World of Warships- Wargaming Just Released The Most Insane Ship Of The Year

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The U-4501, both useful as a submarine and autobahn commuter

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  1. Soon we’ll have a submarine that travels faster than a torpedo

  2. I picked this one up for coal, and its not bad. I prefer the play styles of the Gato and the S189 myself with the long range unguided torps, as i believe that a subs job is to see and not be seen. Pinging with homing torps usually give you away before you want to be seen.

    • Well if you can aim the torps well enough you do not NEED the Ping, the torps will hit the target regardless. The only time you NEED the ping is Sub V Sub Combat or maybe fighting Destroyers less your a cheeky submariner and bait them into drifting into your torpedoes.

  3. Biggest problem are probably the acceleration phases when you have dived

  4. RoadCaptainEntertain

    With these sub speeds they may as well be invisible torpedo bombers.

  5. I found that building into battery time was very beneficial. Also enlarged propeller is huge.

  6. Another reason to play mid tier, the more BS Wg introduced in tier 10 the more I find myself playing only tier 5-7

    • Enjoy all the double/triple sub games plus usually at least one CV. It’s not better at the lower/mid tiers. No super s**t at least.

    • @snikch what do you prefer? A Tier 6 CV and some subs at worst OR super CV, superships that immune to citadel, a bunch of Hybrid BB, radar cruisers, radar DD and subs on top of that. To each their own

  7. it souund interesting indeed, dunno if i will take it still, i prefer the i 56 XD. also by looking at it torp set up it seem made to go near front line, fire nose torp then U turn to us the 2 back launcher an run away full speed underwater

  8. Any faster than 15 knots, the water flow noise across the sonar array would blind the sub.

  9. Speaking of Submarines.. You can now unlock the alternative color schemes for “all japanese submarines”, doing the Heroic Clash Collection. They surely won’t add a IJN Sub line, will they? 😀

  10. This the Gato and super ships is why I mostly play tier V – VII and am no longer interested in anymore premium ships. WOWs might be too clever by half because I suspect there is a growing population of like-minded players

  11. TheGuardianofAzarath

    When they first introduced subs in testing I tried them twice, struggled a lot, haven’t touched them since. I might pick it up purely on historical merit, so if they then Smolensk it, then I’ll still have it and can take it into training rooms or coop

  12. Ľudovít Bradovka

    This one seems easily counterable. If its underwater, sure you have to count with that speed, but it seems like your everyday t6 sub moved to t10 outfitted with better torps.

  13. Make it even harder to gauge drops on depth charges

  14. It’s really small — except apparently it has a torpedo room that can store well over 100 torpedoes in it.

    • yes, let’s change how the whole game works and make ammunition limited, great take

    • ​​​@HughKinda like CVs with unlimited planes that have no limitations on how far they can fly? Plane range being one of the major factors for carriers in any combat scenario.

    • @Edward Bailey this game isnt meant to be realistic, stop comparing it to real life. I have never seen a game where the community complains this much, the new u-boat is shit, i sunk a couple U-4501’s already. If you dont like the game just quit

    • @Hugh Quit? I would just be joining the majority.

  15. I picked her up too Mountbatten. She definitely plays completely differently than other submarines. The standard trick of either staying on the surface or at PD and pinging perpendicular to the target doesn’t really work. She’s too slow and as you said, any time you turn, you bleed speed like a stuck pig. I’ve found that if you execute attack runs like a BF-109 or FW-190 attacking a concentration of Flying Fortresses she’s a very dangerous ship. Perhaps a better analogy is you almost have to play her like the YOLO Emilo. If you choose the right Captain skills you can get her underwater endurance to 4:47 seconds, which helps.

    And, before anyone start ragging on a sub player.. Yes, I hate myself too. 🙂

  16. So, it can outrun many of the destroyers that try to chase it down, spamming torps at the DD as it vainly tries to get into depth charge range for some 4 minutes before it runs out of battery power. Good luck DD.

    • So basically a destroyer is a fishing boat and a sub is a fishing boat destroyer

    • Yes. Yesterday i tried to fight back. this submare with benson and oland. He sub was able to troll benson. But with oland i fought well but only becouse both times had speed boost ready.

  17. Damage wise I wouldnt say it is busted
    It becomes very weak if it doesnt have a team spotting for it.
    The main issue is that periscope speed is 20 knots, thus pinging or spotting is very dangerous

  18. The main problem that i had is closing the distance while not being detected by enemy underwater search
    So im trying to drive accros the entire map and sit in enemy spawn
    Hoping for someone to chase me
    However radar, planes or no team to spot for you REALLY hurts your performance

  19. For anyone interested, the U-4501 was a historical design, the Type XXVI U-boat. The IRL stats were 11 knots surfaced and 24-26 knots underwater, the latter being achieved with a Walter hydrogen peroxide gas turbine.

  20. Okay so this is like a 1969 – 1970s sub. However they abandoned it cause of the noise the biggest thing was the noise of the water going by. It increased together with the ship’s speed, and when 35 knots (65 km/h; 40 mph) was exceeded, it was like the noise of a jet aircraft. … In the control room was not heard simply the roar of an aircraft, but the thunder of “the engine room of a diesel locomotive”. Those present believed that the noise level to be greater than 100 decibels.[6]

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