World of Warships- Wargaming Keeps Adding In The Wrong Ship

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Hey guys, today we take a look at some new ships announced for 11.7 that include a Fletcher……but not, THAT Fletcher.


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I’m still waiting for the Sammy B. I know how I’d design it stat-wise, I just hope WG would make it close to what I have in mind.

    • @James Thomasmoving smoke is justified since they were on the move covering the light carriers thus adding it is not bad

    • @James Thomas I think she should have slow torps but with a enhanced reload simply cuz the only reason Yamato turned away is because the closing speed of the American torps was slow.

    • @Fluxthelycanroc the issue is if you make them short range and slow they would be practically useless.

    • Sammy B is a destroyer escort. Too slow for the game.

    • @Helms Gaming yet they are adding subs to the game that were typically slower on the surface than some battleships. Surely they could come up with unique class mechanics for frigates and destroyer escorts.

  2. The last Fletcher in service, BAM Cuitlahuac (ex-John Rodgers), left the Mexican navy in 2001. that’s an impressive service record for a ship class.

    • 名誉Emp the Sane Maniac名誉

      It truely is, thx for sharing!

    • We use them till we can no more, some ships got replaced by the Durango class frigates of the Mexican navy!!

    • @Witito90 I was stationed in Pearl Harbor for my last duty station my last ship USS O’Kane DDG-77 was home ported there but due to injuries I had to go to shore duty. I’m sure there’s worse places for shore duty. While there you guys were buying up the last few LSTs we had. Several of us were tasked with systems training and integration etc.. We learned from our counter parts the ships would be stationed in Puerto Vallarta. Duty station wise they equated it to Mexicos Hawaii or Panama City Beach Flordia.

      Since everything went so smoothly so much in fact it put them a few weeks ahead of schedule. As a token of gratitude in a few months time were all getting flown out there for a week under the guise of an “international exchange” They had all of us all excited and sold on the trip, and of course as luck would have it, or mine anyway the Navy suddenly decides with my injuries they should just discharge me. Bastards could’ve waiting until after I got back.

    • @Scott11078 sorry to hear that Puerto Vallarta is 4 hrs away from where I live and I’m posted… And it’s a hell of a place to party.. You missed out I’m soooo sorry they could at least let you have a goodbye party jeez, but I feel you right now I’m switching branches serve in the gulf in drug bust and the like, all pandemic I was offshore, so from one navy to another thank you for your service, I’m currently in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Always welcome sir!!!

  3. Mercer the Gamer

    From my experience with the british CVs, those bombs take some time to reach the target so cruises will be harder to hit, except some special ones that move like shit. and judging from the damage I guess there pen wont be great, that you perhaps are able to at least citadel german ships. So yeah, unless they make her bombs drop faster I dont feel to scared about her

    • Man I see ppl get nuked by british HE bombs all the dam time. Cruisers and DD’s

    • Mercer the Gamer

      @joe hendrix just saying out of my experience playing those, bombs tent to fly everywhere except the target if its a DD and need a lot of time when they land. Also it will also have the weakness of Immelmann, meaning that all your planes need a broadside target. I dont want to know how much of a pain thats going to be. Unless they make them like FDRs, but I doubt that.

  4. Johnston should have improved accuracy on its guns, improved heal, and evans should have improved adrenaline rush and last stand

  5. What we really need in game? More historical Russian ships!

  6. I agree Johnson should be in the game. She needs a heel fast damage control party cool down, torpedoes that do extra damage to cruisers and battleships say 20%, and less to destroyers knock them down by 20%, and added shell dispersion to cruisers and and battleships. You do know that she was found last year and this year they found Samuel b Roberts. Another ship that would sell well and do well in the game. Pretty much the same bonuses stated above

    • I have no idea how a distroyee escort would work in the game really. It’s tiny, slow, and has no torps

    • @Flying Pancake 3 torps. single 3-tube launcher, in the case of Sammy B and the others of her class.

    • @Flying Pancake not much slower than the U.S. BB line. those take island strike in the stern. she was designed for 24KN but achieved 28KN. so not too slow.

  7. First Greek ship finally coming to the game but I am still waiting for Yavuz (which is the longest serving battlecruiser/dreadnought type ship) with AA refit model or original model

    • Just copy-n-paste Moltke (Goeben/Yavuz’s sister) with a few tweaks – unless you’re trying to model the Yavuz after her 1927-30 refit (but even then she wasn’t improved all that much, just a bit of extra armor, the loss of a couple of the secondary casemates, and a slightly enhanced AA suite – but by then her engineering plant was in poor shape and she’d lost about 1.5 knots from her designed maximum speed). But yeah, it’d be great to have her in the game (I actually got to see her in the breaker’s yard at Izmit in 1971 – impressive sight)!

  8. I’d love to get the Johnston in game, the issue is that the ship and Captain Evans would be way too OP, even in T10.

  9. The Vallejo is very much a real ship. In a sense. It was paid proposed, paid for, and the keel was laid down. It was never completed. It’s more real than a paper ship.

  10. Alexandre Carvalho

    Hi SLM. I only have an opinion on Velos due her torps. I think using European unique commander you can have torps every 40 seconds or less. Than can make this ship great for ambushes and make her a torpedo delivery system. The other ships would be so so (not a CV player and High tier american CA seems useles for me). Great video and very elucidating as always.

  11. the Johnston at t10 with a better heal and maybe French hull survivability would be a great ship.

  12. Everybody says Johnston cant be balanced for its superheal, extra enemy dispersion and all the buffs but it can be balanced by HELM JAMS STRAIGHT AT FIRST ENEMY BB/YAMATO SPOTTED.

  13. I think the Johnston would be a very good ship to put in the game. But they need to put in the Laffey DD 724. Give Laffey good antiaircraft guns ,DFAA, amazing survivability and repair party. For the kamikaze attack on her in April 1945 . This ship is also a shift that needs to be in the game! It will sell like hotcakes!

  14. They could have done like literally the same thing as the Velos, but move it down to T8 as the USS Laffey (The Benson-class one)

  15. I really want Johnston in the game, and wg knows this; but im betting they’re going to put it in some scummy event or sequential bundles

  16. The Fletcher class destroyer was arguably one of the most prolific and successful classes ever produced. Nearly 200 of them were produced during WW2 alone. Many of them served with distinction. I will never object to more Fletchers being added to the game.

  17. If they do add Johnston, they should give it a conqueror heal in respect to its sheer dogged survivability.

  18. I know that it is strange, but I would be happy if WG added the original pre-dreadnought Slava. The ship was the only Bododino class battleship of Russia, to be not sunken during the russo-japanese wars. She survived into WW1, where during an engagemet she held up several modern german dreadnoughts despite under heavy fire from them. She survived the battle, but was later scutlled by her own crew, since she cloud not make it back to Kronshtadt due to battle damage. Since we only have Mikasa as a pre-dreadnought in this game, she could be also put into tier 2, so Mikasa would finally not be the sole BB down there.

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