World of Warships- Wargaming Listens & British Battlecruisers Get Nerfed

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Hey guys, wouldn’t ya know, a day after we discuss the need to ban/limit Conde in CBs WG announces her restriction.


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Video Intro
1:40 CBs Ship Restriction
6:16 British BCs Nerf & Other Test Ship Changes
11:16 Closing Thoughts


  1. Let’s introduce ships obviously made to be over powered into a competitive coordinated arena. What could ever possibly go wrong?

    • @Tairak they are more OK than they are in clan battles. In randoms, if the enemy team has a superbattleship, that means that your team also has one. But in clan battles there is no mirror team restriction.

    • @mihaitha in clan battles every team can have the same number of superships, I don’t see a difference tbh.

    • @Tairak CAN is the operative word. Not would have. What these people are saying is clan battles is not a guarantee that there will be even teams, at least in random battles there will always be an even number of super ships.
      (And who cares about random battles anyway, playing against invalids more often than not.)

    • @Paddington i mean, by that logic, a clan that does not take any destroyers can complain that spotting is unfair. It’s their own fault then.

  2. I still don`t understand why not simply use the rule: “no more than one unique ship per team” no more 2x, (3x or 4x) ship Q. It would solve so many issues.

    • @John Walshe oh, but it’s fair to teams from non-whale clans who can’t afford to buy and run a supership?

    • They did it before. I am guessing that they aren’t doing it here because it would be a COMPLETE rework of the season, which they seem loathe to do. Right now, they are just limiting 2 ships and letting two ships in, in a limited state. It’s wonky, I’d admit, but it shouldn’t so thoroughly nuke present comps as to make them unusable, which would, in turn, force the hyper competitive clans to research and practice new comps and strats mid-season. Some reason why they won’t add/remove CVs and subs midway through a season.

      As WG likes using Comp as extended testing environments, this was a test if Superships should be allowed into Clan Battles. I am willing to be (some) money that this will inform Season 18 of CB. They’ve not dropped any info about it, since they are still compiling data.

  3. aH, yes good idea nerf them so that they’re unplayable and won’t be able to stand the demanding META and all that competition. make them slow and fragile and low damage output. because i’m butthurt and don’t wanna play against strong ships, my fave OLD ship must not be surpassed.

  4. Yes a step in the right direction although I believe you are giving WG too much credit when you say they are thinking of the people who have already bought the Conde…they have your cash already they don’t care…but if they ban it from CBs more mugs won’t splash the cash and we can’t have that…just my 2cents

    • CruisingForMermaids

      What cash? They cost credits.

    • @CruisingForMermaids yeah I know but its a long grind for that many credits and it will always lose you credits, also people buy credits…hard to understand but they do..but not really the point I am making, anyone who has spent the credits don’t matter, they win, but they want more people to go down this road so why would they jeapodise that?

  5. That’s Ok, but I’m looking forward to the tiers 7 and 8 battlecruisers Rookie and Hawke

  6. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    It’s just the reload nerf, at least looks competitive.

    PS: Their secondaries can roast you to oblivion, i have encountered once.

  7. Still unsure about this seaming need to have every battleship released save the german BCs have a 30s+ reload time. I honestly donno I don’t understand how the balance works but it feels like 15 inch armed ships at least should have something like a 28-29 second reload. I get the reason for the Italians but I think they went a little too far there as well.

  8. The Atlanta Fisherman

    TL;DW WG basically said “now that all the whales and the questionable “top clans” have gotten their steel this season, we’ll have pity on you plebs so you can get a small pittance too.”

  9. Sure wish they would limit matchmaking to a maximum of three destoyers per team in legends. dds are borderline broken, basically subs with guns, in legends and no one, even dd players, likes it when there are 8-10 dds in a match.

  10. Charles Larrivee

    Thank goodness Collingwood is getting a buff to her armor to a 26 mm nose. She was kinda unplayable with her earlier 19 mm nose.
    I can actually understand Hampshire’s AP pen getting nerfed. I was fighting one the other day in my Vittorio, and she can actually SLAP. Especially if she catches the target broadside, like she caught me because I was also fighting an Izumo.

  11. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    When I saw your thumbnail I thought for a sec that WG will buff the Bismarck.

  12. It’s all about the money. WG doesn’t give a damn about it’s player base anymore. It’s pretty obvious in the cash grab programs they are running in the Armory.

  13. WG: “We’re releasing T11s to soak up a huge number of credits out there”.
    Also WG: “We can’t limit the number of T11s out there as it would be unfair given they cost so much”.

  14. One of each is great idea. Removes the issue of pissing off players of banned ships.

  15. Go Spleef Yourself

    Love how they try to justify having superships in cb by unbanning petro. Either way this is way too late in the season, this should’ve been in week 2

  16. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Superships should be outright banned from clan battle or at least only 1 per team allowed and always mirrored

  17. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    Wish WG would introduce the Turkish Agincourt as they paid for it.

  18. Release things too strong…encourage players to spend money on them and then slowly nerf em. Thats the business model.

  19. SuperChickenLips

    Thank you for saying “shire” correctly. It’s always been pronounced “sheer”, except for one exception, and that’s when you say you live in a shire, which is an old word for a county. Then it’s “shire”. When you’re mentioning the name of the shire, it’s pronounced “sheer”. For example, I live in a shire, and it’s called Yorkshire (Yorksheer). I was born in a different shire, called Derbyshire (Derbysheer). Don’t ask me why. When you can tell me why Kansas is pronounced Kansas, but Arkansas isn’t, then I can explain about shire/sheer. If you’re American, or from anywhere else in the world, I hope this helps. British people love it when you know little things like this about our country.

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