World of Warships- Wargaming Hates Germany

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the claim that Wargaming seems to have a bias against all of Germany in game, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Dutch ships are also no where near the real life stats. Like the 7 provincien should have more accurate guns than any other cruiser in ww2 and should have 42 knot speed. The only they got right is the short range AA

    • true, de zeven AA is terrifying when you enter that 4 km bubble. the long range AA is basically useless. (still tho i have shot down 96 planes once because CV is stupid enough to go near that 4km bubble).

  2. In WoWs Germany gets off pretty good.
    But just compare the 2 nations in WoT. (dont forget the history and hidden stats)
    Then you will see that it is true. ;D

  3. The trick i always use with german BB (mainly gneisenau, bismarck and GK) is not to push in inmideatly. First provide fire support from distance, once the enemy team is either weakened or there are gaps to exploit, than push in, especially when the enemy DD are dealt with

    • @Broadside LOL when you have a good battle it’s WeeGee RNG, When you have a bad battle it’s WeeGee RNG. You get what WeeGee says you get. The game is so Rigged that I don’t like calling it a game anymore then I like calling the WWE a sport!

    • I completely agree. A mid/end-game push reliably comes out at 3 ships destroyed and 150k+ damage. The issue is just that German accuracy is frustrating, making it hard to stay out early game.

    • @Johannes Rueter the accuracy becomes less of an issue if you build reload into them, on the T9 and 10, and if ya want, furious across the board on Ger BBs

    • No **** sherlock 😛

    • @Lee Benson Definitely, right there RNGesus was with us there,

  4. i remember saying to my friends when the siegfried was released if it would have been russian it would be considerd OP(without changing any stat). and guess what people are calling the Sevastopol before any stats are out about it.
    like its Russian therefore op is such a stupid mindset. ive seen people call the Mikoyan was op when it released when its probably one of the worst t5 cruisers.
    i really feel people ignore calling ships OP if they are not Russian.

    And i would add another thing why we are gettting alot of Russian paper ships. its because it’s way easier for WG to get Documents so alot of the ships are paper designs but they are also not made up by WG

    • Because the Sevastopol is Russian it was already assumed to have better stats not to mention it’s t10. The Sevastopol isn’t OP from stats and news alone but if you look at it every tier 10 Russian cruiser has been meta defining. Moskva, Stalingrad, Smolensk, Petro so safe to assume the reaction to another t10 Russian cruiser was warranted.

    • cope robbe

  5. Wargaming loves Germany.
    They just nerve the ships bit-by-bit so the Germans, very willing to pay for xxxx, purchase ships/subscriptions (read: can be used as milk cows to gain income). Thus enable F2P players to enjoy the game…

  6. German BBs and CAs are my first t10 lines. I can’t complain really. And now their mid tier battle cruisers are lots of fun to play.
    Who cares about supposed Russian bias, when there are super ships around (and the CVs anyway)?

  7. russians can hold a grudge, for a very very long time, and it shows everywhere, even in places completely unrelated to germany’s past actions

  8. Every morning you are my number 2 go to youtuber after Jingles. That’s pretty good company. Keep up the good work. BZ. I think that the anti german bias is a thing of the past. Years ago grinding up through the German cruiser line was painful. I free xp’d my way through more ships!! On the other hand the Russians cruisers were so much fun. It’s not like that anymore.

  9. Apart from you finding it hard to choose between Petro and Hindi I reckon you’re pretty much spot on. I believe the Russian bias argument in ships stems from 2 separate sources. 1. A lot of players came from World of Tanks where the Russian bias is clear for everybody to see. 2. Most of the ships are made up and Russia was never a naval super power. If you look aside from those two factors and understand that for the game to be interesting there has to be some kind of balance and a Russian tech tree with a handful of ships not reaching top tiers would kind of suck in an arcade game, same goes for other nations. Well implemented, paper ships can be a fun addition to the game.

  10. It just got my curious so I looked and see that the win rates of all the Sov. CAs are greater than all the Germans, at tier, accross the tech line.

  11. They also hate Japan since you can citadel lots of them by shooting their funnel from the back. Only nation with such a perk

  12. It’s not just Germans, if you look around, anytime something Japanese sucks, it’s “Revenge for Tsushima” and I even heard Teeaboos cry about how Britain gets shafted, despite Thunderer, Belfast, Fiji or their DD line T7 up existing.

    Also, Grozovoi is basically some gross-over between an Tashkent and a Gearing. It’s somewhat multi-purpose (unlike the gunboat DDs), without the firepower of the Khaba, but with 6 guns with great ballistics and a heal, it still is not bad at gunning. torps are ok, 10 km range, long reload. Basically a multi-purpose line with gun bias.

  13. I think the issue is simple.
    we know war gaming thinks about time played in ships when considering buffs.
    we also know the german line tends to be one of the most played in the whole game.
    and lastly we know that engagement ranges are being moved further out at higher tiers, germans favor close in engagements, and are weaker to fire (with he spam ships becoming common).
    I think the issue with german ships is wargaming refuses to buff them because they remain popular (it is rare to go a night without seeing a gk in your game at tier 10), despite changing the game in ways that negatively impact german ships.
    This isn’t intensional malace, it is wargaming being stupid as usual. If that is better or worse then outright malice, well I will leave that for you to decide.

    • The recent trend of ships has been close range
      Italian BBs are mid – close range BB with high alpha, smoke, good armor, smoke, average conceal and SAP.

      German DDs are the longer range DDs, but still need to operate a bit closer for the surprise mf cits.

      Dutch cruisers are mid range supporters who can push quite well when the chance comes thnx to decent armor, massa heal and low conceal.

      Soviet CVs are one strike only CVs, so operating closer than other CVs can bring about similar dmg output in a similar amount of time, and since they only have one slow squad, getting in a bit closer ain’t bad, and besides Nakhimov sec battery has improved range for some reason

      Ger BCs are secondary monsters.

      These lines have all been related to mid-closer range engagements much more than before.

  14. There’s such anti-german bias that every german premium sells like hot cakes. Pretty sure Germany and the US has the most premiums in the game.

  15. I would like to see a 15-20% reduction in damage to BB superstructure across the board from everything except secondary batteries. This situation of taking full pen BB calibre AP shells through the superstructure and high DPM HE spam needs some attention. Time to kill is way too low for capital ships

  16. Glad to see Mountbatten take a down to earth look at the silliness the WoWs community shows sometimes. I will forever gloat the fact that I actively promoted the German DD split months before their release.
    And damn I wish I was around for the Odin dockyard, I will forever regret not starting a few months earlier.

  17. Just dont use secondary module and use aiming module. You’ll get significantly better accuracy and only lose 1km of secondaries you rarely use. I dont understand why people would opt for a little more secondary range and accuracy while sacrificing consistent damage from main guns.

  18. I mean, putting lie to the “hate Germany love Russia” thing you just have to look at the tier 10s of their respective nations.

    Germany has:
    GK, which was at the top of the meta on release for a while, and is still extremely popular
    Richtofen, which crushed several Clan Battles metas before eating several deserved nerfs
    Hindenburg, which was stupidly OP on release and was buffed back into being quite solid recently
    Z-52, which used to be not great but got significantly buffed (along with the rest of the OG German destroyers) and is in a fine spot now
    Elbing, which has absolutely insane, memetastic guns to fool around with
    Immelmann, which is the go-to competitive carrier when FDR and Hakuryu inevitably get banned
    Schlieffen, which has significant weaknesses but also wins pretty much any 1v1 no questions asked

    Soviet Russia has:
    Nakhimov, which crushes people who don’t (or can’t) dodge, but can’t hit much otherwise and is the T10 CV most likely to die if it gets caught out
    Kremlin, which was incredibly busted on release but has since been nerfed into its specialized niche
    Petropavlosk, which is gross but if its guns keep getting nerfed might not stay that way forever
    Nevsky, which is a solid ship but not breaking the game
    Grozovoi, which used to be competitively dominant but nobody talks about now
    Khabarovsk, which was extremely overpowered on release but got nerfed into the floor and hasn’t ever truly recovered
    Moskva, which is an excellent ship, no questions asked
    Stalingrad, which was overpowered for years but has been getting tuned back a bit nowadays
    Slava, which can’t hurt things unless they give it broadside and makes squeaky dog toy noises whenever another battleship shoots it, regardless of angle
    Smolensk, which is obnoxious beyond description but got utterly gutted by the IFHE rework and the captain skill rework, depriving it of the range, effective and absolute DPM, firestarting, and armor it once abused

    Both have one outstanding ship (Immelmann and Petropavlosk), and most of the ships weigh in at decent to good. Really, I don’t see what all the fuss is.

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