World of Warships – Wargaming Leaving Russia and Belarus

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Discussing Wargaming’s recent announcement that they’re leaving Russia and Belarus. World of Warships is developed in Russia so this is a really big deal for the future of the game. Thanks, and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier 7 Japanese Cruiser Myoko Replay


  1. The person who is staying in Russia is named Iearlgray i call him Lord Haw Haw from now on

  2. Great video also, the Cat purring into the mic was hilarious XD

  3. Inb4 the new management for tanks and warships leads to WG finally addressing the big issues in both their games and actually improving it for the better. Too bad Warplanes is just dead and with no plans to revive it.
    Hey dreaming is free

  4. Notser is so happy about this, he randomly starts purring like a kitten

  5. As wargaming has a foot in both camps it’s simply splitting the game into East and west version’s to avoid state take over by russia or sanctions by the west. Transferring ownership in russia is just smoke and mirrors and the games owner with still be the the same….just not named on the paperwork.

    Still, it has benefits, maybe new servers not powered by hamsters. And less bias towards russian ships and tanks.

  6. So that’s why the Petro is getting nerfed. Huh.

  7. On 2/24/2022 Wargaming established Wargaming Warsaw Ltd. Company was registered by court on 3/17/2022.

    • Good info, Poland has some good developers already so might be easier to recruit if they establish there

    • Just out of my head without knowing any fact, I was just thinking that the changes could just be for establishing new company registrations and business accounts worldwide, rerouting their revenues to safer haven. They could be all just the same people, the same team, operating remotely like the world have been doing because of covid.

    • @Notser Yes. WG has worked with Square Enix in the past. Would love to see them work with CD Projekt Red.

  8. General Cartman Lee

    The big question is what happens to the development of the games.
    What we know is that they close the studio in Minsk and hand over the business in Russia and Belarus to Lesta.
    But what happens then?
    Is it possible to let Lesta do the develoment of the games while other components are developed in Kyiv (or wherever they might move the Kyiv office to)?
    Or do they build up a whole new studio? And if they do that, are they sharing content with Lesta or do we get different branches of the games in Russia / Belarus and the rest of the world?

  9. Anything that keeps money away from Russia is fine by me.

  10. I read that the Minsk team found out on April 4th. So the same day as the press release.

  11. I believe we will see an end to the “Russian Bias” of ships in the non-Russian version of the game and it appears to already be starting with the Petro. Hopefully it was Lester studios that was driving the massive CV development increase and this would also be halted. On the downside it will not be easy to replace so many very talented warship designers that are employed at Lester Studios.

  12. Is Dasha staying or going with Lesta?

  13. Thank you for this information. I ceased to play the game the day Russia invaded Ukraine, ( My way of protesting the invasion of the Ukraine by removing any possible revenue stream); and I have been worried the Russian gov’t would release a virus through the game site. Kudos to WG for this stand and leaving Russia.
    I admit I am quite impressed by their decision.

  14. Since Moscow decided to close internal RU domain from outsiders, Wargaming was faced with a decision. There is no easy answer to this, however, splitting the game infrastructure was a no brainer– less the entire franchise would be hampered by the county wide closure.

  15. Oh man, I’m disappointed, there will be no fantasy ship made in Russia anymore. BTW, it’s good to see that WG (even though I don’t play its game anymore) stays away from bad guys’ reach.

  16. I just hope they don’t try to make all there lost money back at once, I don’t mind them trying to recoup some money just not all at once.

  17. Just when I was getting levelled up on my russian ships. Hope it doesnt go the way of of Battlefield 2042.
    Played this weekend everything felt fine.

  18. Love the cat purring lol…
    Does this affect legends?

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