spouts hate or racism. I vote with my clicks. Have a fine day. WeeDavie NA [Northern Alberta]

  10. @Shifty or maybe they fixed the hitboxes of the ship model

  11. I love how you called Incomparable as Incomprehensible….yet, calling her Incomprehensible makes perfect sense.

  12. I swear that YouTube and Wargaming are both full of snowflakes.

  13. I had forgotten how powerful zao is, but I’ve been playing it again since it’s been buffed. Those 7-8k HE alpha strikes are pretty damn nice.

  14. Dude, they did a hatchet job on the Yueyang a couple years ago and nerfed it with an axe. It was the most overboard, knee jerk nerf I’ve ever seen. That ship in today’s META needs some buffs.

    YouTube has deleted thousands of channels because they didn’t like someone’s political opinions. The platform sucks IMO.

  15. As of Nov. 25, there was another file that needed from WOW and when done I started up the game and found horror. ALL of my Premium ships and a lot of regular ships, medals, flags a game points WERE GONE!
    Does anyone else have thus happen or heard of this happening?
    I just sent a ticket to WOW on my loss.

  16. As for Angry Plus-signs, I do prefer the term “Friendship Windmill”

  17. Zao would need +20k HP if they’re only buffing HP. It needs buffs in other areas that matter more.

  18. I wish they would give accuracy buffs back to ships that need them, and there are a lot of them..

  19. I would like to see buffs for the Yukon, she needs more range and a shorter reload time. She not a bad ship, just needs more range along with a shorter reload time to better compete The Dunkerque’s dispersion needs a small buff, right now its hard to hit anything even at close range.

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