World of Warships- Wargaming Keeps Their Word & Continues To Improve

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Hey guys! Today we go over some exciting news from the Devblog! In addition to some news about the Yukon! Enjoy!


LWM Article:

Ross Rowley:

Update Notes:

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  1. I would mildly put it that way: WG stopped to pour gasoline into the dumpster fire. They are still not where a healthy & honest player-dev-relation should be.

  2. Too bad it had to come this far before they started implementing these changes.

  3. Watch them charge for the Yukon camo lol

  4. All well and good and I’m glad to see it. My question is where are they getting the raw information to make these changes. Because long ago and far away we were told that they can only pull the information from the Russian servers. Every server group plays very differently. That makes only pulling data from one problematic for all the others.

    • This is a good question. Not entirely sure if they touched upon that in their latest Balance video but it sounded like they now have access to data that they could only have dreamed of a couple of years ago. I’d be willing to bet that the data collection is for all servers and can be filtered.

  5. glad to her that WG is making peace with LWM and Chobittsu. ABOUT TIME!! My Yukon has been tied up along side every since i read about the debacle. now maybe someday i can sail her without feeling dirty.

  6. Been trying to grind out my first 5 TXs for research B. Now I’ve got to grind out an extra TX with Kurfurst becoming a special ship.

  7. The Black Ship missions never made any sense, especially from a marketing perspective. The sale is about the black ships. So encouraging players to play the standard camo ship is kinda dumb. I would think WG would want you to play the ship YOU JUST BOUGHT, and that WG IS CURRENTLY PROMOTING over the ship that is available for purchase all the time or, even worse, is no longer available for purchase. Also, who says, “I just spent money on a cool shiny new black ship, let me go play the normal camo ship that I’ve owned for a while.” The whole thing never made any sense from any perspective. It was really an example of WG shooting themselves in the foot. I’m glad someone had pulled their head out of their ass at the corporate office.

    • These missions were always intended to reward players who have the standard premium ships if they received the black version of the ship.

  8. Wow, it is like war gaming made close to a 180, maybe 130. Still a lot more openness in purchasing and some age requirements.

  9. Just remember folks, we shouldn’t be patting Wargambling on the back for doing what they should have been doing all along to begin with.

    • @ToughAncientSpark Yes i am. I am the batman to what ever you think you are or think you will accomplish by just posting negitive reviews and being close minded about everything instead of providing constructive criticism and improving the game.

    • @BigDaddy 64
      Ok, fair enough. If you’ve been following me around, then you’re either a fan or a creep and you would know that I do love the game and have posted suggestions for a better game.
      – Subs should have torpedoes like DDs. Aim, lead, fire, and if you miss, then you have to try again.
      – Carriers should be like they were before the rework of the rework of the rework. No unlimited supply of planes. That would make carrier captains more reserved on the use of planes.
      – Carriers not being able to have fires set is bullshit. CVs need to burn just like every other class of ships. Also, same with AP. Too many shells ricochet and deck can’t be penetrated.
      – Players have been clamoring for new maps. We haven’t had new maps in at least one and a half years.
      – Bring signal flags back as battle rewards.
      – Make matchmaking more balanced. One of the most common complaints by players is the matchmaking. So, I did some scientific research. Granted, it’s a small data set, but I found out that in Random battles the winning team had the higher average win rate, higher average ships destroyed, more battles played, and higher average damage per battle. That’s not balanced.
      – Stop the ability of new players to buy tier ten premium ships without any experience or grinding.
      – Stop the quiet nerfing of popular ships to encourage players to bhy shiny new ships. I used to get 100k to 150k damage with my Atlanta in the Narai scenario and now I’m lucky to get 100k battle damage.
      Is that enough constructive criticism or do you need more?
      I love the game but I hate the corprate mentality of thinking that players are nothing buy walking wallets.
      Yes, I spent more than my share of real money on this game. I justified it as my hobby. But, because of the constant monetization and the negligence of listening to proper feedback from the player base and CCs, I have not spent any real money in the last two years.
      I used to play 10-12 battles almost every day but now maybe 4-5 a week because of all the shenanigans and nonsense by the company.
      There’s also an argument that it’s a business and they need to make money. Sure, as a matter of fact, I used to always buy premium, stock up on flags, and buy lootboxes at Christmas. But, it wasn’t enough for Wargambling and they crossed the line of making a fun game while making money at it to finding every greedy and seedy way to grab money while making the game less fun to play and making it more of a chore.
      That’s what I try to remind everyone of and hopefully open minds to see things as they really are instead of falling for corporate doublespeak and hypocrisy.

    • @ToughAncientSpark Wow I did not believe you were capable of constructive criticism bravo this is good and everyone should follow your example it’s just too sad you had to be called out for this to happen sound familiar??

      Once again your close-mindedness is showing the world is not black and white I am not your fan since I don’t like how you just leave negative hateful nonconstructive reviews of the game (the current one is a rare example and a welcome one at that but hay, if wg can change so, can you) nor a creep since I mostly notice your comments on the small wows youtube channels and in low sub-channel it is easier to come across the same person frequently. Now I will try to give you my take on the problems you have written I hope you will listen to them with an open mind ( and heart) and provide your genuine take rather than hate wg everything bad subs bad blah blah I can’t hear anything. would really appreciate it
      1) Subs with regular dd torps won’t work if you have played subs which I dought it’s really difficult to get a hit if you only fire like 4 or 6 torps per salvo, unlike torp dd which can fire 8 to 16 with guns speed and other utility. In the current update, the high damage torps are not guided so try only using them and come back to me after a few games. Maybe it can work if subs had an additional armament aka maybe non-guided missiles that act like bb HE shells with similar dispersion relative lower velocity and increases detect to the maximum.
      2) Carrier are difficult to balance it’s just the nature of the beast, people may say the community hates Cvs but if that’s true why are most games these days include CV players are obviously playing them, and yes it’s not fun playing against them but same can be said of smoke cruisers and dd without any other radar ship to bring them out or long-range hydro dd.

      A mechanic that I would like wg to implement is to give CV planes a limited fuel supply so if they want multiple drops they need to be close to the battle. For the single drop, CVs like Russian make them have a maximum flying range like bb main gun range.
      3) I don’t think you realize how op the Cvs of the past were I mean that time airdrop torps head similar damage to dd torps plus CVS at that time could one-shot or stack drop at the same time to even nuke a bb which is not possible now an exception being detonations. Just look and some old CV gameplay and come back to me then.
      4) Yes maybe they should burn but most CVs are behind an island and are mostly threatened late game so I think it won’t do any good either way
      5)If Cvs could be penetrated easily we won’t have secondary spec CVS and we all want meme builds.
      6) Well you are about to get new maps, not just that but HD ones too Plus new water texture and everything so stop crying.
      7) They did say that they are looking at alternate rewards for achievements so maybe coal or steel depending on the difficulty of the achievement plus I don’t know if people have noticed but you actually get more flags now than with the achievement due to daily missions and flag containers.
      8)Matchmaking is understandably a problem but if you are in a t7 ship and only other available players are t10 then would you prefer bot or take chance with the t10 since that way you actually gain to earn more resources since uptierd nets more rewards. I know there are more problems than that but every one of them has an exception and no easy solution. Skill-based in theory is enticing until you realize that allows for things like 10 or 20 loss games since it won’t be random and skill cannot be matched exactly maybe due to the availability of players. Your sample is too small to conclude anything try again with bigger sample size.
      9) You can not buy t10 ships regularly in the premium only on special occasions plus free XP to t10 is way too expensive which somewhat prevents people from just buying t10 but players have a problem with the high price of ships so hay what are you gonna do.
      10) Yeah I wish they stop doing that but you do realize it’s on the community demand plus if you want balance there is going to be this you can’t have both ways (op ships are fun bec they are op) there is no good balanced ship.
      11) Yes this is good and you should do this more often rather than woa wg bad and try to force negativity in every situation.
      12) yes the monetization was getting out of hand but thankfully it’s in a much better state now warning about random nature age verification drop rate publishing etc these may be small things but let me remind you these are not common practices in the gaming industry and wg taking these steps may force other to do so and produce a net positive result.
      13) Your not reminding anyone of anything you are spitting in the face of evidence that clearly shows wg improving now there is a possibility tomorrow they return to their usual behavior there are no guaranties in life but the current evidence begs to differ. You don’t have any evidence for your clams such as this is all smoke and mirror and other such clams whereas the evidence of improvement is clearly visible.

    • Time will tell but being a student of history and knowing human nature, I’m betting against them changing for the better in the long run. Their bottom line won’t allow it.
      The thing that really sticks in my craw is the basic game is fun to play and addicting. I could play for hours and enjoy it. Now, every time that I play something other than Co-op or scenarios, it feels like a grind, frustrating and arduous.
      And, I’m not alone. Many CCs left the program, many veteran players have left the game, and even more have closed their wallets. I just choose to be more vocal about it.
      The only reason Wargambling has addressed any issues is because of the enormous backlash and the hit to their third quarter profits.
      Corporate culture comes from the top down and until there’s a change in upper level management, then nothing will change.
      And, btw, they haven’t really addressed any real issues with the game. Oh, they’ve put more lipstick and mascara on the pig in the form of better waves and vegetation on islands but who really cares about that when you’re in the middle of a battle?
      They’ve posted drop rates. So what? Those can be manipulated behind the scenes and we would never know.
      Oh,oh, they’ve got a disclaimer now that buying lootboxes can lead to gambling. Should work about as well as warnings on cigarette packs.
      And now the game is restricted to players under 18 years of age…wink, wink.
      Wargambling: Are you 18 or older?
      Underage pkayer: Ummm, yeah.
      Wargambling: Ok to play then.
      Besides the fact that players under 18 only make up a very small percentage of players anyway. So, in actuality, it wouldn’t be a great loss of revenue for Wargambling.
      There’s more but I’m done for now. I’m not preaching to the choir so it’s a futile effort at best.

    • @ToughAncientSpark Ok so you are a student of history and human psychology huh I don’t believe you so you should provide me with all your personal and private information in form of scan copies of your important documents so that they can be proven to be the truth. What’s that you are not comfortable sharing that much of your personal information to someone on the internet huh suddenly the age confirmation prompt doesn’t seem such a bad idea wink wink.

      It’s funny how you are criticizing wg efforts while not providing a solution of your own for age confirmation. Maybe to an extent they can verify age by asking for an ID birth certificate Passport or such but not even porn sites do that and age verification has much more consequences there than here.

      If the game is not fun for you stop playing it that’s an option too. It may not be fun for you but it’s still fun for a lot of people and a lot of people enjoy this game even with its flaws. We take the good with the bad.

      And about this not being a big deal if these small steps are such insignificant measures then why aren’t they common in the industry huh.

      Huh, what are you saying CCs that left the program still play wows exclusively and they enjoy playing it even with the flaws, and about the closing of wallets flamu gives wg 1500 dollars every month in direct cash payment through the referral program where he gets a cut in dubs for people buying dubs from wg by people using his referral and that’s only the direct contribution not including the advertisement of the game by playing. Think about that next time you think people have started to close their wallets cuz that’s a myth and I have further proof

      In the Schlieffen auction, the minimum bid was 25K dubs so you know people spend crazy amounts of money there so tell me where is this wallet closing you speak of cuz I don’t see it.

      A hit to their profits pls doesn’t make me laugh if anything they have grown in no of players and revinew. Didn’t you see the KOTs prize pool do you think a company whose profits were hit so badly would be willing to spend that type of cash on a tournament really. The truth is and the evidence is there that wg is doing just fine and is as profitable as ever even more.
      Drop rate manipulation did not happen so innocent until proven guilty till then this statement is also false for lack of any evidence
      There isn’t more all that you have stated is sadly just falls and you are just assumptions not based on any evidence which makes them not valid.

      P.S Since I think you have nothing better to do than to give negative comments on videos related to wg and I have nothing better to do so I made it my mission to reply to every one of your future comments and provide accurate and evidence-based arguments and disprove all of your false statements. Don’t take it personally I have nothing against you I just have some free time nowadays.

  10. So you are saying, like any rotten child, they need constant firm adult supervision to get them to behave right. Got it.

  11. I wouldn’t say it’s better they are still forcing subs which don’t work like subs into the game it’s just sugar coating the crap they are force feeding you.

    I feel I should clarify my position. WG promised they wouldn’t implement subs if they didn’t work correctly. Sonar doesn’t make for magic homing torpedos it’s used so the ship can see under water. Subs are slower under water. Subs used magnetic dumbfire and some had settings for range so they would explode hopefully under the other ship. I see none of this just magic seeking sonar marked ships which somehow can magically use repair party (which for ships like a bb on fairly long cool down) to somehow make it go away.

    In short it isn’t close to properly balanced they shouldn’t be in the game but then again WG likes it’s money and you guys are already getting used to the idea so more boats they can sell you soo enjoy I guess.

  12. Hilariously, I never even got Makarov last year out of any of my Santa crates so this year is going to suck

  13. When the spreadsheet says that damage averages are no better, they might have missed the shape of the distribution. Subs seem to be all the damage, or none of the damage. This means that many games will be not fun to play the submarine (no damage, no fun for the submariner) or not fun to play against the submarine (all the damage, no fun for everyone else). If you want people to keep playing, more people need to have fun, win or lose.

  14. Yes WG has made progress. Two of the more vexing issues with submarines remain unchanged.

    “Submarine spotting underwater

    On top of dealing precise damage, subs can also spot surface ships relatively well from underwater. We decided that in the current implementation it is too much, and that spotting from underwater should be nerfed. Therefore, the base detectability of all surface ships from underwater will be 2 km, and it will be substituted with the proximity detection mechanic in one of the future updates. ”

    “Another frequently cited point is the use of the Damage Control Party consumable to reset torpedo homing. We understand that for some of you this may seem counter-intuitive, but so far we do not see the need for changes in this area. We see it as an opportunity for you to work with the damage control – in this case you choose, depending on the situation, what is better to do: extinguish a fire, stop flooding, or get rid of torpedo homing. Moreover, the ping itself does not create an additional “load” on the Damage Control Party but only redistributes it.”

    I would say WG is only partially listening on subs. Their statement on “redistributes” the workload is an old WG type response. They have defined away the DC button issues with words. Not good. Leaving the shoot from operational depth until some unknown date is also not good. Yes WG has been keeping their collective word on the explosive issues from this summer. Subs was not part of that. They are more open and explaining better. In the above two areas they are currently not meeting the standards they outlined. Maybe in the future they will.

  15. It’s a step in the right direction but only one step, where more then a few needs to be taken for this game to be returned to the right path

  16. 1st time I’ve seen the new water and graphics looks so much better! 🙂
    I thought the old graphics were god-tier and then now…
    The wakes in particular look really nice

  17. If WG can set up matchmaking by skill in one mode, then they can do it in all modes. These lopsided games are bullshit.

  18. All we need to do now is pester them about matchmaking, having near enough identical ships on both teams but the match is over in 6 min, because one team has a average win rate of 60% and the other 30% !!!

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