World of Warships- Wargaming Did A Whoopsie

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Hey guys, today we talk about some current drama over a new CM, let me know what ya think below.

Ross Rowley:

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. Agreed, they should hire someone with more experience in-game and a more neutral presentation.

    Also little note, is it just a glitch/bug for me that the description says this video is about Graf Zeppelin, or does anyone else see this?

  2. And here i thought the only CV i play got buffed again xd……that aside it’s actually quite worrying, people who represent the community as a whole should always be neutral and treat everyone just as a player not anything else and mind you for better or worse that dude really doesn’t seem to be that way.

  3. I guess he was probably cheap to hire, and therefore probably cheap to fire when sh%t eventually hits the fan again at WG (which is quite often).

    • Indeed. I found the Linked-In job posting that WG NA put up for CM – average pay of 50K/year – talking to people I know that live in the Austin area, they described that as “chicken feed”, both for the position, and for the cost of living. One gent even called it “roommate pay”. Looks to me that WG NA just “settled” for whoever they could get to take the job.
      Last year, when Femmenenly left WG and went to work for EA, she said on stream that her pay went up by more than 50%.

    • Most likely no one knew what ACAB meant. I know I didn’t. Never heard it before it came up here. Also this will come as a shock but often times acronyms will mean different things. For example ERA can mean Equal Rights Amendment or it can mean Earned Run Average.

  4. So basically WG are reduced to hiring a noob to be a community manager LOL .

  5. He played more than the rest of WG. XD

  6. HR department, assuming there is one, has failed miserably. Damage is done and anytime this “representative” appears on forums or streams it will be a shit show for both reasons you mention in this video. A lot of game developers have issues at the start as they tend to be just a bunch of devs putting together an idea, but for a company this big and having been around for so long it’s mind boggling how many fundamental basic mistakes they make time and time again.

  7. I have rarely seen the likes of a large corporation that could possibly be so out of touch with the community as Wargaming.

  8. World of warships and world of tanks has gone down hill for a long time, I don’t feel the need to keep supporting a company or a toxic community and yes it’s a vary toxic community with all the bashing and people not treating it as a game and having fun.

  9. This is kinda a common theme for NA Wargaming. WoT NA has cmdr_AF, TragicLoss, Etc etc. Most of WGNA’s PR and content creation related employees have less than 1000 battles played, and they all have red or orange stats, meaning they have little to no knowledge on the game. Honestly sad that they dont employ ppl who are genuinely passionate about their games

    • Maybe there is a bit of a “Catch 22”, being, if you have played enought of WoWs or WoTs you know the company’s reputation so why would you want to work for them?

  10. Wargaming didn’t do their due diligence……I am shocked

  11. I don’t get why it’s a surprise anymore. Most WG employees have like 10 battles. But the truth is, if you’re a die hard thousands and thousands of games player you probably don’t have all of the following attributes:
    1. Good at coding, modeling or filling a required position
    2. Mentally stable
    3. Has the desire to work for a scumbag company that fires people and puts the blame on them for stirring up their own mess

    I know all content creators would rather set WG on fire than work there. WG is like an unstable relationship partner, they will snap at anytime and leave you on the street if it means saving their ass despite them failing anyway.

  12. Hiring someone who’s anti police to moderate a military themed game seems a genius idea.

    I’m not from America, I’m from a small country in Europe and tbh, it’s crazy how much American politics are being ingrained in our games and media in general, and really degrading its quality.

    We are not directly invested in America, I’m sure that for Americans it must be even more annoying

    • It is not just America, but the PC, feminist, ect,ect movements in a large part of western civilization today.

    • @C. J. Lau Sure.

    • CM’s don’t function as moderators in WoWS. If you said CMs serve a sort of public relations role that would be more accurate.

    • this place is a mess. just saying assumptions don’t work here, everything is complicated.

    • I’m Canadian and play on the NA server as a result. The American politics bullshit in game on NA is fucking annoying. You got shit like this with the ACAB guy. This past month I’ve seen tons of people just saying Lets go Brandon at the start of the game, there’s a clan called Keep America Great, it used to be called MAGA.

      Anyone acting like this is suddenly politics coming into NA server is a fool, politics have been on the NA server way too much for years, this is just a continuation of that fucking annoyance

  13. Wargaming, the gift that keeps on giving….

  14. I’ve applied for CM jobs with them for years now and as a former vet and someone who has been a part of big gaming communities and an event coordinator for some very large communities and with managerial experience I’ve never gotten anything other than no lol. They don’t want someone with experience, they want yes men. Also I’m good friends with a CM for the console version. If they have accounts they keep them and get massive discounts if not straight up free stuff. They don’t get given a press account. He let me in on some of the behind the scenes stuff.

  15. Much respect for the way you handled this delicate subject sealord. Staying focused on the game and not the politics. Even jingles has slipped a little bit into the politics on other topics and it feels wrong hearing a youtuber we’ve come to for WOWs content talking about polarising content.

  16. I don’t want politics in my gaming or life. Period. The less time is spend on wows social media the better. I just want to mindlessly enjoy shooty boats. Now that I think more about it, I don’t care about this issue or person. Respectfully

  17. Would be great to have someone who’s an expert in game, but the non-WG skills are vastly more important here. I would much rather have someone with great CM skills and little game knowledge than someone good at WG with mediocre or no CM skills.

  18. Honestly the low battle count is probably a must have. Anyone with over a few thousand battles would grab a pitchfork and join in with the community on whatever the latest outrage is.

    • Every video game has a loud and vocal group people who hate the game they are playing. You should see how OUT-Raged and vocal the group is over at World of Warcraft. Why people play games they hate I have no idea. Guess they develop some sort of unexplainable love hate relationship.

    • @Chris Austin Oh dude don’t get me started at EVE online players! The salt on reddit is just *pain*

    • @Matheus 4 FUN bro, I quit eve over that toxicity of the players. It is simply a playground for psychopaths

  19. This just makes me question (once again) how seriously WG takes their own game and their own business. Hiring someone as a CM that only has 127 games under his belt is just mind blowing. I too am a teacher (ESL), I own an online language school in Mexico City. Just imagine, what would happen if I hired English teachers or even better, a customer service manager that had less than a month teaching experience. What would that say about my company? It boggles my mind sometimes that WG has gotten this far over the years.

  20. TheGuardianofAzarath

    One of the questions WG should put in their application forms should be “How many times have you played our games and how often?”

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