World of Warships- Wargaming Doesn’t Know What The Hell They Want & Tashkent ’41

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at two newly released DevBlogs with WG making some VERY interesting changes to Brisbane, and the announcement of Tashkent 41. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
1:10 Changes To Test Ships
4:34 Brisbane Changes
7:31 Tashkent 41


  1. they know what they want and it’s your money.

  2. So the Trashcan can be a viable torpedo boat as it is, since I play it as one now with a sub 70 sec. torp reload. However, with no smoke and no heal, it’s not going to survive very long. You have to make the choice between smoke or heal now, which determines if you run her as a gunboat or torp boat. I use the heal option to patch up after torp runs. I would like to see them add one of them back to her for this ‘new’ old version.

  3. WG knows perfectly well what they want. They want to manipulate player psychology to extract as much money out of players as possible before they ditch the game while spending the real effort on marketing to entice new players into the game. They want the game to be juuust fun enough for players to stick with and juuust frustrating enough that players will always feel pressured to spend on something (which will alleviate the frustration just enough that they’ll still buy the next thing WG rolls out for sale, without fixing it to the point that players stop being pressured into buying things by frustrating mechanics).

  4. Not surprised that WG is having trouble with ship designs now, basically they have been out of ideas for a few years now.

  5. They should have focused on the game and matchmaking instead of wasting 3 years on submarines

  6. Nice vid brudda, keep up the good work. One thing I will say is this. They are getting ready for subs, is whats happening. They need the rest of the battlefield to be emptied so that they can revamp ASW, plain and simple. I really dont think they know what they are doing either. I dont think that perma-spotting games are fun for those who don’t like subs. I think they are trying to steer people into playing subs so that they can get data to balance them correctly. Thats the only reason I can think of when they make dumb changes like this.

  7. love your pronunciation of Brisbane, everybody in Straya pronounces it as BrisneyLand or BrisVegas but you do alright #thumbsup

  8. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    The IJN light cruisers were evidence enough already IMO.

  9. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    you got it wrong actually the 3 gun configuration is what she got initially when the USSR receive her 1939 ( gun installed after delivery ) , the 6 gun configuration was after a refit Feb 1941 , so Its kind of weird to name it so .. and there is no post war or late war change / refit cause the DD suffer fatal blow and sink 1942 , re-float 1944 and then scrapped

  10. I’m not usually a big commenter, but I wanted to take a minute and suggest a ship for review.

    Take a look at the Omono. It has SERIOUSLY surprised me.

    I did the missions for the Japanese light cruiser line with the mindset that “Hey, free ships are free ships.” A lot of content creators have been panning the line. Over the last few days though, I started using the Omono to grind the light cruiser rewards going on and have had some VERY good games in it. Getting the concealment Captain skill is a must, but once you’ve got it, this ship can SLAP. I have been absolutely murder on destroyers that stray too near, the torps are excellent for area denial up narrow passages, and it sets fires like a champ. I generally average 60K to 80K damage in it, but I’ve had more than my fair share of 100K+ battles, and even managed a 3 kill, 120K damage battle when fully uptiered to tier IX.

    If you play it right, usually like a weak destroyer, the ship can really produce.

    Give it a look. It’ll surprise you like it did me.

  11. So, hear me out. WG needs negative tiers, it would open up a whole world of ships for them. Black powder age. -5 would be the old civil war style iron clads and monitors, up to -10 and it would kinda of mingle with the current tier 2 age of ships. Credits costs and earnings matching current tier 5 through tier 10. It opens up a whole world of wacky real steel designs.

  12. The Atlanta Fisherman

    Brisbane is now confirmed steel ship.

  13. what i would wish for
    –more missions doable in operations
    – nerf of fire dot on ships – change to ap overpens
    – more operations / change to aegi operation that is winnable for the casual teams- other enemy variations – i feel like im fighting 90 % against japanese ships

    • Cruisers barely exist as is in the meta, I’m sure you’re just another battleship player. Nerfing fire dots reeeks of a poor player that doesn’t know how to play the game. I don’t even play anymore but seeing comments like these show me just how little people on this game are capable of learning on average…

  14. That would be awesome if she is a freemium ship. I’d love to have Tashkent 41, for free. Great video as always. Thanks for the updates.

  15. Considering it’s a game with 1-2 builds per ship (2 if you’re lucky), with very little utility or benefit for going outside of those builds, and ships with obscene buffs to try and attract players to the ease of play compared to other ships, and useless AA… No. They have no idea what they want, because they’ve removed what everybody liked out of the game, or made that worthless, and what remains is what people don’t like.

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