World of Warships- Wargaming, It Is Time To Right This Wrong

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Hello guys, today I once again remind you of the wrong doings to the Siegfried and Shikishima. Never Forget.

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. Bring back the cruisers secondary builds, WG, talking about diversity in ships build right now is laughable

  2. A foolish mistake to expect that wargaming will listen to the community

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @Dale Doback sky cancer nullifies the tank experience. Revenge killing is a pain in the ass. I quit that shit years ago now I just play gunner heat pc. Fuck the rusky snail and wargayming

    • @Andrew Gledhill Whats different in WoT, lottery to have fun and biased russian tanks

    • @Sira Kackavalj That is not what I said. I was just saying that Gaijin went on the realistic approach, and sometimes being ultra realistic does not equal being a a fun game to play. I know that WoT is full of Russian Bias too, and is also a lottery. I also think that armour in Warthunder is meaningless. Because I seem to always get penned from any angle, and more often than not, you end up dead. At least in WoT you have some hit points, so most of the time you can survive a few shots that hit you. Most of the time, you can’t say the same thing about Warthunder Tanks.

    • @DragonflyDreamer How did Flamu wreck the game? He is only a CC, and has nothing to do with the games development.

  3. you should be able to choose which skill tree to use with large cruisers

  4. I was few weeks late to get Siegfried after the secondary rework happened And that time i was dissapointed i completely missed her fameus secondary build just to try it personaly. But anyway i have her in port and sometime wishing the secondary built returns magicaly one day.

  5. I started collecting RP for the sole reason of getting Siegfried. Commander rework hit before I had enough and ruined everything, thanks to all the promised build diversity. Agir is a cheaper Siegfried now. There is simply no reason to waste the RP points.
    It is also foolish to expect WG to correct anything. They won’t do it. It is by design. Commander rework was one of the worst updates in the history of this game, WG should have apologized for that and roll back all the changes back then….but look at submarines and superbullshits now. They are dead set on killing this game. Remember that super ships came with the excuse of reimagining naval warfare evolution if carriers didn’t dominate the seas and now we are heading towards the third super carrier. That is how WG does things.

  6. I have Odin, and I like Agir better. Odin isn’t that great.

  7. Totally agree. However from WG’s perspective why should they change? They screw players who sunk a ton of time and money into these ships, then many of those players keep on playing and whaling hundreds or thousands of dollars right into WG’s pockets.

  8. There are so many examples of WG undermining players’ investment in the game. That WOWS has been able to succeed despite its evident contempt for the players is a perfect example of why competition in the marketplace benefits the consumer.

    • @DragonflyDreamer How is that the fault of one player? WG constantly favors moves that make it more money in an online game term they favor the whales the ones that go out and buy anything rather than work to gain them. That is why they do so many dockyards now. They know that these wasteful spenders will buy it for any cost even charge 2-3 hundred dollars for a ship. WG never listens to the player base. They only did the recent operations change not because players requested it but because there is a sharp decline in new players creating accounts and playing the game. So they need to keep the players playing the game to keep it going. The only ship I purchased with real money was Scharnhorst and that was because it was my birthday, and they gave a 100% return in doubloons and got the Sims out of the free super containers. I used the gold to purchase the West Virgina, not a good buy. But I also bought the permanent camo for GK so I would have the permanent camo for the Prussia when they swapped the two. This was also before the economy change, so I got the bonus package for Prussia when they did those changes. Any ship you had a permanent camo for it got the bonus package as a trade for the removal of the bonuses from the camos.

    • @02091992able He is talking about how he over reacts to a ship before it even releases and the playerbase just goes with it and so many good ships have to be nerfed just because of that over reaction. The aiger and sigfried are victims of the same over reaction along soo many other good ships.

  9. No mention of the other ships that got hammered by the rework? Atlanta got her range buffed *twice* but Flint is still sitting there with less range than USN DDs with identical guns.

    • Wait seriously?! No wonder they are selling her for coal. Now i want my coal back! (at least flint is still FUN, the range does kinda suck though.)

    • @Jay Werner ah the Flint, waited so long to get a chance to grab one, not like I would ever rank out repeatedly, alas, have not logged in since CC exodus.

  10. I fought hard to get Siegfried.
    And the big difference was its large and accurate guns and its fantastic and long-range secondary…
    After this nerf, I never got excited about taking another ship again.

    And since not many of us own this ship, WG told us to hell !!!

  11. @ImpendingJoker Odin is tied with Napoli for my fav ship. Agir is very meh. To each his own. I have a blast when I play Odin or Napoli in beast mode.

  12. I too felt betrayed when WG put out rework without giving Siegfried some sort of compensation. WG in their own words even stated, Siegfried has strong secondary armament due to main batteries’ long reload and low volume of shells, to be slightly more efficient dealing with destroyers. They don’t even keep their words

    • The last ship I paid money for was the Belfast its 7 years old. FlamU wrecked the game there was a lot of good ships coming out but he screwed everyone of them up so they are all vanilla. You pay but you get nothing for your money thanks to that jack ass.

  13. When they took away my true secondary build Shikishima I kinda just lost heart in the game. I don’t spend nearly as much time, effort, or money after that went down. I still play but if I stayed a fan like I was they would have got plenty more out of me and many other players.

  14. Agir was the REAL Secondary beast Cruiser, NOT Siegfried as much, Agir has 9×2 128mm guns, Siegfried has only 7×2 128mm secondaries.
    Flamu made a video on Secondary Agir back in the day and he burned down 2 Alaska’s one being Yuro and the other his friend!

  15. Also even though the armor ain’t good, the Azuma and Yoshino were good Secondary Cruisers as well, with 8×2 100mm guns that pen 30mm with a 7% fire, 1700 damage, and a 3 sec base reload.

  16. I totally agree with you. And, the new rework on the camo does the same thing. Those of us that paid for Premium or Special ships, or permanent camos did so with the understanding that at certain tiers the after battle costs would be reduced by a set amount. Although they say we should be better off, the largest percentage of non-competitive players can no longer afford to play the ships they paid to have these camos on. This also sucks. They try to force everyone to play Random and competition instead of just letting the average Joe, who will never be competitive, just enjoy the game. JMHO.

    • Just curious about your comment about forcing people to play random and competition. What have they done to force people to play Random and Comp modes (I assume Comp means CB and Ranked)?
      I think they have just re-vamped operations ,presumably because they want more people to play it.
      I think that only leaves Co-Op and Training – what has happened to discourage Co-Op or Training?

  17. I feel like they should bite the bullet, and reclassify battlecruisers as their own class. Tweak the BB captain skills to add in a few of the relevant cruiser skills too. Give us the option of speccing either way, within reason, to lean on BB or CA focused skills.

  18. Agir significantly outperforms the Siegfried when I take them out. I dominated in T9 ranked with Agir, Siegfried not so much.

  19. @ImpendingJoker I found the Agir very under whelming. It’s not atrocious but it’s not worth all that time spent grinding for. I was disappointed and wish I bought something else with my time and effort.

  20. Give the ability for large cruisers & BC their own skill tree.
    Ability to reduce fire burn times and Ability to increase 2ndary range.

  21. while i dont own the sig i can understand the pain that you guys are feeling, this is why some people have the sentiment that they will never put any actual cash into the game because of bad precedents like this.

  22. I might have missed this, but how can WG right this wrong without introducing another wrong?
    There are 24 skills slots for a class of ships. 6 columns of 4.
    Would we lose one (or more) skill to re-introduce another? If so which skill(s) would we lose?
    Or would they add another column of skills to to make 28 skills available.
    If they changed the total skill count from 24 to 28 would they increase the max skill points per captain from 21 to something higher? How high? And what would we use that column for, for the other classes?
    Or maybe introduce another row of skills so we have 6 x 5 point skills for a total of 30 skills per class? Again would we then increase the 21 point max per captain, and if so to how high? And what would we use that row for for the other classes?
    Or you could add the capability to an existing skill, again which one? And what existing skill would combinging make sense of?
    I think re-introducing a lost skill, will introduce as many problems, maybe more than it solves.
    I’m all for the game evolving – but how would WG achieve introducing one or two skills and TBH I’d like more skills and a higher skill point cap for captains but realistically if you had say a 5 person team and you needed to answer all these questions and understand the impact of the different possible solutions on the game I reckon that would be a couple of years of work.You need to come up with the answers, code them, test them, re-work/re-test them for a few iterations or more, choose one, super test it, introduce it to the player base, test and rework a few times – you get the idea.
    Personally off cuff I’d say introduce another column of 4 skills, i.e. another 10 points for skills and push the captain max skill points to 25 or 27. But I’m just making that up off the cuff, because I’d like more skills and more skill points. God knows what that would do to the game, and god knows what all the other skills would be for all the other classes.
    Essentially you’re asking for another skill re-work.

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