World of Warships Wargaming Doesn’t Care About You

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It’s sad but true. Wargaming doesn’t care about you, or me. They don’t care about our complaints with World of Warships. They especially don’t care about the veteran player population either. But why? Why the hate for WOWs veterans from WG? I’ll explain.


  1. I stopped playing about 8 months ago and never looked back. You can tell they don’t care because there is no response to videos from all of the CCs that say exactly that. I have been under the suspicion that they have run out of ideas for the game and are making a last ditch effort to milk the playerbase for all they can before they scuttle the ships. Lol, switch to Marvel Snap Zoup! I am having a blast playing that instead…love the vids brother, keep em coming and happy holidays to you and yours!

  2. World of Warships “It eats away at your Soul” should be the tag line in their next ad campaign.

  3. about two years ago I started playing less and less, and a year ago I stopped completely. I’m still following it a bit.
    the biggest problem was that i had the feeling that good games were becoming rare,
    i knew within three minutes whether it was going to be a win or a loss. in many of my games
    far too many games are a walk over, where you’re on the winning side one time and the losing side the next. without real exciting games

  4. Been playing since closed beta. I’ve been playing a lot less lately. Mostly co op now except when Naval Battles are bxp. Most days I don’t even finish my dailys.You’re right about WeeGee not giving a rats backside about the old guard who helped them build the game from the beginning. All they do now is hype the shiny stuff to a new crop of baby seals they can skin. I used to play 8 hours a day (retired with mobility issues) to about 2 hours a day in co op. These days I’m playing Mech Warrior 5 Mercenaries. Yesterday it was for 8 hours. Even the critics say Pirana Games suck, but after 10 years of Weegee’s nonsense this is fresh and fun for me. Being single player I don’t get the griefers and git gud basement dwellers. Enough rant. Cheers Zoup

    • I played Mechwarrior Online by Pirana when it came out – I’m actually listed (or was) as a founder. Loved that game for a while. Then it started becoming just a money grab and I wasn’t having fun anymore. However, to your point of playing just a couple hours a day in co-op, I do about the same. I can’t recall the last time I was in an actual Random battle. My work schedule doesn’t let me play in Clan battles, so I just go blow up ships for a couple hours as a distraction. Also, I agree with the comment about the griefers and basement dwellers that, in my opinion, base their worth on how well they can play a battle involving pre-WWII ships — at 57, I’m not interested in having to prove anything to them. For reference, I’ve been playing WoWs since Aug of 2015.

  5. A well-worded summary of the state of the game. As sad as it is.

  6. At the rate they are alienating players , the base will dry-up… People will stay away eventually and then they will wonder what they did ‘wrong’

  7. we even have bot players being AFK repeatedly. The ship just go forward so it is not automatically flagged for beeing AFK. Their main gun never shoot; no torps nor planes launch. There are companies taking money for grinding your lines of ships…..

  8. Its crazy that Legends has the EXACT sentiment. However, I would argue that veterans are not being replaced by new players, at least not at a 1:1 ratio. People who are used to well developed games aren’t gonna spend money on this RNG based sh!tshow.

  9. Ironically, for the first three years, they actually did.
    Carriers were more fun. April fools day was fun. Grinding up the tech tree was fun.
    But, ever since the first CV rework, Wargambling has sucked all the fun out of playing the game.

  10. WoWs has become like every other online Freemium or live service game: every little aspect of it has become monetized and the missions are pure FOMO designed to keep you playing and not give any real rewards in the end. Everything you mentioned is on point. Most matches are efforts in frustration that are routs, or game mechanics that kill any joy, like being focused on by a CV or sub and can’t do anything about it. WG can bring in only so many new players, before that well dries up and the player base drops off for good.

  11. When they sent out a message to the players saying they want people to play more CV’s I laughed my fucking ass off lmfao.

  12. Been playing since Beta, and for the 1st time, I did not do any Christmas snowflakes for 2022/2023. I came back to update the game but still have not played a game, the joy is gone, and as you said, WG does not give a dam. it will take some other company to create a better game to make WG fix the game, and fix subs once and for all. We will see, I do see other world warship-type games in the works for a 2023/2024 release. Thanks for the videos, you are not alone in your feelings.

  13. This has been extremely obvious for years. The only thing that might get them to change course would be if people collectively stopped buying stuff and/or stopped playing. Even IF that happened WG is so absolutely susceptible to the sunk-cost fallacy and doubling down on their bad decisions that they probably will never change no matter what.

  14. You have hit the nail on the head! I’ve been here since the closed beta and now I don’t care for the most part. The game has very much become like World of tanks with their constant introduction of made up ships. I still play it every now and again but I don’t participate in things like ranked or even clan battles. I was in every iteration of clan battles since it began until the last five or six. Overall the simplest way of putting it is, it’s not fun anymore. I refuse to give them a single red cent more.

  15. For us OGs WoWs should take inspiration from WoT and give us an annual “well deserved reward” ship. Perfect way for WG to show their players some loyalty for years of well, loyalty.

  16. Time and time again the wows community is up in arms spelling doom and gloom for the game yet here we are as per usual. Nothing will be done (and they know that), it’s really just a waste of time to even bother. They do not care what the players want/ think. The only way to make them listen is to hit their wallets and most importantly stop playing. That sucks because it’s a game we’ve all come to love but it’s the only language they understand….. money. Nobody is willing to do it collectively so the merry-go-round keeps spinning.

  17. I own a copy of Avalon Hill’s “Jutland” (also “Wooden Ships & Iron Men”) and have been fascinated with naval warfare my whole life.
    My computer was too out of date to play “WoWs.” I watched hundreds of Jingle’s videos on YouTube. Last year, my son bought me an updated computer and I’ve been enjoying the game ever since. I play mostly Co-Op games. Mostly I get mashed in Random games, in the first two minutes, and it’s really boring to have to let the game play to the end, for 20 minutes, on a game I’m not part of. I exited once and my commander “died” at sea, with all experience points. The game is very grindy. There is an addiction quality to it. I was trying to do a Campaign, but had to get “Arsonist” which which I can only get in a Random or Ranked Battle. But I may have an answer now! I recently bought Dasha Perova in the Black Swan. She seems to lose all her experience points (10) if I switch her to another ship. (The Weymouth is a garbage ship.) So I’ve been playing her in the Black Swan! It’s a Tier 1 ship, that only shoots HE (I bought Heavy HE & SAP and Survivability Expert.) The Black Swan can be in Random Battles! Maybe I can win “Arsonist” with that! (There is so much that isn’t in “Help!” or the WoWs Wiki. It would have been nice to know that the Dasha Perova commander only speaks Russian.)

  18. Played for 3 years – mostly coop – but enjoyed the game immensely. Got my first T-10 ship, and top tier commander. Preferred German line and secondary focus. Then new commander skills and I needed to reset every Captain – I no longer had a top tier captain sand the cost to upgrade in terms of time or money was ridiculous. Then they nerfed secondaries. Then there were three new ships every week. Aircraft Carriers became undefeatable and rewarded poor players with the ability to determine the outcome of a game. Then subs. Bogus containers “opportunities”. Ship prices went out of sight. Cancelled the CC programme because they couldn’t take criticism. Many of the players that streamed got fed up (like yourself). I cannot think of any other business I have ever dealt with that cared less about their clientele. Now I watch the odd replay. Well played WG. Can’t say I bought thousands from WG – but certainly hundreds. Moved on to AOE2 two years ago for- $39.95. Haven’t paid a penny since and none of the WG drama. Always enjoyed your content Zoup.

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