World of Warships- Wargaming…Have You Lost Your F@$%& MIND!!??

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So YET AGAIN in the patch thats supposed to nerf submarines, WG decides to buff submarines in a significant way.

Patch Notes:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:25 Update Intro
2:12 Pinata Hunt
3:55 Commonwealth Cruisers
6:21 Submarine Changes
16:49 Ranked


  1. Well done wargaming, you’re so good for us

  2. Had a game this evening where a single sub shut down a flank with three battleships. No matter how much we dropped on him, he just kept getting floods on us until we all died. It feels like they just want to keep making the game more and more unpleasant for battleship players until they move to other classes.

    • Probably because the submarine is a boss battle, where you play a guessing game – there’s no real counter.

    • this is such a load of shit. if a sub shut out 3 bb’s you bbs screwed up, or you need to grow some balls and push into that sub. if a sub can keep 3 bbs at bay then a torpedo dd could do the same.

    • ​@@TanNguyen-js7uvmost bbs dont even have hydro lol?
      Whats pushing him going to do youll just go right over himand then get shotgunned

    • I’ve done the same in my Asashio, Siliwangi, Boise, Lyon, Defense, etc… It happens all the time, bud. BBs are vulnerable by themselves, even grouped up. They need DDs and CAs to help them with spotting. 1 DD would have saved your 3 BBs. Or they could have just pushed the sub… With 3 BBs actively hunting, the sub player would HAVE to run. They might get one last ditch shotgun, but surfacing even to periscope would be a death sentence for the sub with all the ASW and incoming shells.

      They’re psychological, not super weapons.

    • @@etstamar4063 you don’t need hydro to kill a sub anyway. you can’t shotgun someone who’s right over you. torps need at least 2 km’s to arm. the point of pushing the sub is to get within that range where their torps are useless and you can asw them to death. OR you could just keep dodging their torps while sending asw. it’s easy as hell to do. also plenty of bb’s get hydro. i guess the bbs that people love to play that have huge guns so they can 1 salvo someone 22 km’s away don’t get hydro. but that’s your trade off for being a bb that gets massive ranged shotguns i guess.

  3. Get rid of them. I do recall WG did say you will never see Subs. Just wished they just kept them in their own game.

  4. The only pinata will be the Tier 9 and 10 Commonwealth cruisers – which both have Tier 6 hulls with 16mm armor 😀

    • They’ll get AP overpens though, right?

    • It’s not like Smolensk, or Atlanta where the citadel is also too thin to detonate shells. British cruisers have huge citadels – that’s why all the heavy cruisers, and even the Neptune and Minotaur are so easy to devstrike.

  5. I should be mad. I should care. But, instead, I am busy delivering Freedom in the name of Super Earth

  6. @oneangrycanadian6205

    If the just make a sub mode they would see that many people don’t play them. They would have to fill it with bots also just so people could play. Then they would realize it’s a waste!!

  7. @samuelmcdonough3605

    Subs were almost unplayable in this testing. I doubt the nerfed shotgun will work. This class is unbalanceable.

  8. @Endcsline_Live2D

    the reason people don’t play subs is not because they’re underpowered, but because most players have the self-respect to not ruin everyone else’s fun

    • @theatlantafisherman6913

      I play just to ruin other players’ time. If my teams are going to ruin my day, I’m going to make winning so unenjoyable that they feel like they lost when they won.

    • Well, I don’t really play it because of the boring gameplay. I think that’s why Sealord doesn’t play them as much.

    • and subs are god awfully boring to play

    • I have like 40 something sub games. I just try them sparingly for research purposes. Same for cvs. Playing the classes you hate helps you learn how to deal with them better and even tho I hate to say it, it gives you some respect for the people really good at the classes. Really to me cvs are worse than subs because of their spotting capabilities alone. All this coming from a dd main

    • bullshit. anyone who plays subs to learn them quickly realizes they’re a trash class and they’re easy as fk to kill. the only problem is to kill them you have to change how everybody plays this game. everybody’s reaction to everything is run away, but the answer to subs is to charge them, not run from them. but people can’t get that through their thick skulls, so instead they go and complain about how subs are op, make up stories about how 1 sub holds back 3 bbs or some other bullshit. ever since i learned to play subs subs have been the EASIEST and most sure kills in every game i’m in.

      the most annoying thing about subs aren’t the subs, it’s my idiot teammates for immediately running away everytime i catch a sub on radar, or hydro, or when i’m on my amalfi and i catch him on sub surv. what should be an instant sub kill turns into me having to chase the sub to kill it which puts me in a bad spot half the time. but meanwhile everybody that runs away cries about how subs are sooo op when all it would have taken was for them to push forward a km or 2 and send their asw and the whole “op sub threat” is gone within the first 4 minutes of a game. i wish they would buff subs more, so people actually finally fucking learn to deal with subs instead of running. but i know people will just cry about it instead. i’m sure everyone knows subs are easy to kill and are a trash class, they just refuse to play the sub to learn because then they’ll have to face the fact that they’ve been morons this entire time. that subs were a free kill for literally years and this whole time all they had to do was grow a pair.

  9. Unfortunately just what most of us expected..
    WG at its best 😂

  10. @pickeljarsforhillary102

    Come on WG. Bring back team damage and let us deal with subs ourselves.

  11. Wonder when we will get dds with sub surveillance. Thats what i yearn for

    • You don t need that, unless the half of the ennemy team is here, you can easily crush them with basically any DD, it is super easy. And some DDs got hydro though.

    • ​@@guigo4479biggest cap ever. That only applies to subs that overextend. Subs can shoot from 12 km away and you want the DD to travel that far away from the group?

  12. This is why I only play coop and operations now. Sometimes brawls but not often.

  13. One of the problems I have noticed is that you have to be almost on top of a sub as a DD to depth charge them so they just surface and you die if you ram them. They have nothing to lose but you die as well.


    Me every update after CV rework: “Ye, normal these days i guess”

  15. @kingofcastlechaos

    The only ships in the game that can 100% dodge a spread of torps fired at 1-3 km is a bot ship in coop. They have incredible dodging skills.

    • While ‘Team’ Bots are equally adept at intercepting your fish, effectively cock-blocking your efforts to sink the enemy.

      It’s truly spectacular…

    • @@AniwayasSongteam bots are a different species, however team and enemy bots have the same goal- make players suffer. Whether it be to block ur shells, tops, or ship, or just ram when they shouldnt and not ram when they should

  16. @davidfischesser2553

    I blasted a sub back to hell last night when i was playing. Felt so good

  17. Why is WG surprised that almost no one is playing subs? There were only around 10% of players that wanted them in the first place. I suppose next they’ll buff Tone and Ise because players aren’t playing them either. Remember the when we had to put up with the pitiful number of players who wanted Tone in the game and how they kept crying until it was added? When was the last time you saw anyone playing one? It’s the same for subs. A vocal tiny minority wailed for subs, they got them, and now they’re the only ones playing them.

  18. @chiracultrainstinct3d629

    The worst thing is they don’t even tell it, they just out it in the end of the review, hoping most of the players won’t read it. Fck this company

  19. “This is a class that isn’t well received…”

    British levels of understatement there, SLM.

  20. Played a game last night around 3am. There were only 8 ships a side and 3 of which were subs. Someone on the other team said you know it’s time to call it a night when you get games like that and I agree! Also they need to add some kind of graphic to show a sub has died. I don’t know how many times someone on my team killed the sub and I didn’t even notice no matter how close it was.

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